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  1. Here’s Imogen Heap Explaining the Awesomeness Of Her Gesture-Control Mi.Mu Gloves

    Grammy-winning musician Imogen Heap gives us the best unofficial Cribs episode ever as she explains the technology she's been using to perform the digital aspect of her music live and physically. They're Mi.Mu gloves, with which she can control computers and instruments onstage using gestures.

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  2. Catch a Doubleclicks Concert Livestream Right Here Starting 3 O’Clock EST!

    Obligations be damned.

    Happy Friday, team.

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  3. The Doubleclicks are About to Revolutionize Your Party Experience, With Cats

    Warning: Contains cute cats.

    This method of social interaction at unwanted parties is not recommended for everyone. The Doubleclicks have helpfully provided several dogs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, rats, hairless cats, guinea pigs, and snakes for allergy sufferers. The Mary Sue encourages you to ask your doctor if hanging out with cats is right for you.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: The Luigi Death Stare Makes For This Halloween’s Most Creepy Pumpkin has the printable stencil for this pumpkin masterpiece. (Via: Tiny Cartridge)

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  5. There Is Now Sheet Music Of Jeff Goldblum’s Beautiful Laugh From Jurassic Park

    "heh heh heh heh / hrr rr / heh heh heh heh huh!"

    "But how can I emulate Jeff Goldblum's epic laugh with exact tonal perfection?" you wonder to yourself aloud on the subway, while other passengers attempt to avoid eye contact. Look no further friend; we have your answers.

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  6. Listen To Metal Cover Of Duck Tales Theme Song, Suddenly Get Way Cooler


    More like Give-No-F***sburg, am I right?

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  7. Voice Actress Lea Salonga’s Still Got It: Nails “A Whole New World” With Il Divo

    Brb, karaoke break.

    Lea Salonga will always have a place in the hearts of girls of a certain age, for bringing her considerable vocal talent to the singing voices of both Jasmine and Mulan. Singing here with Il Divo, Salonga proves that - though it might be two decades since Aladdin hit theaters - she can still show us a whole new world.

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  8. Turns Out the Game of Thrones Theme Is the Perfect Fit for a Western Cover

    Westeros ain't big enough for the two of us.

    Benedikt Mendzigal of BenDan Productions gets to be an honorary "pardner" of The Mary Sue for arranging and performing this Western version of the Game of Thrones theme, which just... works. He also did a mariachi version of the Battlefield theme; you can check that out behind the cut.

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  9. Tina From Bob’s Burgers Now Has Her Own Techno Remix


    Oh, Tina Belcher. We love her obsession with butts and her enthusiastic acceptance of her own weird sexual desires. We love her erotic friend fiction. And we love this techno remix by Eclectic Method, the geniuses behind such videos as “Hodor in da House” and “The Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix.” Wait, you haven’t seen those? Hit the jump:

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  10. Why Yes, A Hermione Granger Music Video Is Exactly What This Day Needed

    No one was singing, Harry...

    Thank you. Really. I needed this.

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