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  1. MinutePhysics Proves Legolas and His Dreamy Eyes Are Full of LIES

    Maybe ask for a recount on those kill numbers, Gimli.

    Could Legolas really see well enough to count horsemen and distinguish their heights at a distance of over 17 miles? Unless his eyes are just for decoration—which, to be fair, they're great at—and he uses magic to see, the answer from your friend physics is a big fat, "Nope." MinutePhysics shows why.

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  2. MinutePhysics Dives Deeper Into Alternate Universes, Explains Many Worlds Theory

    On the last episode of MinutePhysics, the whiteboard-wielding science educators aimed to explain the principles behind parallel universes -- at least, they did in this reality. This week, they take a look at one theory in particular -- the many worlds theory, which basically says that anytime quantum superposition collapses, a thing that can be A or B becomes A or B, the world itself branches off into two separate worlds, one where A happened, and one where B happened. Confused? Us too. Check out the video below to learn more about the idea -- which will, unfortunately, remain just an idea, as it is untestable by its very nature.

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  3. MinutePhysics Explores the Science of the Multiverse [Video]

    The universe is really, really big, but as any comic book fan or Sliders aficionado will tell you, it's dwarfed by the idea of the multiverse, which is the universe, but...more infinite? It's hard to explain. Luckily, the fine folks from MinutePhysics have taken it on themselves to do a pretty excellent job explaining the 100% theoretical science behind parallel universes that may or may not be playing out right alongside ours in a space we'll spend our entire existences brushing up against but never once be aware of. Hey, I said it was complicated! Get a load of the video below for a glimpse into an alternate plane of reality where the concept is pretty easy to understand.

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  4. Hello, World: Folks Behind MinutePhysics Launch MinuteEarth [Video]

    You might recall that we here at Geekosystem enjoy the videos made by the good people at MinutePhysics. We certainly post them often enough. They're both amusing and informative, and that's pretty much the best thing the Internet at large can produce. Now we'll have even more amusing and informative videos to post! See, they've just launched MinuteEarth, which promises to cover science and stories about our planet. Their first video talks about the planet in a general sense, and how we've spread across it, but future episodes promise to be even better.

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  5. What Happens When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object? MinutePhysics Breaks It Down

    We've all wondered what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object -- like if you ran a train into a mountain that didn't have and Acme-brand train hole painted through it, or if Superman tried to push over The Hulk. Well, the science-savvy cartoonists at MinutePhysics are back to address that burning question. No, not the Superman/Hulk one -- that's a battle for another day. Instead, they lay out what things like immovable, unstoppable, and force actually mean, and offer up their best guesses at what the result would be -- which is more than a little surprising. Get a load of it in your Friday morning dose of cartoon science below.

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  6. How We Know the Earth is Round [Video]

    We know the Earth is round, because we've been told it was round by scientists and we believe them. In case anyone still has any doubts, the folks at MinutePhysics have compiled a handy list of the top ten reasons we know the Earth is round. Some of them you can even test for yourself instead of just taking their word for it. Why not take some time out of your day to measure the curvature of the Earth for yourself? Is there really anyone left who thinks the Earth is flat?

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  7. E=mc2 is Incomplete [Video]

    What is perhaps the most famous equation in the world, e=mc2 (sorry, Pythagorean theorem), also happens to be incomplete. MinutePhysics is here to show you the missing pieces, which, much to the Pythagorean theorem's joy, actually employs a little a2+b2=c2, and explains the utter importance of the underrepresented p times c part of the equation. Happy learning.

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  8. Where Did Quantum Theory Come From? [Video]

    Listen, quantum theory is confusing. Quantum anything is confusing, even when the next leap may be the last. You don't have to understand quantum theory, but Minute Physics is here to at least teach you the origin of quantum theory, even if the video's length of time is extended to roughly four times the namesake of its publisher. Grab a small cup of tea, sit back, and learn about where confusing things came from.

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  9. A Hollow Earth Would Be Kind of Rad

    MinutePhsyics is back with their latest scientific musing, this time on how our world would be different if it was hollow. Most notably, travelling from one end of the planet to the other would be way faster, as long as you suspended a couple of other laws of nature. Unfortunately, like the crappiest Expedia deal ever, that increase in speed could only be achieved if you were travelling from one pole to another, meaning that your entertainment and hospitality options on arrival would be limited to things like "Looking At Penguins" and "Freezing To Death." There are other drawbacks as well, but we'll leave them for the video while we concentrate on how much fun it would be to fall through a planet. For, like, the first five minutes before it probably gets kind of dark and boring and you just wish there was an in-flight movie.

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  10. London Bridge Was Falling Down, Then Shipped to the U.S.

    The fine folks at MinutePhysics are taking a break from physics this week, presumably because physics is very hard. Instead, they're exploring an odd tidbit from intercontinental history in which the city of London really did have a bridge it wanted to sell -- the then decrepit London Bridge. As is so often the case, an eccentric gazillionaire with more money than sense got involved, and history was made. Which is why the London Bridge is in Arizona now. That is great, because it reaffirms the fact that we live in a world that is very strange sometimes.

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  11. A Quick, Simple Explanation of the Higgs Boson [Video]

    At this point, you probably know that yesterday, we found the Higgs Boson (or at least a particle that looks an awful lot like it's the Higgs Boson). You probably don't know exactly what that means, in the grand scheme of things. Fortunately, a timely little short from MinutePhysics sums up the whole situation nicely, and will tell you everything you need to know if you want to use your newly-gained knowledge of particle physics to wow your friends. You could probably just make stuff up, but this way is probably a little bit better.

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  12. Ye Olde Explanation Of Where “Ye Olde” Comes From [Video]

    Nowadays "Ye Olde" is pretty much just a ham-fisted way to make something sound old(e) and quaint. As it turns out, however, there's a pretty good reason for how this actually came about and it has to do with, more than anything else, printing. This video from MinutePhysics -- taking a day off to be MinuteLinguistics -- straightens the whole issue out. It's more interesting than you might think.

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  13. How Far is a Second? [Video]

    One of our favorite YouTube channels that basically acts a public education service in the modern time of ridiculously short attention spans, MinutePhysics, is back and addressing how we use time as a measurement of physical distance. "But one second isn't a measurement of distance!" you might exclaim, already logging into your Disqus account to let the world know. Luckily for the world, MinutePhysics is here to explain, and not take up much of your time in the process.

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  14. Einstein was the Hero of Physics [Video]

    Did you know physics didn't work until Einstein came along and jury rigged it? Whether or not that is true (it obviously is), Einstein certainly affected the way we think about physics in such a profound way, that someone who understands physics better than us explains above in under two minutes with cute illustrations. If not for MinutePhysics, I wouldn't know anything about physics.

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  15. How Tides Work, Illustrated in Marker [Video]

    This week, MinutePhysics disregarded one half of its name to bring us this informative little video on how tides work. Obviously, this is a complex and important issue if it requires -- and is allowed to take -- two whole minutes. That being said, they are enjoyable ones in which the destruction of the moon and the destruction of a spaceship (via black hole, I might add) are discussed. That alone should be reason enough to watch, right?

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  16. Hey, Girls and Preppy Guys At Business Conferences, Your Favorite Color Doesn't Exist

    Short, informative video maker MinutePhysics is back, and is here to tell 9-year-old girls and guys wearing power shirts at business conferences everywhere that their favorite color, pink, doesn't actually exist. So, put down your Barbies and unpop your collars, sit back, and let MinutePhysics explain that our brains make up the color pink because it doesn't know how else to perceive the light that should go in pink's place.

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  17. Schrödinger’s Cat Can Haz Concise Explanatory Video [Video]

    Minutephysics is a neat little YouTube channel that explains philosophical questions in 45 second videos complex physics concepts in one minute videos. This week they tackle Schrödinger's cat, a thought experiment that's almost as hard to spell as it is to explain. Chances are if you browse this site, you've at least heard of Schrödinger's cat, but chances are also that if you're not some sort of quantum physicist, you don't totally understand it. If that's the case, give this video a quick watch and see if it helps. If you still don't quite understand it, have someone watch you try; that'll make you collapse into one state or another. That's how it works, right? Pfft, simple.

    (via The Mary Sue)

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