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Mockingbird Lane

  1. Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane is Officially No More


    Fans of lavishly designed, quirky, pseudo-fantastical Bryan Fuller productions have been expecting this for a long time. According to the showrunner's twitter, NBC has officially and finally passed on the ambitous remake of The Munsters.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: All The Hurricane Sandy Things

    Things We Saw Today

    We've been seeing a lot of Hurricane Sandy memes, fake photos, and even hurricane cats around the net today. I'm still voting horse head jogger guy as my favorite item. (via The FW) 

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  3. Bryan Fuller Says There’s Still Hope for His Munsters Remake Mockingbird Lane

    All this has happened before...

    When a television network decides to air the $10 million pilot of a television show that it hasn't actually ordered more episodes of, and to air it as a holiday special, a pretty clear message is sent. And that's: "Look, we don't think this will fly, but we've spent so much money on it already that we'd like to try to at least get some of it back." Show creator Bryan Fuller, no stranger to shows canceled before their time, however, says differently.

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  4. Here’s the First Footage from the Munsters Show From the Creators of Pushing Daisies

    We Can't Have Nice Things

    NBC's spent quite a lot of money filming the pilot to Bryan Fuller's Munsters remake Mockingbird Lane, but is disinclined to pick up the show. The good news, however, is that they are going to show us the pilot! As, naturally, a Halloween special. This clip doubles as a promo for the airing, and our first look at any footage from the adaptation.

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  5. Pilot for Bryan Fuller’s The Munsters Remake to Air as a Halloween Special, And That’s Probably All She Wrote

    Officially Official

    Looks like the Munsters aren't long for this world. Bryan Fuller's remake of the series, called Mockingbird Lane, has been demoted to TV movie status by NBC, which will be airing the pilot as a Halloween special in an effort to recoup at least some of the $10 million it cost to make.

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  6. Pushing Daisies‘ Bryan Fuller’s The Munsters Gets Shelved… Maybe?

    Curiouser and curiouser!

    Television reboots of beloved old series aren't the most popular thing these days (market saturation, what can you do?), but the idea of Bryan Fuller at the helm of Mockingbird Lane, a reboot of The Munsters, was pleasing to a lot of people. Fuller's claim to fame are such charming quirky concept and design-heavy shows as Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me. The other thing those shows have in common is being cancelled, with their hosting networks citing low ratings. Perhaps it was this that was unfortunately most prominent in the mind of somebody at NBC?

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  7. Things We Saw Today: The Dark Knight Rises Composer Dedicates New Song to Help Raise Money for Aurora Shooting Victims

    Things We Saw Today

    Another day, another heart-warming response from the Dark Knight Rises team in the wake of the Aurora shooting. This time it's legendary film composer Hans Zimmer, who scored the trilogy, who has composed a song for those affected by the tragedy:

    "'Aurora' is dedicated to those who lost their lives and were affected by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. I recorded this song in London in the days following the tragedy as a heartfelt tribute to the victims and their families. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Aurora Victim Relief organization."
    You can listen to the song and donate to the cause here. (via MTV)

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  8. Will Pushing Daisies Head to Broadway?

    Cautiously Optimistic

    Bryan Fuller's been dropping hints of upcoming Pushing Daisies news for the past few months, and we have been clawing at our computer screens for just as long screaming "TELL US!" The Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, and Mockingbird Lane producer swore it had nothing to do with a return of the cancelled-too-soon show to television, or of a jump to the big screen. So what does that leave? Broadway, apparently!

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