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  1. Ladies Kickin’ Butt on Hulk: The Mary Sue Exclusive Interview with Disney Infinity 3.0 Designer Jeff Bunker

    You're no match for Mulan and Minnie, big guy.

    Last year The Mary Sue spoke to Disney Infinity 2.0's executive producer John Vignocchi about Disney Infinity's commitment to having tons of awesome playable female characters, and Disney Infinity 3.0 is no different.

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  2. Six Films For A Growing Feminist

    I haven’t always labeled myself as a feminist. Either due to being ignorant about its meaning or insecure about what others would say, I am guilty of the statement, “I believe in equal rights, but I wouldn't call myself a feminist."

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  3. Live-Action Mulan Sparks Whitewashing Concerns

    Don't do it...

    Hollywood doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to casting actors of color for characters of color; though you'd think the days of "Italians playing Native Americans" had been left in the past, all you have to do is look at any anime adaptation, including the tragic Avatar: The Last Airbender, to see the problems we're still having with diverse casting.

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  4. Ming-Na Wen Responds to Fan Campaign for Her to Star in Live-Action Mulan

    She'll make a fan out of yooooooooo!

    A girl worth fighting for.

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  5. GET DOWN TO BUSINESS: Disney Making Live-Action Mulan


    Best news! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has purchased a script from Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek (heck yeah, lady writers!) based on the legend of Hua Mulan, the inspiration behind the 1998 animated film.

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  6. Let’s Get Down To Business: Ming-Na Wen Is Back To Kicking Butt As Mulan!

    She'll bring honor to us all!

    One of the few drawbacks of routinely playing a tough cookie on shows like S.H.I.E.L.D. or Stargate is that even when suiting up to reprise your role as one of Disney's most beloved princesses, your voice-acting can fall a little under the radar.

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  7. “Excuse Me, Princess“: The Princess Type, for Good or Ill, Part 1

    Venture into the pretty pink minefield with us!

    How do we create a complex woman character who can give girls a choice in who they identify with, but that Hollywood will still regularly produce? And how can we do it while encouraging the qualities of modern feminism, instead of diminishing them?

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  8. If the Women in Game of Thrones Were Disney Characters

    Fans Do Cool Things

    DjeDjehuti on Deviantart gets approximately one million props from us for the casting of Grandma Fa as Olenna Tyrell alone. You can see all of their Game of Thrones/Disney mashups in their gallery.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Princess Dalek

    Things We Saw Today

    We've seen Princess Vader, now it's time to meet Princess Dalek. EXTERMI-AWWWWW. (via Fashionably Geek) 

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  10. If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    Snow White takes selfies, Pocahontas blogs pictures with her animal friends, and Tiana posts photos of her food. If the Disney Princesses had Instagram, our feeds would be way more interesting. Don't believe me? Check out these hilarious post mockups from B for Bel.

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  11. Things We Saw Today: Mulan Meets the Doctor

    Things We Saw Today

    By Karen Hallion (Khallion on Etsy, where prints of this should be available soon). Now is a good time to get this Doctor Who/"I'll Make a Man Out of You" mashup stuck in everyone's heads. You're welcome. (Chocolate & Cream Cake)

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  12. Mulan/Hunger Games Mashup Lacks Swordplay; Is Still Pretty Clever

    May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

    Okay, okay, I'll admit that I was disappointed to see that a promised Hunger Games/Mulan video didn't involve people's heads getting chopped off. But it's still clever, so you should watch it. And then speculate on which district each Disney Princess is from and how well they would do in the games. If you only vaguely remember the song and it's place in the movie, I've embedded the original below just for you.

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  13. Mulan & Sleeping Beauty Argue Over A Prince In This Once Upon A Time Clip

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    This scene, from the upcoming second season of ABC's Once Upon a Time, isn't quite what you'd think. It features Mulan (played by Jamie Chung) and Aurora (Sarah Bolger) not arguing over who gets the Prince but who gets to save the Prince. Sunday cannot come fast enough. (via io9)

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  14. Teaser Trailer For Once Upon A Time Gives Us Glimpses Of Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, & Captain Hook!

    Aaaaaas Yooooou Wiiiiiiiiiiiish

    Fans of ABC's hit fairy tale series, Once Upon a Time, have been eagerly anticipating Season 2 thanks to a cliffhanger ending to Season 1. We heard about the casting of Mulan and Sleeping Beauty but now we get to see them for the first time in this new promo (Mulan looks particularly epic). Plus a bonus peak at Captain Hook and all your favorite returning characters. Once Upon a Time returns to ABC September 30th! (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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  15. 10 Instances In Which History Meets Geekery

    Power Grid

    History: It’s chock full of colorful characters and crazy random happenstances. But more often than not, when a historical character makes it to the big screen it’s in the form of a  cookie-cutter biopic. What gives? History is dynamic and exciting! As a history geek, I’d much rather see Napoleon fighting wizards and fairy kings than some boring Oscar bait biopic on the (actually not short!) Emperor. Here are ten examples from TV and film of history geekery done right. Your favorite not make it to the list? There’s a historical character (*coughArthurConanDoylecough*) you really want to show up on Doctor Who? Want to defend Anastasia? Get thee to the comments.

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  16. Amy Mebberson’s Pocket Princesses Should Have Their Own Saturday Morning Cartoon

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    We've spotlighted a few of Amy Mebberson's Pocket Princesses on the site before but we figured it was about time to give them their own post since it's been brought to our attention the little gals have to go on hiatus for a while. If you've never seen them, you're in for a treat. Hit the jump for some of our favorites! 

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  17. Disney Princesses… If They Were in Final Fantasy X-2

    i'll just leave this here

    Final Fantasy X-2 introduced a new wrinkle into the famous RPG series: instead of being handed a selection of characters with set classes to choose a three person fighting team with, players were handed exactly three characters (Rikku, Yuna, and Paine) and could choose which class roles they wanted those characters to play at any moment, simply by changing their outfits. It was also the first FF game to feature an all female main cast.

    And what with the fanart trend of giving reinterpreting Disney princesses, and the existing presence of the official Final Fantasy/Disney crossover games Kingdom Hearts, it shouldn't surprise anyone that xsKiRtZx's drawings of Disney princesses and other lead female characters as Final Fantasy X-2 classes are a pretty cool combination.

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  18. Encore! 10 More Non-Costumed, Non-Powered Female Heroines

    Power Grid

    Last month, we did a list of ten female heroes who don't wear costumes and don't have super powers... even though most of the people around them (or the people or things they're fighting) have one or the other. You guys seemed to really like it, which was nice, I mean that's what we always strive for; but you also had a lot of good ideas to add to the list. So, naturally, we decided we had to do another one.

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  19. X-Men: First Class Recut to Mulan Music

    Mutatis Mutandis

    It's this sort of thing that the internet was made for. (via BuzzFeed.)

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  20. Geekolinks: 7/30

    North Korean soccer team shamed by government for World Cup performance (With Leather) The science of Caddyshack (Discovery) Live action Mulan in the works (Screenrant) iPhone 4 antenna woes "significantly worse" than competition (Ars) Some Jedi are real jerks (LaughingSquid) How LEGO got its groove back (Businessweek) 57 things you didn't know about Hugh Hefner (Flavorwire)

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