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  1. Funcom Wades Into Sexist Waters With Mankini-Gate Costume Goof


    Recently Funcom has found itself the center of attention in a discussion over sexism. It came about after an April Fools' Day joke went wrong in The Secret World. The joke itself wasn’t the issue. Not directly, at any rate. In fact it had originally meant to be a jab at themselves. I’m talking about the drama around mankini-gate.

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  2. Learn About Video Game Economies Worth Millions of Real Dollars With PBS Off Book

    Who said economics couldn't be fun?

    Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs) like World of Warcraft have become a huge force in gaming, and many of them foster their own economies that gain real-world value through what players are willing to spend real money on. PBS Off Book asked some experts to share their knowledge on the massive virtual economies.

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  3. Jane Austen MMO Ever, Jane Promises Social Strategy And Probable Scandal

    Cautiously Optimistic

    “What are you writing about this week?” my friend asked me over breakfast this morning. I sipped my tea and smiled. “A Jane Austen MMO.” My friend, who has a master’s degree in comparative lit and years of hardcore raiding under her belt, raised her eyebrows. Skeptically. “No, seriously,” I said. “It’s a thing. It cleared its Kickstarter goal by almost $10,000 a few days ago. It’s got a playable prototype — well, okay, more of a proof of concept. Lots of bugs, not a lot to do. But I tried it out, and, honestly…I think it could be pretty cool.”

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  4. A LEGO Minifig MMOG Is Coming Our Way

    And I'll Form the Head!

    If you're a fan of the LEGO video games, you might be interested to know a massively multiplayer online game is next. We've got details and a trailer after the jump! 

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  5. Grand Theft Auto Online Just Announced, Will Be Playable October 1st

    Take to the streets with your pals for the first time.

    Today Rockstar revealed the first gameplay video of one of their new titles: Grand Theft Auto Online, a long-awaited MMO set in the GTA universe. Specifically it'll be in Los Santos, the location of Grand Theft Auto V. It looks just like the regular GTA games, only now you can play online.

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  6. EVE Online Features Biggest Space Battle Yet as 4,000 Players Clash

    Star wars... what are they good for?

    Yesterday, two fleets of starships waged the biggest battle in history, and it might only be the beginning of the war. Massively multiplayer online space simulator EVE Online saw thousands of players engage in a titanic struggle over a strategically insignificant star system called 6VDT.

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  7. New Marvel Heroes Trailer Shows Off Hell’s Kitchen at PAX

    Couldn't make it to PAX this year? Yeah, us neither. We can still get all the trailer-iffic goodness the show has to offer, via the magic of the Internet. Case in point, the newest trailer for the Hell's Kitchen section of the upcoming Marvel Heroes MMO. On the one hand, yeah, it looks pretty darn F2P. On the other hand, it's totally F2P, and we're simply not joyless enough individuals to not be excited at the prospect of rampaging through an open world as Hulk, Daredevil or Deadpool. Maybe give us another year and the lights will have dimmed in our eyes. For now, though, all we have to say is "Hell yes, playable Punisher."

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  8. Report: Iranian Government Blocking Due to Promotion of Superstition and Mythology

    When it comes to Iran and the Internet, we never quite know what to expect, but we can usually assume that it's never anything good regarding digital freedom. A Tehran Blizzard player posted to the forums that Blizzard's online service is now blocked from the Iranian Internet. The user posted a screenshot of the government's message that lists reasons for the block, which includes the "promotion of superstition and mythology."

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  9. Hilarious Bug in Star Wars: The Old Republic Prevents Damage When You Dance

    Yes, every single MMO nowadays has an array of dancing animations, but BioWare's venture into the kill-ten-rats arena, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is the only MMO where that simple, intended-to-be-benign dancing animation prevents a whole bunch of damage by consistently interrupting an enemy's casting. Not working as intended, as you may have guessed, and BioWare was rumored to be handing out bans for those caught abusing the exploit, but BioWare has responded to those claims saying that no, they aren't banning anyone.

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  10. Sorry Guys, the Firefly MMO Developer Closed Down

    In news that might've been expected due to the lack of news regarding the developer or its products, Multiverse, the developer behind the Firefly MMO, has unfortunately closed down. Though they've raised over $7 million in funding throughout their lifetime, they were unable to raise enough to continue the journey forward. Though Multiverse created some brand-based games, for instantly recognizable companies such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola, the Firefly MMO they've been working on will probably be most missed.

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