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  1. Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories Debunked by… NVIDIA Graphics Cards?

    That's no moon... Oh, wait. Yeah, it is.

    NVIDIA has decided to prove how great their new GPUs are by using them to simulate lighting conditions for the Apollo 11 Moon landing and debunk conspiracy theories about photographs and video from the Moon. Or, depending on how strongly you believe the Moon landing conspiracy theories, NVIDIA just proved that their new GPUs are terrible and light things all wrong. Your call, I guess.

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  2. What Would the Earth Be Like Without the Moon? Completely Bananas, Basically

    Where would we get our wizards?

    Everyone knows that the Moon is mostly responsible for our oceans' tides (everyone does know that, right?), but just what would happen to the Earth if we didn't have the Moon? The answer is probably a lot crazier than you'd realize, because our Moon is the largest in the solar system relative to its host planet, and it's made a lot of things we take for granted possible in the first place.

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  3. The Earth And Moon Have Totally Been Lying About Their Age, Are Actually 60 Million Years Older Than We Thought

    Even older if you're a Young Earth creationist.

    So you know that planet that crashed into Earth billions of years ago and formed the Moon? Geochemists who've been studying this phenomenon think that the impact occurred much earlier than we thought -- which means that the Earth and Moon are also older than we'd calculated.

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  4. We’re Sending A Bunch Of Super-Important Cultural Artifacts To The Moon, You Know, Just In Case

    So that means they're including Pacific Rim, right?

    If you've ever watched any film set in the (not-so) distant future, you'll know that Earth is headed for a swift downfall, usually involving darkness, rain, and killer robots. To safeguard the best of our planet against our eventual slide into dystopia, we've decided to send a bunch of our important cultural artifacts to the moon. Just in case.

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  5. Scientists Think They’ve Found Evidence Of Theia, The Planet That Collided With Us And Made Our Moon

    I think I read a Sailor Moon fanfiction about this once.

    Most astronomy nerds know the story behind the Giant Impact Hypothesis: billions of years ago, a Mars-sized planet supposedly collided with Earth, and the fragments from the crash coalesced to form the Moon. Now new research on lunar samples from the Apollo missions bolster that hypothesis. Hooray for science maybe being right!

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  6. The Moon Now Has a Better Internet Connection Than You Thanks to NASA

    It's only a matter of time before Seamless delivers there.

    It's tough to find a good Internet speed without paying your cable provider through the nose to get it. You know who puts out a really solid wireless connection, though? NASA—provided you live on the Moon, of course.

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  7. A Japanese Energy Drink Is the First Company to Advertise on the Moon

    But does it pair well with cheese?

    You know what the moon needs? More energy drinks and accompanying advertisements. At least, that's what Japanese powdered drink company Pocari Sweat believes. Pocari hopes to send a capsule full of "Sweat" to the moon in 2015, and I might be more on board with that plan if their product had a less gross name.

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  8. A Moon With Two Suns May Be More Likely To Support Life

    It's also more likely to look like Tatooine.

    Apparently two are better than one. New research shows that binary stars keep each other in check and increase a moon's chances of hosting life.

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  9. You Can Watch Time-Lapse of Last Night’s Lunar Eclipse If Clouds Ruined It for You

    The atmosphere is such an attention hog sometimes.

    If you live on the east coast of the United States, odds are that last night's total lunar eclipse was spoiled for you by some clouds, but the Internet has your back. Here's a time-lapse video of the Moon passing into the Earth's shadow last night and taking on a reddish-orange hue.

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  10. Here’s How to Watch Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse That Starts off a Tetrad, Which Is Still Not a Sign of the Apocalypse

    Apocalypse Nope.

    If you see someone standing outside staring at the sky in the wee hours of the night tonight, don't worry—they're not drunk (as far as I know). They're just watching the first lunar eclipse visible to most of North America since 2010. If you can't get out there to join them, it's the first in a Tetrad of four eclipses over the next year and a half.

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