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  1. This Map Show’s Every State’s Favorite Cereal and the Results Are Surprising

    None of the winners are magically delicious and that bothers me.

    Real estate blog Movoto likes to do fun things with data about where people live, and their latest effort compiled data from Facebook to see what brand of cereal each state "Liked" the most. I never would have guessed the two frontrunners.

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  2. Movoto Figures out the Cost of Goku’s House in DragonBall Z

    Kakarot lives humbly, that's for sure.

    It's weird to think of Goku as a homeowner. Sure, he's the strongest man in the entire galaxy, but he's also pretty emotionally immature when you come right down to it. But don't feel too bad, because according to Movoto, the Son family isn't exactly hemorrhaging money to live on Mount Paozu.

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  3. Here’s How Many LEGO Bricks It Would Take to Build 17 Famous Movie Houses

    Just don't walk around in them with bare feet.

    Sure, there will soon be a Ghostbusters LEGO set, but how many LEGO bricks would it take to build a full-size Ghostbusters firehouse? Movoto figured it out for you along with 16 other famous movie houses. Sorry, but even made of LEGO, you could probably only afford Yoda's Dagobah swamp hut.

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  4. Living like Iron Man Would Cost You $10 Million per Year, Movoto Priced the Upkeep of His Mansion

    You can't afford Tony Stark's mansion. You can't even afford his Internet.

    The good people at Movoto previously decided that you'd have to spend $117.2 million for Tony Stark's mansion, but that's just to buy it. To live in it, you'd have to spend almost $10 million every year to keep it up to your billionaire playboy standards, and what's the point of a nearly $120 million mansion on a cliff if you dont?

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  5. How Much Do All The Houses in GTAV Cost? Movoto Has The Answer [Infographic]

    They also have a lot of fake video game bullet wounds, too. It happens.

    If you're trying to figure out the cost of a piece of fictional real estate, then Randy Nelson is your guy. We've covered a bunch of his findings in the past about everything from G.I. Joe Headquarters to Princess Peach's castle. His latest endeavor, though -- calculating the cost of all the GTAV houses -- wasn't just for Movoto; it was personal.

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  6. Thor’s Castle Is Nice, but How Much Would it Cost? Movoto Figured it Out

    Oh, Movoto, is there nothing you can't price?

    Our friends at the real estate blog Movoto love figuring out how much fictional homes would sell for, and we love that they love that, because we love seeing the results. This time they've put a price on Thor's castle in Asgard, but if you want to live like the god of thunder you better pony up some serious cash.

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  7. Want To Live At G.I. Joe Headquarters? You’ll Have To Move to Staten Island [Infographic]

    General Hawk just got a lot less cooler.

    Normally we love it when Movoto calculates where and how expensive our favorite fictional real estate will be. Except this time around, they're totally compromising government secrets -- don't publish the exact location of the G.I. Joe command center, guys! What if Cobra Commander finds out?

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  8. Thank You, Mario, But You Can’t Afford the Down Payment on the Princess’s Castle

    Suddenly this puts a lot of Bowser's kidnapping attempts into sharp perspective.

    You know, Princess Peach really should be a more active character in the Mario series. After all, according to your favorite fictional castle cost calculators over at Movoto, the lady is ridiculous kinds of loaded. Exactly how loaded is that, you ask? Natalie Griegson estimated just how expensive the castle from Super Mario 64 would actually be in real currency, and yeah, it's a lot. What else would you expect from somebody who seemingly runs an entire kingdom?

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  9. Why Raid Grommash Hold When You Can Buy It? Movoto Prices Out the Orc Stronghold

    Grommash Hold is a little rough around the edges, but maybe you could spruce the place up a bit.

    What's a World of Warcraft orcish stronghold going for on today's market? How would one even begin to put a price on a virtual building? What is the real life equivalent of the Horde capital of Orgrimmar? These aren't questions normal people ask themselves. Thankfully, our friends at Movoto aren't normal. They've crunched the numbers and put a theoretical price tag on Grommash Hold. So, how much would it cost? Let's take a look at the numbers.

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  10. Let’s Have a Serious Talk About Pokémon Living Conditions

    What's it like inside a Poké Ball? Take a look at this snazzy infographic to find out.

    So you've gone and caught em' all. Now what? Pokémon (maybe) are living things and you've crammed them into a tiny Poké Ball without a second thought like a savage. What's it really like in there? The real estate experts at Movoto broke it down in their latest infographic. It seems like they are either completely wonderful or horribly monstrous living conditions.

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