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Nicola Scott

  1. Breaking NYCC 2014 News: DC Comics Announces Wonder Woman ’77 Digital Series

    Get ready to twirl - DC Comics have just announced another Wonder Woman series!

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Circuit Board Nail Art

    We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.

    What if all the Borg had their nails done?

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  3. Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. – The New 52 Flash Legacy Part 3

    Quick Flash recap. First we had Jay Garrick. Then we had a reboot in 1956 that introduced Barry Allen, said to live on a parallel Earth. Then a reboot in 1986 made Barry's sidekick the new Flash and also altered history so Jay now lived on the same earth. In 2011, DC had another company-wide reboot in which all comic titles were cancelled and 52 new titles were released. In the New 52, Jay Garrick and Barry Allen once again live on separate Earths and Kid Flash is a very different character. Let's get to it! The Flash Legacy - Part 1 The Flash Legacy - Part 2

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  4. Gail Simone and Tamora Pierce and Mercedes Lackey – Oh My! Dynamite Announces Red Sonja: Legends

    Today in Awesome

    What do Marjorie M. Liu, Mercedes Lackey, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Rhianna Pratchett, Leah Moore, Tamora Pierce, Blair Butler, Nancy Collins, Meljean Brook, Nicola Scott, Devin Grayson have in common? More than just being fantastic women authors, of course. They have all been recruited by Gail Simone to write for the new anthology Red Sonja: Legends. Yup. All of them. Head under the cut for all of the exciting details.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Convention Harassment Posters

    Things We Saw Today

    A very cool series of posters by Christopher Jones for CONvergence's “Costumes are not Consent" anti-harassment campaign. John Scalzi would be proud. (via EruditeChick)

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  6. Gail Simone Has A Thing For Redheads – Writing New Red Sonja Title For Dynamite

    Today in Awesome

    Once again, Gail Simone took to Twitter to hint at a big announcement and once again, her teasers did not disappoint. Simone will be writing a new ongoing Red Sonja comic book for Dynamite Entertainment. Hit the jump for more info plus the fantastic cover from Fiona Staples

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  7. Syfy’s Face Off Pairs DC Comic Artists With Contestants This Season

    Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

    Syfy's Face Off is one of my favorite shows. I've always been interested in movie makeup but didn't have the skill to make it a career plus, the show isn't overly dramatized like most reality TV these days. They premiered the fourth season last night and while I've yet to watch the episode, we've just found out some people we're very familiar with will be making a guest appearance in a few weeks - employees of DC Comics. Find out if your favorite creator will be giving their artistic input to the contestants after the cut. 

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  8. Things We Saw Today: My Nail-art Totoro

    Things We Saw Today

    See, this sort of thing makes me wish that I had any kind of steady hands. And the ability to do anything mundane task when my nails are even slightly longer than my fingertips. (The Uniblog)

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  9. Review: Womanthology: Heroic


    Womanthology might no longer be the most successful comics project on Kickstarter (that honor goes to Rich Burlew's recent Order of the Stick project), but for 2011, it was the comics project with the biggest budget, and attracted endorsements and donor prizes from the likes of Neil Gaiman, Jim Lee, Gail Simone, Camilla D'Errico, Devin GraysonCat Staggs and Kevin Smith. The project reached its goal of $25k in less than a day, and wound up earning more than $100k in backer funds to print what was intended to be a small self-published run with the now quite interested IDW, the fifth largest comic publisher in the US. For a project that started as a simple tweet from Renae De Liz and ballooned to a collaboration between more than a hundred female artists, writers, designers and editors, this might be considered enough. With the many faceted goal of showing that there are women in the comics industry, that there are women who read comics, that there are women who want to make comics, and that those three overlapping groups can work together to make more of themselves, that could have been the whole Inspirational Lifetime Movie Story. But today we get the coda on that story: today, Womanthology: Heroic is available in comic stores and book shops around the country, with all proceeds going to GlobalGiving. Here's our review:

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  10. Womanthology In Preview

    This Exists... Because of A Lady

    Womanthology, the blockbuster Kickstarter project intended to introduce up and coming female comics artists to already established professional female comics artists that is so dear to our own hearts, is approaching actual print, and so naturally has put up an extensive preview on the project blog. Here are just a few pictures from it, showing the book's wide coverage not just of fiction, but prints, comics tutorials, creator interviews and past creator biographies.

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  11. Nicola Scott Joins DC’s New 52 As Superman Artist


    DC came under fire at this year's San Diego Comic-Con for having only two female creators on board for their big relaunch. In the panel where the numbers where brought to their attention, co-publisher Dan DiDio asked the audience for specific names they'd like to see. Secret Six, Wonder Woman and Teen Titan artist Nicola Scott was one of those names and it seems DC listened. Scott has just been announced as a fill-in artist on Superman

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