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  1. Christopher Walken Will Play Captain Hook In NBC’s Live Peter Pan Musical, Kristen Bell Was Almost Peter

    This ticking crocodile is your birthright!

    In case there was any doubt in your mind that NBC's upcoming series of live musicals was designed purely to create television events so fantastically bizarre that people will trample each other trying to livetweet them, then listen to this new casting news: in December, the role of Captain Hook in Peter Pan will be played by Christopher Walken. Yes, you read that correctly. We also came really close to Veronica Mars' Kristin Bell as Peter.

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  2. NBC’s Constantine Casts New Female Lead; John Will Smoke But Definitely Won’t Be Bisexual

    Definitely won't be on fire.

    The folks behind NBC's Constantine show have been on press tour lately, answering the (cigarette) burning questions of various folks.

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  3. Wait, What? Constantine Character Changes Are Specifically to Have a Stronger Female Lead?

    Please do this the right way, NBC.

    NBC's Constantine premiere is just over 3 months away on October 24, but that hasn't stopped the company from drastically altering what the show will be like in the episodes following its pilot. They're not just getting rid of a lead actor, which would be troubling but not entirely unusual. They're scrapping one of the pilot's main characters who was supposed to be a driving force in the show's plot, but it might not be all bad news.

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  4. Lucy Griffiths Leaving Constantine Due To Creative Changes

    Lucy Griffiths is leaving NBC's Constantine.

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  5. Looks Like NBC Is Making John Constantine Give Up His Nasty Smoking Habit

    Comics purist aneurysms in 3... 2...

    Last time the subject came up of whether John Constantine would be able to smoke in his new NBC show, the answer was a firm "maybe. Now, according to pilot director Neil Marshall, it appears the famous comics chain smoker will be giving up that particular vice. What's next? Does he drink kale smoothies and do yoga? Where does it end?

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  6. Hulu Plays With Our Emotions, Announces They’re In Talks For Community Season 6

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Just when fans of NBC's Community were resigning themselves to the fact that they'd never get their "six seasons and a movie," Hulu swoops in with a glimmer of hope on the back of a soaring eagle! 

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Genderbent Lara Croft Cosplay

    Things We Saw Today

    Dr. Teng's Lara Croft cosplay has a little Hawkeye Initiative thing going on. We approve. (picture by Anna Fischer, more at Fashionably Geek)

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  8. Treat Yo’ Self to Tears: Next Season Of Parks and Recreation Will Be Its Last

    Officially Official

    Remember that time when everyone was freaking out about Parks and Recreation’s unannounced hiatus because it made it look like NBC’s perpetual critical success/ratings-not-so-success was probably going to be cancelled? We lucked out that time, ‘cause it turned out there wasn’t really a hiatus after all. But this time it's a bit of a good news-bad news situation. The good news! Parks and Rec is getting a seventh season. The bad news! No more after that.

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  9. NBC’s Constantine Gets A First Trailer & Full Clip, Neither A Load Of Bollocks


    Friday we had word NBC had greenlit the Vertigo Comics adaptation, Constantine (several other comic book properties went to series as well). Check out star Matt Ryan doing his best John Constantine (and his best is pretty damn good) as well as co-stars Lucy Griffiths (who looks a lot like Rachel Weisz now that I think of it) and Harold Perrineau in the first, awesome, trailer. Then click ahead for a full clip from the first episode.

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  10. Community Has Been Canceled

    It's okay, Abed! They'll never stop making Inspector Spaceti—.

    There is no joy in Greendale, friends and fellow study group members. Though NBC has yet to place the final nail in the coffin, it appears to be official: mighty Community has struck out.

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