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motion sickness

  1. TED-Ed Explains Why You Get Motion Sick to the Best of Science’s Ability, Which Is Not Entirely Great [Video]

    Your body doesn't like all this newfangled technology.

    Why does riding in a car or flying in a space ship fill you with the urge to vomit all over the inside of your space helmet? It turns out that scientists aren't entirely sure, but they think that your body basically rejects fast-moving modern conveniences like someone from the 1700s would, but instead of burning cars as witches, it vomits.

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  2. New Medicated Gum Aims to Prevent Motion Sickness

    No matter how tough you might be, there's nothing that removes all traces of said toughness like motion sickness. Being unable to function simply because a bus or train slightly rocked back and forth for a few minutes, or because you had to sit in a sports car's bucket seats, is extremely inconvenient, and a problem that can be quite difficult to avoid. Thankfully, with a prototype chewing gum, science is here to help you preserve that tough facade, and to also keep your lunch in your stomach when you have to take a train.

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  3. NASA Wants to Make a Nasal Spray That Cures Motion Sickness

    Throwing up into your own helmet sounds like one of the worst things an Astronaut can do. Think about it: Assuming the spray doesn't bounce back off the face-glass and into your eyes, vomit is still going to drip down your suit and everything is going to smell terrible until you get a chance to clean it. I don't know if Astronauts have dry cleaning equipment on the international space station, but even if they do I'm guessing that the smell would stick with you. Not wanting to leave their people in a lurch, NASA has commissioned the development of a nasal spray designed to rapidly suppress motion sickness in astronauts.

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  4. Why Planes, Boats, and the Backseats of Cars Make You Want to Die [Video]

    As someone who has to embark upon a steady regiment of Dramamine before he gets on a plane, I am no stranger to motion sickness. Bucket seats in cars, reading on a bus or train, or even getting in a shaky elevator can set it off. If you're interested to know exactly why a gentle cruise makes you want to throw up, but only have a couple of minutes to learn, the always astute AsapSCIENCE is here to educate you before you get woozy from that carpool home after work.

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