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  1. NBC Casts an Actual Descendent of the Cherokee Nation to Play Tiger Lily in Their Peter Pan Musical

    Your move, WB.

    "We might only exist because people were drawn to The Sound of Music Live! like a train wreck, and we'll probably be really bad, but at least we know not to cast a white woman as Tiger Lily, Warner Bros.!"

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  2. Girls’ Star Allison Williams Strikes A Magazine Cover Pose As NBC’s Peter Pan

    I've gotta crow!

    Read on to check out a video of her flying practice.

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  3. Martin Scorsese & HBO May Help Shutter Island Join The Ranks Of Movies Getting Their Own Show

    It's like True Detective, but with more women water!

    Deadline is reporting that HBO and Paramount are joining forces to bring Scorsese's 2010 thriller to the small screen in a series that focuses on the history of the hospital and treatments for the mentally ill in the 1950s. I know, I know: but will it have a laugh track?

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  4. New Gotham, Constantine Trailers Tease the Joker, Give Us More Snarky Britishness


    Jim Gordon walks the villain gauntlet and Constantine is snarky and British in this pair of new trailers.

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  5. David S. Goyer Gets Defensive About Constantine’s Sexuality With Comic-Con Reporter

    Make sure you are seated in the "ready to facepalm" position

    Oh, look, it's everybody's favorite member of Hollywood to be mad at, David S. Goyer! What would you like to talk about today, David? ... You wanna talk about how all the people who are mad at the bi-erasure in NBC's Constantine are wrong? Well, that can't possibly go poorly!

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  6. Did Not See That Coming: HBO Girls’ Allison Williams Will Star As Peter Pan In NBC’s Live Musical

    It's the second star to the right, and straight on until Greenpoint.

    Get all your "an actor from Girls is playing a boy" jokes our of the way now, friends. I will wait.

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  7. Christopher Walken Will Play Captain Hook In NBC’s Live Peter Pan Musical, Kristen Bell Was Almost Peter

    This ticking crocodile is your birthright!

    In case there was any doubt in your mind that NBC's upcoming series of live musicals was designed purely to create television events so fantastically bizarre that people will trample each other trying to livetweet them, then listen to this new casting news: in December, the role of Captain Hook in Peter Pan will be played by Christopher Walken. Yes, you read that correctly. We also came really close to Veronica Mars' Kristin Bell as Peter.

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  8. NBC’s Constantine Casts New Female Lead; John Will Smoke But Definitely Won’t Be Bisexual

    Definitely won't be on fire.

    The folks behind NBC's Constantine show have been on press tour lately, answering the (cigarette) burning questions of various folks.

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  9. Wait, What? Constantine Character Changes Are Specifically to Have a Stronger Female Lead?

    Please do this the right way, NBC.

    NBC's Constantine premiere is just over 3 months away on October 24, but that hasn't stopped the company from drastically altering what the show will be like in the episodes following its pilot. They're not just getting rid of a lead actor, which would be troubling but not entirely unusual. They're scrapping one of the pilot's main characters who was supposed to be a driving force in the show's plot, but it might not be all bad news.

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  10. Lucy Griffiths Leaving Constantine Due To Creative Changes

    Lucy Griffiths is leaving NBC's Constantine.

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