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  1. Everything Is Beautiful: Gina Carano Has Been Cast as a Mutant in Deadpool

    Tim Miller's Deadpool film just got way more interesting, because they've cast Gina Carano as a mutant. Take my ticket money and take it now.

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  2. Dorkly Calls These Mutant Powers “Mildly Convenient,” But We Still Want All Of Them

    VERY, Dorkly. The word you're looking for is VERY.

    Superpowers are sort of a mixed bag; for every mutant who can summon the incredible power of lightning and thunder at her command, there's another one who can melt toasters. I think I speak for the whole Mary Sue team when I say that if we had literally any of these powers, though, they would make our lives so much better. Especially that last one. Oh, man.

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  3. X-Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Monster Mutant Cast In 24 Magazine Covers

    Mutatis Mutandis

    Yesterday, Empire Magazine revealed one new X-Men: Days of Future Past cover every hour. Because, well, there's a lot of people in the cast and they figured, what the hell? That's 24 actors, plus one more for the director, but for some reason we have 26 photos in our slideshow. Hmm...

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  4. Two-Headed Turtle Born at San Antonio Zoo, Probably Not a Ninja

    And no, it's not an alien.

    On June 18th, the world's cutest little abomination was born at the San Antonio Zoo-- a female Texas cooter turtle with two heads. The zookeepers took advantage of the situation and gave the turtle the most novel name possible, Thelma and Louise. According to one of the zookeepers, the heads each have their own personality. One is very curious, the other very aggressive.

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  5. Take a Breath, Everyone: Michael Bay Says Ninja Turtles Won’t Be Aliens

    Remember last year when we all found out that Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles would be aliens and not mutants, and then the whole Internet exploded with anger because mutant turtles who love pizza and are also ninjas are a beloved childhood memory, but alien turtles who love pizza and are also ninjas are an abomination? Turns out it's not true. So calm down.

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  6. Marvel’s XX Teaser Revealed To Be Relaunched X-Men Title With Female Cast


    Last week, Marvel revealed a teaser for a new title from Brian Wood and  Olivier Coipel. We surmised it was going to be a title with X-Men characters, specifically women, because of the double helix and XX logo. We had assumed this was going to be a completely new title and while we were partly right on that we're happy to say we were also partly wrong. Wood and Coipel's new title is not a "new" title but the relaunched Marvel Now X-Men series starring Jubilee, Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey and Psylocke. 

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  7. Is Marvel Giving Us An All-Woman X-Men Book With Marvel Now’s XX?

    My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

    Marvel recently revealed this teaser image for a new series from Brian Wood and  Olivier Coipel. Nothing more. But considering the double helix image and "XX" we're led to believe this will be a series based around mutants of the female variety. It may or may not be titled "XX" but we should know more next week. Which mutant women would you like to see sharing the stage? Previously in Marvel
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  8. Fukushima Site Producing Mutated Butterflies

    Today's reminder that nuclear accidents stay with us much, much longer than we might care to remember them: Butterflies in the vicinity of the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan are mutating. A study published online last week in the journal Science Reports found that pale blue grass butterflies are common in much of Asia, but those born near the site of the meltdown are coming into the world with severe physical deformities. Mutations have been found in 12% of the specimens examined by researchers at the University of the Ryukyus in nearby Okinawa. While some of the mutations, like unusual spotting patterns on wings, are mostly innocuous, others are more severe, ranging from forked antennae, to twisted legs, to bent and useless wings. Some are suffering from mutations that leave them unable to even leave their cocoons.

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  9. Mutant Butterflies Emerge In The Wake Of The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

    i'll just leave this here

    Although the human impact of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was limited to physical injuries, excessive radiation exposure and the possibility that cancer could rear its ugly head in the future, the meltdown's toll on the environment has remained a mystery -- until now. In an attempt to measure the consequences of the nuclear accident, scientists studied butterflies collected from Fukushima last year, ultimately discovering a series of biological adaptations to increased levels of environmental radiation that does not bode well for local wildlife.

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