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  1. Nintendo Games Make Surprisingly Perfect Pulp Covers, We Await Your Fanfic

    Just don't call her "Metroid."

    Artist Ástor Alexander created these re-imaginings of classic games as pulp fiction covers.

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  2. Watch Today’s Youth Understand Our Pain as They Get Mercilessly Wrecked by NES Mega Man

    No one even taught them the pause trick? Harsh.

    Depending on your age, you may remember a time when video games were hard. I'm talking controller throwing, unapologetically emotionally damaging, brutally hard. To heal those wounds in a totally healthy, schadenfreude-driven way, watch kids of today play the original Mega Man and get equipped with nothing but lasting psychological torment.

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  3. Awesome Lady Pianist Hears Nintendo Themes Once, Instantly Makes Her Own Arrangements


    Sonya Belousova of Geek & Sundry's Player Piano (who you may remember from her incredible take on the Akira theme) might just be an Inhuman. Here she is, hearing snippets of classic Nintendo themes for the first time and then instantly creating her own arrangements on the piano. Can this even happen? Someone call Professor X.

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  4. Sony Might Make a Mario Bros. Movie in the Weirdest Sony Hack News Yet

    What in the what?

    Information coming out of the Sony Pictures hack has been getting weirder and weirder, but this new story really makes me wonder if Sony has just started spreading false leaks around to throw everyone off, which would be kind of brilliant. Producer Avi Arad has apparently just recently locked down the rights to a Mario Bros. movie and has been chatting about it with none other than Sony Pictures.

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  5. Facepalm: People Are Selling “Invisible” Nintendo Amiibo on eBay

    Well played, trolls.

    It started with two-cannon Samus selling for an absurdly high price and legless horror Peach—not to be confused with other horrific forms of Peach—but eBay's defective amiibo collector's item game has gone next-level. Now people are literally putting absolutely nothing up for sale and making an art form out of trolling collectors for their absurd overpayment.

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  6. Peach’s Ballgown Continues To Invokes Eldritch Horrors Via This Defective Amiibo

    Oh god it's EATEN HER LEGS

    Those who've been following news of the latest Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U are no doubt quite familiar with the abomination that lurks just between Princess Peach's legs. That's not innuendo, by the way—there's quite literally a black void of nothingness in place of a panty shot when Peach goes flying. Now, it appears that nothingness cannot be contained.

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  7. The Mary Sue’s Holiday Gift Guide, Part 3: Games & Tech!

    No matter what one-liners may have you believe, playtime is never over. So, we've got a great selection of games and electronics gift ideas for Part 3 of this year's holiday gift guide!

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Models Merged With Superheroes


    French photographer Christophe Serrano did a series of superhero-infused photos with models. Some are very normative. Some — Hulk, for example — less so. Thoughts? (via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  9. Nintendo May Be Considering Official Game Boy System Family Emulators for Phones and More

    Now you're playing with power our emotions.

    Nintendo's been stubborn about bringing at least some of its back catalog to 3rd party devices, but a recent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office suggests they may be considering it as a possibility.

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  10. Kitten Tries to Play Smash Bros. on Wii U, Wins at Being Adorable

    Its final smash is just being paralyzingly cute.

    Seriously. Just watch this kitten play Wii U's fastest-selling game. It's the day before Thanksgiving weekend. You're not doing anything else anyway.

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