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  1. Would Not Abuse at All: AsapSCIENCE Explores the Science of Super Strength [Video]

    Superman-strength is probably out of the question, but science is making it easier to add a couple inches to your biceps.

    Come on, admit it -- we've all fantasized about having superhuman strength at one point or another. Having the sort of car-tossing, Mjolnir-swinging, evildoers cowering before your might sort of strength we've all seen in comic books may be out of the question, sure, but science is helping us learn more and more about how we get strong, and that understanding could help us get better at getting stronger. In their latest video, AsapSCIENCE explains what it takes to reach that goal, why some people naturally have greater muscle mass than others, and how new technologies could make super strength a reality in the future. You won't even need to be bitten by a radioactive spider.

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  2. Here Is the Latest In Terrifying Robot Muscle Technology

    Humanoid robots are popping up more and more often these days, but researchers and engineers at the University of Tokyo have brought a new level of realism to their robotic creation Kenshiro -- a set of 160 robotic muscles inspired by those of the human body. The pulley-style musculature helps Kenshiro resemble a human frame more closely, and researchers hope that closeness in form will eventually help them mimic the movement style of the human body as well. Keep reading to see Kenshiro hitting the virtual gym.

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  3. “Hulk” Protein for Muscle Growth Discovered, Gyms To Be Abandoned In Short Order

    In wonderful news for vain but lazy people everywhere, Australian scientists think they have found one of the molecular keys to muscle growth -- a protein that promotes weight and muscle mass gain without any of the pesky exercise once associated with it. The protein Grb10 -- which scientists have dubbed the "Hulk" protein -- seems to have a significant role in promoting muscle growth in animal subjects without any change in activity, diet, or adverse health effects. While researchers have been careful to point out that whether the protein will have the same effect in humans is unclear, that frankly reeks of quitter talk. I'm already cancelling my non-existent gym membership and breaking out a pint of ice cream to celebrate mankind's victory over exercise.

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