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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Cautiously Optimistic

Watch This Trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s Believe And Tell Us What You Think [VIDEO]

You wouldn’t know it from this trailer, which proudly trumpets only J.J. Abrams‘s executive producer credit, but NBC’s upcoming Believe was actually co-created by Abrams and Alfonso Cuarón. Around here we’re big fans of both his work and girls with superpowers, so needless to say we’ve been looking forward to this for a while. But the teaser… maybe it’s just that it’s early and I’m pre-breakfast, but it doesn’t grab me like I thought it would. The show looks really generic. White dude with a troubled past rescuing people. Whoopee. But hey, trailers have been misleading before. And Jamie Chung being there pleases my Mulan-loving heart.

What do you think?

(via: blastr)

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And So It Begins

Amy Poehler and Orange is the New Black‘s Natasha Lyonne Making Comedy About Old People

Amy Poehler and NBC are up to something, and it’s going to star Natasha Lyonne. Interested yet?


Thank You?

And the Next Musical NBC’s Going to Butcher Is…

There’s also some news on the peacock network’s upcoming Wizard of Oz show. No, it’s not the Game of Thrones-y one. Or the medical drama. Or Syfy’s post-apocalyptic version.


Good News Everyone!

Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Zoe Saldana to Star in NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby

Whether or not you’re thrilled by the idea of NBC sending Rosemary’s Baby through the remake machine for a new miniseries, you have to admit that casting Zoe Saldana is pretty damn cool. Uhura won’t be having for any of this demon spawn nonsense.


om nom nom

NBC’s Hannibal Gets Season 2 Premiere Date & Creepy Poster

Will Graham, what have you gotten yourself into now? Expect Hannibal to return Friday, February 28th on NBC.

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it's time to play the music

Realizing Any Publicity is Good Publicity, NBC Decides to Do This Live Musical Thing Every Year

NBC’s live bradcast of The Sound of Music last weekend was greeted with much the same attitude as Sharknado: a far fetched concept (The Sound of Music without Julie Andrews?), but an ambitious undertaking nonetheless (a live-broadcast stage musical?), likely to be entertaining only in the degree to which it might be a total trainwreck.

And the show delivered, both to folks looking to revel in its technical glitches and lackluster casting (if you didn’t catch it the first time, you can catch an encore this weekend), and to NBC executives who quite enjoyed those 18.6 million viewers who turned their ears and eyeballs to the program. So, of course, they’re planning more.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

NBC Bites, Gives Maya Rudolph a Variety Show

Comedian Maya Rudolph asked, and NBC has delivered, agreeing with the SNL alumn that the world would be a better place if she had a variety show to host.


Assuming Direct Control

Lady-Created Comedies Are Taking Over Television

What do Tina Fey, Laura Gutin, and Laura Solon all have in common? They’re all female comedy writers with new series in development, by ladies, starring ladies.



We Are Getting a Murder, She Wrote Reboot With Octavia Spencer

NBC has agreed to a put pilot commitment on a reboot of Angela Lansbury‘s hugely popular and long running mystery series Murder, She Wrote. That means that we’re definitely seeing Octavia Spencer in the lead role some time soon.


Today in Depressing

NBC To Put Parks and Recreation On Hiatus Starting… Now

On Friday NBC announced some upcoming schedule changes, and Vulture noticed something weird: It looks like, without an official announcement or anything of the sort, they’ve put Parks and Recreation on hiatus.