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  1. Television Prank Has Zombie Apocalypse Begin in Montana of All Places

    Love them or hate them, you already know that flesh-eating zombies have been shambling roughshod through pop culture these days. Surely, the more we see them on the screen, the less we would believe in them -- except perhaps for those Great Falls, Montana residents who were spooked by yesterday's  TV-broadcast warning "that the dead of are rising from the grave."

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  2. Montana RadioShack Offering Free Gun with Dish Network Subscription

    For some reason, a RadioShack in Hamilton, Montana thought it would make sense to offer a free gun with every Dish Network subscription, using the humorous and somewhat clever slogan pictured above. Even weirder than the pairing of the Dish Network and guns, is that the store's owner claims business has tripled since the promotion began in October. In order to qualify for the deal, customers sign up for the Dish Network, pay for installation and buy a specific amount of related equipment from the RadioShack, at which point, they receive a gift certificate for a local gun store and can choose between a Hi Point 380 pistol or a 20-gauge shotgun.

    Don't worry, though, as the gun store runs all of the usual background checks, because -- as the RadioShack store manager puts it -- "we're not just giving guns to felons." The RadioShack manager claims it was difficult for them to get the Dish Network onboard with the free gun idea, as they've never had a gun promotion before (who would've guessed?) and were nervous about it.

    Hilariously, if the customer either passes on the free gun offer or fails the background check, they can choose a $50 Pizza Hut gift card instead. The store manager claims that this promotion has been so successful, that they plan on running the same kind of deal next month with a DirecTV package.

    (Ravalli Republic via The Consumerist via Gizmodo)

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  3. Texas is So Big That Texas Town is Closer to Montana Than to Other Town in Texas

    If anyone's ever seen Armageddon, they know the state of Texas is big enough to accurately describe the level of terror one should feel in relation to asteroid size. It turns out that Texas is so big, in fact, that Stratford, Texas is closer to Alzada, Montana than it is closer to another town within its own state, Harlingen, Texas. As the graphic shows, Stratford is 708 miles away from Alzada, but is 843 miles away from Harlingen.

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  4. Watch a Tornado Destroy an Auto Arena in Montana [Video]

    Kyle Reynolds, a pastor in Billings, Montana, shot this remarkable amateur video of a tornado ripping through the Rimrock Auto Arena in Billings' MetraPark events center yesterday. Fortunately, no one was in the building at the time the tornado hit: In the words of a man interviewed by local paper The Missoulian, a funnel cloud with a diameter of 12 feet at its top "came down and tore the roof off and hung around for probably three to four minutes ... It just picked up the roof of the Metra like it was paper."

    Video below:

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