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  1. Rumor: Amazon Contracts Foxconn to Manufacture 5 Million Smartphones No One Will Likely Buy

    Since it was announced earlier this year, the Amazon smartphone has been generating plenty of buzz amongst techie circles, curious to know when the phone would be released as well as whether or not it would be able to find its niche in a saturated marketplace. Today, the wheels of the rumor mill are turning full force with the latest hearsay regarding the phone's potential manufacturer. Taiwan Economic News, your one-stop source for economic news from Taiwan, reported that Amazon had granted Foxconn an exclusive contract to produce their smartphones, approximately 5 million of them by 2013. If these rumors are even remotely true, that's a whole lot of phones clogging up warehouses and collecting dust.

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  2. Nintendo Does The Unthinkable, Publishes Pokédex App For iOS

    Before we begin, no, this isn't Nintendo calling the quits on console development and becoming a third party publisher. Nor should this be taken as a sign of the impending 2012 apocalypse. Now, with that messy business out of the way, Nintendo has just released a fully functional and interactive Pokédex app designed for iOS devices. Yes, we know Nintendo would sooner die than let their money-making intellectual properties fall into the grubby hands of non-affiliated peasants, but to emphasize: This is more a superfluous portable Pokémon encyclopedia than it is an actual game, so the company, we guess, gets to maintain its integrity as a first party publisher/developer while making a few quick bucks on the side.

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  3. If You Build It, They Will Come: Google Offers Businesses Private Android Apps Outlet

    In an age where the ownership of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and BlackBerry smartphones is becoming more commonplace and, somewhat proportionally, used at the workplace for various job-related purposes, the IT departments of most businesses are constantly developing and offering in-house apps to their workers as opposed to relying on similar ones created by third-party developers that may or may not be up to par in relation to the needs of the business. Sometimes, however, these developers lack a proper channel to offer these apps and are forced to distribute them on app marketplaces open to the general public. Internet powerhouse Google declares "no more" with the unveiling of Private Channels on Google Play.

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  4. A History of Mobile Productivity [Infographic]

    This original title for this infographic was "A History of Mobile Productivity," which I think is a bit misleading since very little about modern mobile devices is productive. However, it is a remarkable look at the lengthy story of where the smartphone that you dare not be without for a few seconds came from. Surprisingly, this graphic begins its story in the mid-1970s, long before I would have assumed. Along the way are some other memorable moments, like Apple coining the phrase Personal Digital Assistant (long live the Newton) or the first BlackBerry in 2002. For the real gadgetphiles among us, it's a walk down memory lane; for everyone else, it's a rehash of things we couldn't afford for the last 30 years.

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