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  1. New Man of Steel Trailer’s Frankly Rather Impressive [Video]

    We have never been more excited to see Superman ever.

    Man of Steel is flying fists-first into theaters on June 14th, so to get us even more pumped for the Nolan-produced gritty Superman reboot, Nokia just put out this final trailer for your viewing pleasure. It's a little lighter on the tear-jerkingly inspirational sentiment and a little heavier on the balls-to-the-wall mind-blowing action this time around, meaning that it's safe to watch in front of all your bro friends. That is, unless watching the fiery ruination of Krypton makes you cry, too. It's okay, we won't judge.

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  2. Doing It Right: Nokia Releases 3D Printing Plans for Lumia 820 Case

    People love to customize their phones. If folks aren't doodling on them in some way, shape, or form, they're making their own cases. As we continuously grow to be a more technological society, people are increasingly turning to their gadgets as another avenue for self-expression. One of the biggest opportunities comes in the form of our cellular phones, and Nokia completely understands. They've even gone and released 3D printing plans for the casing to their Lumia 820 smartphone.

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  3. Nokia Does the Impossible, Makes an iOS Maps App Worse than Apple Maps

    We thought Apple Maps was the bottom of the barrel in terms of iOS navigation, but Nokia just proved how low the bar can go with the release of Here Maps for Apple iOS. The new software manages to be more buggy and less reliable than Apple's own Maps app, which is really saying something. For anyone hoping a better solution to the whole maps debacle would come along, Nokia's Here Maps is not that knight in shining armor.

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  4. Nokia Fakes Lumia 920 Ad, Apologizes When Called Out

    The Nokia Lumia 920, unveiled just yesterday, looks like a pretty sweet smartphone. With talking points like PureView imaging technology, and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Nokia almost appears to be building more of a camera than a phone. The benefits of the physical OIS present in the Lumia 920 are showcased in a promotional video Nokia released. Unfortunately, the video doesn't actually use footage from the Lumia 920.

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  5. Samsung Flew Bloggers from India to Berlin, Then Threatened to Not Bring Them Back

    Attending conventions as press can be a beleaguering experience. This is especially true if, say, someone has offered you a plane ticket, hotel accommodations, and then threatens to leave you there if you don't comply with their wishes. This is apparently what happened to Clinton Jeff, of Unleash the Phones, and another unnamed blogger after they were brought to this year's IFA conference in Berlin by Samsung.

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  6. Nokia’s 3D Map Lets You Explore Gotham City, Sort Of

    Nokia's marketing campaign with The Dark Knight Rises has just reached new heights with the launch of its 3D map of Gotham City, and here it is in all its glory. Seriously though, that's as far as the zoom goes, so it's not actually a map like Google Maps.

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  7. Microsoft Insists That It’s Not Going to Roll Its Own Phones

    Last week, Microsoft stunned the Internet when it unveiled the Surface tablet. In a first for the Redmond-based company, Microsoft said these devices would be made and branded by the famously hardware-free software company. That got some people wondering if Microsoft would do the same for the forthcoming Windows 8 phones.

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  8. Siri Says That the Microsoft-Powered Nokia Lumia 900 is the Best Smartphone

    Though it was designed for functionality, Apple's voice assistant Siri has proved most fascinating as a sounding board for mundane questions. The most recent revelation is that, according to Siri, the best smartphone on the market is the Nokia Lumia 900. A phone notable in this context for being the total antithesis of an iPhone in that it is not made by Apple and runs Microsoft's mobile OS.

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  9. Nokia Nebulously Joins the Tablet Game

    Probably no surprise to anyone except people who don't expect companies to throw their hat into a ring that is already completely overflowing with hats until they spill on the floor, Nokia has officially confirmed that they are entering the tablet game.

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  10. Leaked Memo Suggests Apple Providing Backdoor For Governments

    A recently leaked memo suggests that Apple, along with RIM and Nokia, may have made a deal with the Indian government, giving them a backdoor into software in exchange for market precense. The memo, sinisterly titled "Tactical network for cellular surveillance," was leaked by The Lords of Dharmaraja, the group responsible for the recent hack of Symantec. The document states that RINOA (Rim, Nokia, and Apple) were involved in the decision to "sign an agreement with mobile manufacturers in exchange for the Indian market presence."

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