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New Mexico

  1. Review: Like Video Games and Archaeology? You’ll Really Dig Atari: Game Over

    Press start.

    As we noted in our interview with Atari: Game Over director Zak Penn yesterday, if you've heard about this movie before, then it's pretty likely that you already think you know what it's about. Here's the thing, though: you really don't know the half of it.

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  2. Woman Sues Company For Putting Her High School Yearbook Photo On A Flask

    I'm going to be the most popular girl in civil court!

    As readers of The Mary Sue, we're going to guess that many of you have at least a passing familiarity with the Anne Taintor line of memorabilia, which features smiling young mid-20th century housewife-types accompanied by delightfully disagreeable sayings. But we bet you'd probably be upset if you were walking through a gift shop and found yourself on just such a flask.

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  3. You Can Buy Those E.T. Game Cartridges They Dug Up In The New Mexico Desert

    If you're interested in owning the worst game ever made, that is.

    Remember that E.T. game that was so horrible they buried it by the millions in the New Mexico desert? And how a documentary film crew finally found and excavated the landfill? If you followed the whole #DiggingET story, then you might be interested in knowing that you can now own your own excavated copy of the game.

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  4. The Atari E.T. Landfill Graveyard Has Been Found And They’re Excavating It Right Now

    I think... I think this signals the beginning of the end times.

    Remember that horrible E.T. game for Atari? The one that everyone said is buried by the millions in the New Mexico desert? And a documentary film crew was trying to find them all? Well, gamer-bros, the landfill graveyard has been found - and they're digging up copies of everyone's least-favorite favorite retro game right now.

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  5. Neverwhere Banned In A New Mexico High School Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

    You just can't please some people. Sorry, did we say 'people?' We meant 'jerks.'

    Not even a month after Banned Books Week came and went, a school in New Mexico has decided to remove Neil Gaiman's classic fantasy novel Neverwhere from both their curriculum and their library after one parent complained of sexual innuendo. Wait, sexual innuendo? Really? Out of all the things you could have objected to in that book?

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  6. New Mexico Rehab Clinic Will Offer Free Treatment To Addicts Who Watch Breaking Bad

    And nobody has to watch anybody else choke to death in their own puke!

    If you're a fan of Breaking Bad who identifies strongly with the frequent depictions of drug use because you just so happen to be an addict yourself, then you're in luck! Well, not really, but you might get the chance to enroll in rehab for free if the Sage Neuroscience Center has anything to say about it.

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  7. Atari E.T.’s Presumed Tomb Exhumed Soon

    We've all heard the stories about a landfill with millions of copies of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, but are they true?

    There's a long standing urban legend about millions of copies of the Atari game E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial being buried in the New Mexico desert, and a documentary film crew wants to settle it once and for all. They've just been given permission by the Alamogordo, New Mexico city council to excavate the landfill believed to be E.T.'s final resting place. Worst case scenario, there's a curse and they get doomed to have to play E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for all time.

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  8. Republicans and Democrats Agree On Manhattan Project National Park, Manage Not to Vote It Into Existence

    We've told you before about legislation in Congress that would make the laboratories that housed the Manhattan Project into a national park, commemorating probably the greatest gathering of scientific minds in the history of time and both the scientific progress (atomic energy) and sickening horror (the atomic bomb) that resulted from it. The Manhattan Project National Historical Park Act finally came up for a vote in the halls of Congress last night, and a majority of our great nation's elected represntatives -- 237 grown adults -- agreed that it should be a thing that exists, which, given the state of our political system today, of course means that the bill failed. Confused? We've got your explanation after the jump.

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