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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Monsters University

Power Grid

The Mary Sue’s 2013 Summer Movie Wrap-Up

This summer was a weird one. It felt, in a way, like were were still coming down from the high of The Avengers, the movie that ruled our hearts, minds, and wallets a single summer ago. On hand to catch us as we fell were some good movies, some bad movies, some movies that we weren’t angry at, just disappointed, and one shining example of Oh please God, no, why did this movie happen?!

We’re taking a fond (or, in some cases, not-so-fond) look back at the summer of 2013′s giant monsters, giant robots, giant stuffed rabbits, and the giant pile of wrongness that was a whole lot o’ whitewashing. Whew. With the summer over, let’s get ready for the end-of-year releases. More Hunger Games, Thor, and The Hobbit are right around the corner.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: These Doctor Who Adipose Cookies Look Fattening

Oh yes, I went there. For more amazing-looking Doctor Who cookies by Cookie Cowgirl, visit That’s Nerdalicious.


To infinity and beyond!

New Monsters University Trailer Shows Us New Footage and The Ups & Downs of College Life

In the new trailer from Disney Pixar’s Monsters University, we get to go even farther back in time than Mike and Sully’s college days, to see the moment when Mike Wazowski set his rather large eye on scaring people for a living. Plus, relive your early college days through the experiences of monsters, complete with roommate pet peeves and that one guy who always has his guitar!  Monsters University comes out June 21st.

(via Lady Geek Girl)

Previously in Monsters University (more…)

Fashion for Nonhumans

Nathan Fillion Is A Smooth-Talking Jerk Of A Monster In This Monsters University Clip

Looks like Nathan Fillion is putting a little Captain Hammer into his Monsters University role.

(via Geek Girl Diva)

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Consider the Following

Disney University: Artist Reimagines Classic Characters As College Students

DeviantArtist Hyung86 says he took inspiration from Pixar’s upcoming Monsters University to create collegiate versions of some classic Disney characters. We’ve collected the ladies for you here but if you’d like to see how he dressed Aladdin, Hercules, and more, check out his page.


We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

Monsters University Trailer Contains Like Two Seconds of Nathan Fillion

With Monsters University imminent, Pixar has been rolling out some of the voice acting cameos they’ve peppered throughout the movie’s cast, including Steve Buscemi, John Krasinski, Alfred Molina, Frank Oz, and Captain Tightpants himself, Nathan Fillion. I’m pretty sure he’s the lettermans jacketed monster who tells Mike he should hang out with someone “a little more your speed,” but I could be wrong. Maybe he’s actually the giant football monster.


Don't Panic

Monster Helen Mirren Makes An Appearance in the First Monsters University Trailer [VIDEO]

She’s the Dean at Mike and Sully’s eponymous university, and she makes for one classy monster. Because of couse she does.

(via: ComingSoon.Net)

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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: New International Poster for Monsters University

And speaking of Pixar, the film previously known as Untitled Disney-Pixar Inside the Mind Film now has an actual title: Inside Out. It’s “told from the perspective of the emotions inside the mind of a little girl“ and is directed by Pete Docter, who also directed Monsters, Inc. and Up (via The Daily Blam, /Film)


Fear is the Mind Killer

First Monsters University TV Spot Is a Spot-On Commercial for… Monsters University. [VIDEO]

I’m 99.5% sure I’ve seen this first TV spot for Monsters University, the prequel to Monsters, Inc. before—maybe at a screening of The Hobbit? If so, it was only at the first screening. I’ve seen it twice since, and it didn’t play either time. If I see the trailers for The Host, Oblivion, or After Earth one more time I’m going to snap. I’d rather just watch this 30 seconds of glorious Pixar monsters several times in a row instead.

(via: ScreenRant)

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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: This Star Wars/M.C. Escher Mashup Makes Me Want to Re-Watch Labyrinth

Dark Side, Light Side. It’s all relative. Via Fashionably Geek, this Star Wars version of M.C. Echer‘s Relativity is available in t-shirt form at Super7.