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  1. The Mary Sue Interview: Amy Reeder Talks About Rocket Girl, Designing The NY Super Week Brooklyn Defender Logo

    Defend beer!

    Every year the brewmasters over at Brooklyn Brewery unveil a comic book-themed beer called "The Defender" just in time for New York Comic Con—and this year, the Defender mascot is a woman for the first time, designed by Batwoman and Rocket Girl's Amy Reeder. We got the chance to talk to the artist about beer, Rocket Girl, the harassment policy logo she also designed for REEDpop this year, and her Sailor Moon cosplay convention plans.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Make Your Own Klingon Bat’leth Scarf

    Hab SoSlI' Quch!

    Nicole C Mendez is selling the yarn and pattern for this Bat'leth scarf on her Etsy shop. Great. Now I just need to learn how to knit things that aren't misshapen rectangles. (via Fashionably Geek)

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  3. The Mary Sue Presents NYCC’s Anti-Harrassment Policy (And We Helped!)

    Warriors for great justice

    We were pretty jazzed when ReedPOP reached out to us for help drafting their New York Comic Con 2014 anti-harassment policy. The need for every con to have such a policy, prominently placed so people actually see it, is something we feel pretty strongly about, after all. We assembled a crack team of experts, and after several long e-mail chains and one marathon chat session, voilà: NYCC's 2014 anti-harassment policy was born.

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  4. ReedPOP Plans To Make New York Comic Con a 10-Day Affair With “NY Super Week”

    "One Week To Rule Them All" Indeed.

    At SDCC, local business vendors all over the city end up capitalizing on the nerd craze. In New York, though, the farther away you get from the Javits Center, the more confusing your cosplay looks to outsiders. That might change this year with "Super Week," which "brings the entire universe of popular culture to every corner of all five boroughs."

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  5. Watch Trevor From GTAV Scream “Go F*** Yourself!” At A Fan During NYCC [VIDEO]

    He did not end up with this guy's brain on his boot, thankfully.

    A few days ago, we told you guys about the 5 very best lessons from the Grand Theft Auto V panel at New York Comic Con. As a reminder, our Number 4 Lesson was "It Is Terrifying When Trevor Screams In Your Face." Internet gods be praised, the fan who asked the initial question caught the whole thing on camera, and uploaded it to YouTube!

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  6. The Best Cosplay We Saw at New York Comic Con 2013

    Lookin' good, cosplayers.

    Cosplayers were out in full force at New York Comic Con this year, and if you follow us on Instagram you may have already seen some of the great pics we've shared from the floor. Here's a quick roundup of some of our absolute favorite costumes from the con. Ready? GET OVER HERE!

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  7. 5 Things We Learned at the NYCC GTAV Panel

    No, none of them are "How to effectively hotwire a car in under 20 seconds," sadly.

    Yesterday, Geekosystem was able to hit IGN's GTAV panel at New York Comic Con, and it was probably the raddest thing of all time. Hosted by IGN's Greg Miller, GTAV actors Ned Luke (Michael), Steven Ogg (Trevor), and Shawn "Solo" Fonteno (Franklin) took the stage, and the gamers went wild. Here's what we learned (see, GTAV can be educational!)

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  8. The 10 Most Awesome People We’ve Seen So Far At NYCC

    Full disclosure: there are actually way more than 10 people in this gallery, honestly.

    New York Comic Con is in full swing, and the Geekosystem team has been there checking it all out! It was hard to narrow it down to our very favorite things from the Thursday and Friday of NYCC, so we thought we'd just show you the awesomest people we've found on the show floor so far.

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  9. While You’re At NYCC, Go See The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead Exhibit

    Mmmmm.... artwooooork....

    If you're at New York Comic Con and you need a break from all the mindless hordes of people, then why not check out art gallery full of... well, mindless hordes? That's right, there's a Walking Dead exhibit just down the street from the Javits Center, and we went to go check it out.

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  10. Can’t Make It To NYCC? You Can Watch The LiveStream Right Here

    It's almost like being there but without having to deal with the crowds.

    New York Comic Con is basically minutes away from starting, and while some of us are still stuck at our desks right now while our senior editor gets to have all the fun (COUGH), we can all enjoy some of the weekend's festivities without the long trek to the Javits Center by checking out his awesome livestream.

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