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Nick Douglas

  1. Nick Douglas Summarizes Every Internet Argument in This One Video

    There's not as much yelling in this video as one might expect.

    Have you ever been in an argument on the Internet? Of course you have. That's like 50% of what the Internet is made of. (The other half is cats.) Slacktory's Nick Douglas did a great job of portraying every type of Internet arguer in this one video.

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  2. Actually This Video About Always Being Right Is Making Us Feel Feelings

    This hits a little close to home for most of Geekosystem.

    Some of us have a pathological need to be right and to let others know how right we are. This video by Slacktory editor Nick Douglas shows just how lonely that can truly be. You'll either think it's funny or it will make you question how you live your life. Though, Nick does make one mistake in the video...

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  3. The Creator of Flappy Bird Explains Why He Deleted The App in This Totally Real, Not-at-All Fake Video

    Parody? What's that?

    Yup, this is 100% a true statement from Dong Nguyen, for sure. It's certainly not a parody video done by Nick Douglas of Slacktory fame. Nope. Just a white dude with a Vietnamese name, talking about a game that he definitely created. Nothing else to see here. Take everything we say at face value for the rest of your lives.

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  4. Siri Tries Her Hand At Dungeon Mastering Again in A Game Of Dungeons and Dragons [Video]

    You don't get to say if they chuckle.

    It's been a couple of months since Nick Douglas introduced Siri to the world of Dungeons &Dragons, and since then she's gotten a lot better at understanding the whole "fictional power fantasy" thing that makes D&D so great. Too bad this time around, Nick isn't taking the game very seriously. Well, too bad for Siri. For us, it's great.

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  5. Siri Does Some Jobs Well, Dungeon Master Isn’t One of Them [Video]

    You die of the plague.

    The latest video from Slacktory puts Siri in the role of Dungeon Master as Nick Douglas tries to play the saddest game of Dungeons & Dragons we've ever seen. What happens when Siri applies her cold, calculating computer brain to a rather imagination-heavy task like guiding a player through a fantasy quest? It goes about as well as you'd expect a game of D&D with one player and a phone robot to go.

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  6. A Life on Facebook

    This short film by Maxime Luere, which presents the story of a man's life through a series of Facebook updates, presents a somewhat darker vision of technology-as-life than Google's Parisian Love Super Bowl ad, but it's a well-told, well-done video. Urlesque's Nick Douglas speculates that Luere is gunning for a job using the time-tested "make a viral video" strategy, but come on, guy's earned it. (Urlesque via Neatorama)

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