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Neon Genesis Evangelion

  1. The Star Wars Expanded Universe is Dead, Long Live the Star Wars Expanded Universe

    I will make it legal!

    So Disney has decided that they're going to nuke most of the previously established Star Wars canon. I think this is as good a reason as any to finally bury the destructive concept of canon in fictional works. Note that this does not mean that I am against stories in continuity with each other, that's not my position at all. I love continuity, and the story options that it enables. But even as I enjoy continuity, I don't see why we should be judging stories as more or less significant than another on any basis but their merits. And that's all canon does, it arbitrarily privileges some continuities over others. Why should we recognize that kind of a distinction? Why should we give a soulless corporate entity that kind of power over our culture? Because that's what we're really talking about here.

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  2. Licensed NES Games From the ’90s That We’re Surprised Don’t Really Exist

    My childhood weeps for a Daria game now.

    Back in the glory days of the NES and SNES, there were about a spillion officially licensed video games that did not need to exist. Seriously, does anyone remember the tie-in game for Home Improvement where you fought dinosaurs as Tim Allen? Thank god VGJunk put together some imagined title screens for franchises that would have made much better games.

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  3. Miyazaki to Evangelion Creator: Make a Nausicaä Sequel


    Okay, so, don't freak out, but it seems that Hayao Miyazaki just gave Hideaki Anno permission to go ahead and make that Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind sequel he's been bugging him about for years.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Tiny Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch’s Backside

    Things We Saw Today

    Rebecca told me it was okay to make that the title of this post, so blame her. This was apparently left in the hotel room of Simon Pegg by the hotel's services, and yes, it is entirely chocolate. (That's Nerdalicious!)

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  5. Is Victoria’s Secret That She’s Into Anime?

    Come on, Vicky, you can tell us! Neon Genesis Evangelion is really a great show, and probably about as mainstream as anime gets, outside of 4Kids Animation. I mean, it's not like you're watching Mononoke (that's, Mononoke, not Princess Mononoke) or making elaborate Axis Powers Hetalia costumes. Because seriously, I guess there's a bra on Jourdan Dunn here, but mostly you've dressed her up in a Rei Ayanami cosplay. I mean, just look:

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  6. The 10 Worst Schools in Geekdom

    Power Grid

    Many people out there have headed back to school this week, whether they are students, teachers, or loving parents. And if not this week, then they've probably been at it long enough to already long for the blissful freedom of summer vacation. And so, as the fortunate or unfortunate majority who no longer return to those hallowed halls yearly, and instead must assign our own homework, we'd like to highlight some schools where it doesn't seem like any learning goes on at all, or where half the student body is dead by the end of the first semester.

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  7. Japan May Soon Get a Totally Sweet Neon Genesis Evangelion Android Phone

    Though the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion went off the air over 16 years ago, the controversial series keeps coming back -- most recently in a series of animated films called Rebuild of Evanglion. Now, in conjunction with Sharp, NTT, and DoCoMo comes a modified Android phone called the SH-06D NERV in conjunction with the upcoming Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. And surprisingly, it looks pretty awesome.

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  8. 10 Badass Ways of Getting Around

    Power Grid

    So you're a bad ass. So you're in a position to know of the significant challenges that you face, as a bad ass. You can't just eat any old thing: you've got to go on a bad ass diet. You can't just wear any old clothes: you've got to wear the clothes of a bad ass. And you can't just roll up in your mom's mostly powder blue Nissan Stanza. We're here to help.

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  9. A Cockatiel Singing The Theme Song to Neon Genesis Evangelion

    this exists

    Yes, yes, Papiko, the song is very catchy. But do you know Rinbu Revolution? Tank? Lets get this party started. (via The Anime Godess.)

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  10. The 10 Most Spectacular Ways the World as We Know It Could End

    Power Grid

    Did you know that last week there was an earthquake? Yeah, it was no big deal. Did you know there was a hurricane this weekend? That was a bit more annoying, to say the least. But let us not forget: hurricanes? Earthquakes? Floods and fires? Mundane. Zombies? Alien invasions? Played-out. Draconid Aspects of death? YAWN. If we're going to go out, let's go out with a bang.

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  11. The 10 Worst Fathers in Science Fiction and Fantasy

    Power Grid

    Last year for Mother’s Day and Father’s day we did lists of the best parents science fiction and fantasy had to offer. And while they went over well, we got some requests from certain people very close to us to do a grid of the absolute worst examples of parenting we could think of, so that they might not feel quite so inferior in comparison. So we did it for the Moms, and now we’re doing it for the Dads. In fact, the rest of these dads make the first worst father in science fiction you’re likely to mention (and the very first example on the list) look almost saintly in comparison.

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  12. Clever People Stage Live Action Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening

    And I'll Form the Head!

    Oh Evangelion, you are so much nostalgia. With your upbeat, pop-y theme song that completely belies the seething storm of emotional and physical trauma lying just beyond the credits. And then your ending theme is Fly Me To the Moon, just to round out the selection of music that has little thematically to do with the show. I wouldn't have it any other way. (via Topless Robot.)

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  13. Things We Saw Today: Something We Can’t Describe Without Using The Punchline

    Things We Saw Today

    At Adventures of Comic Book Girl.

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  14. Find Out if Your Japanese Neighborhood Has Power, Evangelion Style

    i'll just leave this here

    Reassuringly, this Neon Genesis Evangelion skinned site that displays all the relevant stats to Japan's current disaster related rolling black outs and electric power supply issues is not an official skin. That's probably for the best, because we're not really sure how useful a trio of sky-scraper sized, barely-restrained mad cyborgs would be in Japan at the moment. But it does seem like a useful, informative, and maybe even fun way to check out where there is and isn't electrical power. Good luck to everyone who's using it. (via Kotaku.)

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  15. For A Little Kid Who’s Watched Way Too Much Adult Anime: Tiny Evangelion Toys

    Or, you know, for the kid you know who has been expected to save the world on a weekly basis by piloting a giant robot that may or may not be fueled by their dead mother's soul. Like you do.

    For those children, or children at heart, Namco Bandai has made this lovely collectible set of Polly Pocket/Mighty Max-esque replicas of NERV headquarters.

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  16. The 15 Best Exercises from Training Montages

    A remake of 1984's Karate Kid comes out this weekend, where the main character learns Kung Fu. We're just as confused as you are, but, we do fondly anticipate one thing: another entry into the long cinema tradition of training montages in action movies, full of kicks, punches, defeat, perhaps a loss of hope, and then comfortingly certain triumph. But the other thing that training montages have to be full of is things that would make even professional personal trainers raise an eyebrow. We've collected fifteen of our favorite training montage exercises, from the ones that made us go: "...what is that even supposed to do?" To the ones that made us go: "WTF THAT IS HARDCORE."

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  17. A Japanese Theme Park Made a Life Sized EVA Unit 01

    Sweet Jebus, that is something else. Japanese theme park Fuji-Q HighLand has announced that it will be adding a new section to its park, Evangelion: World - Life-Size EVA-01 Construction Project. In what will certainly become the centerpiece of the place, they are going to build a "life-size" replica of EVA Unit 01, the terrible mecha of Shinji Ikari, the series' main character, inhabited by the trapped soul of Shinji's dead mother. But only from the chest up. Look at the picture above, and tell me that that isn't enough for anyone.

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  18. CNN Report on Japanese Rape Video Games: Fearmongering, Late, and Fueling the Flames

    This afternoon, CNN broadcast a report on the Japanese rape video game scare, which it had previously covered on its website -- and which CNN, by virtue of its reach and influence, may have helped start.

    Their TV report not only played on misleading us-vs.-them stereotypes about gamers and about Japan, but it brought much more exposure to what CNN itself called a "disturbing" class of games than they would ever have gotten otherwise, focusing as it did on an out-of-print 2006 game called RapeLay, which was never released in the U.S. and which has been sanctioned by Japanese game makers and law enforcement:

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