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Microsoft Surface

  1. Well, That Didn’t Take Long: Microsoft Surface Hacked to (Kind of) Run Mac OS

    File under Things To Do Because You Can -- make Microsoft's new Surface tablet run a long out of date Mac OS. Dublin-based hacker Steve Troughton-Smith got a copy of Apple's now antique Rhapsody OS running on a Microsoft Surface through a virtualization app. So yeah, this is more like an emulation, but it's not an easy one, and we're always willing to award point for creativity and amalgamations of hardware and software such as nature never intended, and this scores very high in both of those categories.

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  2. Microsoft Surface Has Much Less Free Space Than Advertised

    Anyone who has gotten an SSD with the requisite smaller storage space currently inherent to the medium and installed Windows 7 on it knows damn well that Microsoft operating systems take up too much space. When Microsoft released their new tablet, the Surface, people were thrilled that the base model started with 32 GB of free space. Unfortunately, due to the pre-installed software on the device, the 32 GB storage size is more like 16 GB.

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  3. Target Demographic Bullseye: Oprah Makes Microsoft Surface One of Her Favorite Things

    The Microsoft Surface, or Surface RT, is a tablet that boasts Windows 8 in a lot of ways but fails to deliver in many others. The limitations are such that most technology pundits consider the device to be something of a cluster. Basically, the Surface RT is okay for what it is, but it isn't what many had hoped it would be. That doesn't mean it isn't a fine and wonderful device for, say, your uncle that still has trouble checking his email and uses Internet Explorer. Even Oprah loves the Surface RT, and has added it as one of her favorite things, which says a lot about the intended audience for the tablet.

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  4. HP Continues to Flaunt Unannounced Tablet in Ads

    With the launch of Windows 8 later this year, a series of tablets are also set to come to market utilizing Windows RT -- the version of the software specifically for tablet devices. The Microsoft Surface is the most prevalent of the announced tablets, garnering many comparisons to Apple's iPad. They aren't the only game in town, however. Hewlett-Packard has quietly been teasing images of an unannounced tablet, which almost certainly runs Windows 8, in their ads.

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  5. Microsoft Surface Tablet Will Not Cost $1,000

    Reports have been circulating that the Microsoft Surface tablets announced not that long ago would be selling at a $1,000 starting point. That's a pretty significant price hike as compared to their direct competitors like Apple. Unfortunately, it is also an entirely fabricated number from Swedish online store Webhallen -- which has since confirmed it was just placeholder text.

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  6. Microsoft Announces Surface: A Tablet With A Keyboard

    Since Microsoft's mysterious announcement of a relatively impromptu press conference, initially without a location, everyone's been guessing as to what this big production could possible be about. The most common theory seemed to be a tablet announcement, and that's exactly right. Microsoft has announced its new "Surface" tablet, an iPad competitor with unique features like a keyboard, digital ink input, and even a built-in stand.

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  7. Microsoft Surface “2” Announced at CES 2011

    Microsoft Surface, basically a neat multi-touch table-computer, was always this mythical thing that was very cool when shown off, but always too expensive for the general public. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung announced the SUR40 with Microsoft Surface, basically Microsoft Surface 2, an upgraded, slightly-less-expensive-but-still-completely-unaffordable iteration of the device. Head on past the break for details.

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  8. Settlers of Catan Looks Awesome On the Microsoft Surface

    We personally got a look at 4th edition D&D on the Microsoft Surface at this year's PAX East, and even though purchasing one is just a leeetle bit outside our price range for gaming accessories ($10,000) we still get super excited to see what new features get rolled out for the product. Why? Because it reminds us that we live in the future now.

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  9. Geekolinks: 8/3

    The iOS PDF flaw that makes iPhone jailbreak work could let bad people hack your phone (Ars Technica)

    50 neat facts from mental_floss (mental_floss)

    How to make meme cutouts (Urlesque)

    Nine minutes of hot Catan-on-Microsoft-Surface action (Topless Robot)

    In defense of anonymous commenting (Salon)

    Breakup 2.0 (Newsweek)

    Facilitate audience conversations and drive engagement with social currency
    (wtf is my social media strategy)

    (title screaming watermelon via BuzzFeed)

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