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  1. Netflix Releases Cast Images for New Wet Hot American Summer, Can of Mixed Vegetables Still Looks Good

    Let's make a day of it!

    Netflix has finally shared first-look images of the cast for their Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp prequel series.

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  2. Bill Murray IS Bill Murray IN the Teaser for Sophia Coppola’s A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix

    We've reached peak Murray.

    Normally, a teaser that is only about twenty seconds of Bill Murray staring would make me rage-quit the entire Internet, but I'm starting to think this one is secretly genius. Or teasers have melted my brain.

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  3. Ready Your Queue, Here Are All the Netflix Titles We’re Gaining and Losing in June

    ♫ Islands in the stream ♫

    It's that time again!

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  4. Orange Is the New Black Funkos Are Finally Here, We’re Holding out for Sophia

    Ickle babies.

    Personally I wish there were a few more character options available (I don't really need a Pornstache, thank you) but Funko's new figurines sure are cute.

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  5. Did You Know That? Bill Nye the Science Guy Is Now on Netflix Streaming!


    Science (and Netflix) rules!

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  6. Daredevil Recaps: “Speak of the Devil” and “Nelson v Murdock”

    More foreshadowing! Ninja fights! Foggy feelings! More foreshadowing!

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  7. Daredevil Gives Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” Its True Purpose in This Perfect Music Video

    Ohhhh Foggy Bear... Foggy Bear... Foggy Beeeeeaaaar!

    If you ever thought to yourself, "But what is the point of the existence of Chumbawamba's 'Tubthumping,' though?"—and I know did if you lived through the '90s—you now have your answer, courtesy of Marvel's hero voted most likely to wind up on the ground in a fight. Yeah, Marvel's superlatives are weird.

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  8. Lily Tomlin & Jane Fonda Angry They Were Paid the Same for Grace and Frankie as Male Supporting Cast

    And now so are we.

    Hollywood has a gender pay gap problem just like the rest of the workforce, as has been thoroughly demonstrated with recent data revelations, and Netflix's Grace and Frankie is no different—in terms of sharing that problem. What is different—and surprising—is that the show has two headlining female leads and still can't break the pay gap mold.

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  9. Jump On It, Jump On It! New Orange Is the New Black Season 3 Trailer Is Here!

    Men being in charge has never done me any good.

    ♫ June 12th, hurry up and get here soon! ♫

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  10. Rosario Dawson Will Return for Daredevil Season 2; Will Also Appear in Marvel’s Other Netflix Shows

    We love Rosario Dawson's turn as Claire Temple on Netflix's Daredevil! Now, we have word that Dawson will be appearing in Daredevil Season 2. But the good news doesn't stop there!

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  11. Netflix Releases First Trailer for The Wachowskis’ Sense8

    "Do you know what it means to be reborn a Sense8?"

    The Wachowskis excel at telling stories about the underlying truth of things and how interconnected we are as human beings. Now, they're bringing their unique sensibility to our smaller screens, while partnering with with TV vet J. Michael Straczynski, on their ambitious new Netflix series, Sense8. Netflix just released the show's first trailer - check it out!

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  12. Things We Saw Today: Unbreakable Squirrel Girl In the Mash-Up You Never Knew You Wanted

    She's a squirrel, dammit. It's a MIRACLE.

    Well, our own Jill Pantozzi asked for it, and now she's got it. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt/Squirrel Girl mash-up you didn't know you wanted, until now!

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  13. Cultural Consultant on Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous Six Explains Why He Left Set; #WalkOffNetflix Movement Gains Strength

    Last week approximately a dozen Native American actors and crew--including cultural consultant and film veteran Bruce Klinekole--walked off the set of the Netflix Adam Sandler film Ridiculous Six after their concerns over the movies' depiction of Native women and elders and its inaccurate representation of Apache culture went ignored.

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  14. Video Shows Producer on Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous Six Telling Native American Actors to Leave “If You Are Overly Sensitive”

    "Here's the thing, if you are overly sensitive about it...then you should probably leave." <-----ACTUAL THING THEY SAID

    "You're trying to tell us what's disrespectful to us? You try to call us names, and we say it's disrespectful and you say it's not?"

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  15. Netflix Defends Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous Six After Native American Actors Walk Off Set in Protest of Horribly Offensive Script

    Whitesplaining Six, more like

    Approximately a dozen Native American actors have walked off the set of Adam Sandler's Ridiculous Six in protest of the film's offensive depiction of Native women and elders and its misrepresentation of Apache culture.

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  16. Daredevil Recaps: “Rabbit in a Snowstorm” and “In the Blood”

    Daredevil episode 3 takes a bit of a break from the superhero stuff to remind us that Matt Murdock and co. are real people with a law practice to run. Please enjoy this episode of Law & Order: MCU.

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  17. Check Out the Netflix Titles We’re Gaining and Losing in May

    Bend...and SNAP!

    Netflix has got a new, female-led original series, Grace and Frankie, which stars the dynamic duo of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin; Zombeavers, which is exactly what it sounds like and stars zombeavers; and everyone's favorite law student, Elle Woods, is back with the return of Legally Blonde! Looks like May is gonna be an interesting, eclectic month!

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  18. Netflix Already Renewed Marvel’s Daredevil for a Second Season

    Deal with it.

    Good news for other forthcoming Marvel shows on Netflix: Daredevil has already been picked up for a second season, in case you weren't sure how much everyone loved it.

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  19. Have Mercy! John Stamos Explains the Plot of Fuller House is a Genderswapped Full House

    Also, the title is about to make sense in a tragic sort of way.

    John Stamos just blew my mind.

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  20. Verizon Fios Soon to Offer “Custom” Channel Packages to Lure You Back to Cable TV

    Netflix and Hulu can be heard laughing maniacally.

    Hey, do you remember how you used to have to pay a Cable provider a bunch of money to watch approximately 5% of the channels that paid for? Or maybe you still do, because there's a show or two you just can't get through an alternative service? Either way, Verizon wants to get back in your good graces by offering custom-tailored cable channel packages.

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