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  1. There’s a Guardians of the Galaxy Mobile Game by Comics Writer Dan Abnett That You Can Play Right Now

    Join the galaxy's finest bunch of a-holes.

    Dan Abnett's newly formed Guardians of the Galaxy run, with cowriter Andy Lanning, starting in 2008 was the primary basis and inspiration for the upcoming movie we can't stop talking about, so when Disney needed someone to write the tie-in mobile game, Abnett was the go-to writer. Marvel has proven pretty unbeatable at the movies, and tapping one of its comics writers for a game is just more great fanservice.

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  2. Nvidia: Mobile Graphics Will Be Better Than Xbox 360 By 2014

    When it comes to mobile devices, most of today's games are stuck with relatively cartoony graphics. Many seem almost as if they're hiding behind their art styles. Of course, these are just mobile devices; we can't ever expect them to live up to, say, console expectations, can we? Yes we can, if you ask Nvidia, at least. According to the company, best known for its GPUs, by 2014 most mobile devices should be able to handle graphics on par with the consoles of today. Granted, the consoles of today will probably be the consoles of yesterday by 2014, but that's still a vast improvement.

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  3. Here is a Bearded Dragon Playing Video Games and Being Adorable [Video]

    This bearded dragon is way better at Ant Crusher than the rest of us, and also looks more adorable playing it. To be fair, she's probably not particularly happy, thinking she's catching a buffet of ant dinner, only to come back from the screen with nothing on her tongue. It sure is adorable how she keeps looking back up at the person filming, though, even if it is to say, "...the hell is this?"

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  4. Free-To-Play Games Will Only Get More Prominent, More Awesome

    To some developers, it’s become a dirty curse. To others, it has become a venerated phrase, something immediately associated with excellent growth and revenue. To the common gamer, it is instead a promise of gameplay without immediate monetary investment. Considering the typical console game has a sticker price of $60 whether the player ends up liking the game or not, this can be the point that pushes their curiosity over the edge. Regardless, we are living in a free-to-play gaming revolution. But that’s a good thing. It means that developers and publishers are aware enough of their customers’ wants and needs to provide them with tailored content specifically for them.

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  5. Mobile Gaming By The Numbers [Infographic]

    Mobile gaming has come a long way from the Game Boy or the Game Gear, back when consoles could still be considered mobile without having to be able to fit in a pocket. Now, the new Nintendo 3DS has dropped its price point and the face of mobile gaming is changing into something completely new. If you ever wanted to get a feel for where this all is going, lucky for you. Geekaphone has taken the time to infographic-ify this crazy evolution for your reading pleasure. Did you have any idea that the current mobile entertainment industry can be valued at approximately $33 billion? Or that in-game purchases are on a path to overtake paid downloads in only 2 years? Probably not, but if that sounds crazy to you, and you think I might just be making this up off the top of my head, check out the full infographic after the jump.

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