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Mother’s Day

  1. Things We Saw Today: Jon Snow Knows Mothers

    Kinda, sorta, well okay, not really.

    This video, while adorable and heartbreaking at the same time, simply raises more questions for me. Do they celebrate Mother's Day in Westeros? Why was Hodor hiding in the curtain? Why am I laughing so hard?!

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  2. The Best Kind of Infection

    I don’t think you can know happiness until you’ve truly known sadness. I held my mother’s hand as she passed into the Great Mystery, and boy did that ever change me. I can’t flip that switch again, back to naiveté and blissful ignorance. Nor would I want to.

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  3. What Are You Really Saying When You Talk To Your Mother?

    Are you eating enough?

    Sometimes, you tell your mom everything. Sometimes, you don't. But there are always those little half-truths you tell just to let her know you're doing... okay. This adorable Mother's Day video from Alison Vingiano gets real and breaks down what you and your mother really mean when you talk to each other.

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  4. Name a Martian Crater After Your Mom, Help Fund Space Exploration

    Your mom's a crater.

    Didn't get Mom a Mother's Day gift yet? You can name a crater on the surface of Mars after her, and help fund space exploration in the process.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Official Merida and Queen Elinor Cosplayers Give Us Mother’s Day Feels

    Things We Saw Today

    Yesterday saw Brave's Merida officially crowed as the 11th Disney Princess at a ceremony that marked the first appearance of Official Disney Cosplay Queen Elinor. (Inside the Magic)

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  6. Kid President Just Won Mother’s Day

    Tomorrow is Mother's Day here in the U.S. and our nation's Kid President has some words on the subject. Specifically, he has ten things he thinks kids everywhere want their moms to know. As ever, this Kid President video is adorable and hilarious. Posting this link on your mom's Facebook wall won't necessarily make up for forgetting to get her a gift, but it couldn't hurt.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: A Dalek Planter For Mom’s Flowers

    Things We Saw Today

    No guarantees that the Dalek planter won't murder the beautiful flowers some of you may have bought your mothers today. (via Neatorama)

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  8. This One, is For the Ladies (Who Are Also Moms) [Video]

    For Mother's Day, we've got this heartwarming video of people thanking their moms for being the upstanding ladies that they are. Strangely, several of them focus on law-breaking, but a mother's love knows no bounds. Be sure your mom knows how much you appreciate that. Also, is that popular musician/avant garde comedian Reggie Watts at the beginning? Awesome.

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  9. A Mother’s Day Song For the Laid-Back Mother-Daughter Bonding Session [Video]

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Musical comedy wonder Adira Amram has a special tribute for her mom, who also appears in the video above. And with a little help from her band, The Experience, Amram sings her mom a very groovy Mother's Day message thanking her for being such a generous, um, provider. Happy Mother's Day, everyone! (via The GLOC)

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  10. Things We Saw Today: The Easter Island Statues Have Bodies — Bodies

    Things We Saw Today

    Seriously, how did it take humans this long to realize that there might be bodies attached to those heads? Well, there are bodies attached to those heads, and here they are! (via Think Box)

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  11. Things We Saw Today: Wonder Woman Sends a Mothers’ Day Card

    Things We Saw Today

    From Comics Alliance's excellent selection of superhero specific Mothers' Day cards. We quite like Damian's also.

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  12. Happy Mother’s Day From Brave’s Baby Merida [VIDEO]

    Our Adorable Past

    We've see a lot of fantastic clips, featurettes, and trailers from the upcoming Pixar movie Brave, but I think I can go on record officially saying this takes the cake. Read on to watch a brand-new spot from the creators of the film, wishing mom's everywhere a Happy Mother's Day with something we've not yet seen - a baby version of Merida. Brace yourself. 

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  13. Grandmother Insists: “No More Questions!” [Video]

    Meddling Kids

    Kay Chang was forced by her son and granddaughter to participate in StoryCorps, which involves sitting in a sound booth and telling stories about your life. Kay wasn't having it. But she did it anyway, and left her family (and all of us) with the gift of her story. (StoryCorps)

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  14. 48% of People Are Friends With Mom On Facebook (And Other Mother’s Day Facts)


    I'll bet you had no idea who even invented Mother's Day, and whether or not she liked how people celebrated it. Or what the median age of the American mother is. Or who buys more presents on Mother's Day, men or women. Ultimate Coupons has this lengthy infographic with some Mom's Day stats that you can print out as an emergency card. (It's not slacking -- it's being resourceful! And informative!) Click through, then click to enlarge.

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  15. Registrations on Cheating Website Shoot Up Tenfold the Day after Mother’s Day

    How did you spend your Mother's Day? Maybe you woke up in the morning and brought your mom breakfast in bed. Some of you might have bought flowers and candy to your grandmothers. Jewelry may very well have been involved. Personally, I treated my mom and family to a late dinner. She still nagged me about forgetting my sweater, but it felt nice being out and being able to say, "Thanks, Mom, for giving birth to me and putting up with my neuroses."

    Or maybe you didn't do much of anything. Maybe you forgot to buy a gift for your wife, or partner, and hoped to high heaven that it would be ok come Monday. Maybe you slept on the couch, or got into a fight so bad your ears are still ringing. But hey, it's ok, right? It's one day of the year, so you tell yourself you'll make up for it next time while you try to remember your anniversary.

    Monday passes, and the tension starts to die down. You kiss your lady goodbye as you both head off to work, and all is right with the world. You're in the clear, right? Bad news. Remember Greg from the 4th floor? His wife left him yesterday. Momlogic gives one reason:

    "31,427 Women Signed Up to Cheat after Mother's Day."

    And every married man in the room starts to sweat.

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  16. It’s Mothers Day: Have Some Cute Animals, and Their Moms

    Got one of those moms who sends out the FWD: RE: RE: FWD: RE: ADORABLE!!! FWD: SOOOO CUUUTE!!!! emails? Maybe a grandmom? Well, isn't it time you sent her one back? Here. Behind the jump are a whole bunch of baby animals, and their moms.

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  17. Betty White Coming to SNL On May 8th: Thanks, Facebook [Followup]

    We've previously reported that the Facebooking hordes successfully petitioned SNL to get Betty White to host. Mow, we've got a date: May 8th, the night before Mother's Day.

    USA Today is reporting that Betty White will be hosting the May 8 broadcast of Saturday Night Live after refusing the spot for years. White, whose legendary status has persisted to a younger generation through her role in The Proposal, playing beer pong with Jimmy Fallon, and, yes, those Golden Girls reruns on Lifetime, became the center of a Facebook campaign to get her to host after the debut of her new Snickers ad during the Super Bowl. And Lorne Michaels couldn’t sound happier about it:

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