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National University of Singapore

  1. Figure Out How Much Caffeine Is In Your Drink With the New Caffeine Orange

    Like Flash Rosenberg said, we have thumbs so we can make coffee.

    While some mornings are made for enjoying a cappuccino or some soy-chai-misto-thing, others are a mad rush to jumpstart your body as quickly as possible. In honor of those mornings, here's an awesome new device: Caffeine Orange. It tells you how much caffeine is in your drink -- so you can figure out how much you need in order to feel human.

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  2. Meet RoboCarp, The First Robotic Fish That Can Dive, Surface, Consume Bread Crumbs (One Day)

    There are more robotic fish than you might think out in the world right now, but this is the first one that can move in three dimensions.

    Scientists have been attempting to perfect the robotic fish for years in order to perform difficult underwater maneuvers such as exploring sunken shipwrecks or detect leaks in pipelines. Now, we're one step closer to robot fish perfection, as the National University of Singapore has released a next generation fish-bot that, in addition to being able to move laterally from side to side, can also dive and float just like a real fish. Naturally, this machine is being called "RoboCarp," because it's probably illegal to name it anything else.

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  3. Spider Wows Scientists With its Insect Repelling Silk

    Though we might think that a spider would want as many bugs as possible in its web, being overrun by ants is actually a major threat to the eight legged hunters. However, researcher Daiqin Li from the National University of Singapore noticed that ants seemed disinterested in attacking the intricate webs of the golden orb web spiders (Nephila antipodiana). After some investigation, Li and his team determined that this was because the spider spins a powerful chemical weapon into its silk.

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  4. New Study Suggests Wasting Time Online Boosts Worker Productivity

    You know how you have browser-based games or listicles about your favorite celebrity breakups open in your browser window right now, but have mastered the art of alt+tabbing back to your spreadsheet when your supervisor walks by? Well, according to a new study, you may just want to leave that session of Civ World up and running next time your supervisor hovers around your desk, because wasting time on the Internet may actually increase your productivity.

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