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  1. Ingress Diaries: In the Cemetery, At Midnight, with the Flashlight

    How Agent ArielSkye Got Over Her Fear of Werecoyotes Eating Her Face Off (kind of)

    I startle easily, and I have a vivid imagination. So when I'm parked in a cemetery at midnight and the wind makes a tree rustle and drop acorns on the ground, I imagine that I'm being surrounded by a pack of werecoyotes bent on slowly eating my face off. What am I doing parked in a creepy cemetery at midnight, gripping my cell phone in one hand and one of those giant flashlights that doubles as a bludgeoning tool in the other? Well... I'm playing a game called Ingress.

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  2. Study Finds That Online Gaming Is Actually Good For Your Social Life, Mom

    It's like going out to socialize, except less pants.

    Online gaming is not solely the refuge of lonely, anti-social nerd bros like Warcraft guy from that episode of South Park. A new study, surprising no one who actually plays games online, shows that gaming online actually expands players' social lives, instead of limiting them. Almost like you're playing with real people online. Because you are.

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  3. Google Takes Over the World With Augmented Reality MMORPG for Android

    Google is launching an augmented reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game on its Android operating system. The game is called Ingress, which is a word that essentially mean "an entrance," and looks to be played by using a phone to interact with the game and the real world around the player at the same time. It gets even weirder, though.

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  4. Final Fantasy XIV Ends With an Epic Final Cutscene

    Final Fantasy XIV has had a tough life. Panned by critics and released at a time when the traditional subscription-based MMO is on the decline, Square Enix's second online adaptation of the classic RPG franchise undeniably fell flat, even by the relatively low standard set by cult classic Final Fantasy XI. This weekend is the game's so-called "grand finale," where loyal players can sign on and take giant, high-level boss battles before the servers shut down tonight at midnight, Pacific time. In honor of the game's "ending," Square Enix has released an extended cutscene to serve as the game's cinematic climax.

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  5. Server Failure Permanently Ends Japanese MMORPG

    The bummer about MMORPGs is that, eventually, they end. Star Wars Galaxies will be undergoing a galaxy-ending disaster in only a month or so. The Matrix Online and Tabula Rasa also had big, planned events to give their players some semblance of closure and a goodbye to remember. Players of the Japanese MMORPG M2, however, got no fond adieu when the game was taken down out of the blue, permanently, due to a simple server malfunction.

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  6. Glitch Goes Live, You Should Check It Out

    Glitch went live today at 1pm EST, and having played the beta, I'm going to say that you should check it out. What is Glitch you ask? Well, if you're asking that, you must have missed out on this lovely little trailer (which you should watch immediately and then walk around singing for the rest of the day) so I'll give you the skinny as best I can. Glitch is a lot of things.

    First of all, Glitch is a browser-centric, Flash-based, social MMORPG developed by Tiny Speck (aka those guys from Flickr) and Keita Takahashi (aka that dude from Katamari Damacy). Weird combination, I know. Glitch has a strong social gaming influence. You can taste the FarmVille if you're trying to, but there's also considerably more depth. Learning skills involves the standard "click the learn button, wait X hours" behavior common to browser-based games, but there is also a strong avatar-based world. In the world, you run around doing bizarre things like nibbling piggies (both of those words are specific, technical terms; I'm not trying to be cute) milking butterflies, playing music for crabs, and squeezing chickens as well as more conventional things like making food, earning money, mining minerals, and saving up for a house.

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  7. Ingame EVE Online Raid Destroys $1,295 of Real Money

    EVE Online, the space-faring MMORPG that can be affectionately described as the prettiest economic simulation in the world, has set a weird sort of record for itself this week when a couple players became the first to destroy some in-game items that could otherwise have been redeemed for over $1,000 worth of game time.  You see, a month ago, EVE Online allowed an in-game item that can be used to pay your real life EVE subscription fees to be transportable as ship's cargo.  Anything that is transportable on a ship can be stolen, or destroyed. Wait, you say, what?  I... uh.  Why? It's the future now.  Allow us to explain.

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  8. DC Universe Online, The Full Trailer

    Sony Entertainment, Warner Bros. Games, and DC Comics decided that Comic Con would be an excellent place to unveil the full cinematic trailer for its upcoming MMO title DC Universe Online.

    It's impressive. And yet... not as impressive as I wish it was.

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  9. Why Anyone Would Want to Steal 44 Million Game Accounts

    This week, Symantec reported its discovery of a veritable thieves horde: a server holding the login info of 44,000,000 stolen MMORPG accounts.  After surveying a few websites, Symantec came up with a range of values for the data on the server, capping out at around $30,000. If you're not a regular online gamer, you may be wondering why game accounts are so valuable.  At the very least, you might be wondering why someone would go to the trouble of grabbing the log in info for so many accounts that they have to craft a unique program simply to figure out which ones still work. As a regular World of Warcraft player with account security on the brain, allow me to give you a brief explanation.

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