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  1. Sorry, Internet. It Turns out That Video of a Meteorite Falling Past a Skydiver Was Just a Rock

    "I got a meteorite!" "I got a rock."

    Last week, there was a video flying around the Internet of what geologists and members of the Norwegian Meteor Network thought was a meteorite in "dark flight" nearly hitting a skydiver. Unfortunately for our hopes and dreams, they've now concluded with their crowdsourcing effort that it was just a rock. Thanks a lot, Internet.

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  2. The Sky’s Not Falling, That’s Just Footage of a Meteorite Almost Hitting a Skydiver, Probably

    In the grand scheme of things, that's pretty good aim, universe. You'll get him next time.

    Don't blink. Blink, and you're dead you'll miss what experts believe to be a meteorite dropping past a skydiver in mid-jump. After meteorites go through their pretty, bright-streak-in-the-sky phase, they go into "dark flight," in which they fall straight down to the Earth and mostly look like Superman shook a pebble out of his shoe mid-flight.

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  3. Astronaut Creates Space-Inspired Menu, Serves You Sauce Made From Meteorites

    It's like eating space, this is the best thing that's ever happened.

    After you've been to space seven times, what's really left to do with your life? If you're shuttle mission specialist Franklin Chaz Diaz, you team up with the fanciest restaurant you can think of, and help them set an awesome space-themed menu for the enjoyment of us lowly denizens of Earth. The taste is out of this world (I hate myself).

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  4. Astronomers Caught a Big Meteorite Impact on the Moon on Video

    In case you forgot that the universe is trying to kill us.

    As a handy reminder that flying space debris is everywhere and rams into things all the time, an approximately 882 pound meteorite rammed into the moon recently, and astronomers caught it on video. It was the brightest known lunar impact with a glow that rivaled the North Star, and now everyone can see it.

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  5. A Meteorite Hit Russia This Morning, and It’s Easily the Most Amazing Story on the Internet Right Now

    Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

    Here's a whole collection of different video recordings of the meteorite that streaked over the Ural Mountains in Russia early this morning (so, in the middle of last night for those of us in American timezones), breaking up in the atmosphere, leaving an impressive contrail, and causing a sonic boom that caused a wide radius of broken windows and damaged buildings. There have been no reported deaths so far, but many folks have sought medical attention for broken glass related injuries. A meteorite strike as flashy and dramatic as this one would be news on any day, but this isn't even 2012 DA14, the asteroid scienctists and astronomers were expecting to buzz very close to the Earth's atmosphere this afternoon. Naturally, this is leading a lot of folks to wonder if the two might be connected.

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  6. Jupiter Just Took One For the Team, Meteorite Style

    And All Was Right With the World

    When you look up at the sky tonight (or early tomorrow morning), see if you can find Jupiter. And if you can, give it a bit of a nod. A salute. A wave. Perhaps, extend your fist towards it, and imagine that it's giving you a planetary fistbump right back, because if Jupiter could, it would. Instead, it'll just have to keep using its enormous gravity well to attract dangerous extra-solar bodies like asteroids and comets, giving the inner solar system of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and yes, Earth, a bit shelter from what space, earth, and ancient life scientists understatedly call "impact events." You know, like it did yesterday morning, as picked up on by a handful of amateur astronomers.

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  7. Explosion in Colombia May Have Been Caused by a Meteorite

    Colombian authorities are currently investigating a strange explosion which rattled the state of Santander yesterday, and which may have been caused by a meteorite crashing down to Earth. (Fortunately, no one was reported dead or injured.) The explosion was preceded by a fireball in the sky: One observer described it as being "a ball of fire like a big rainbow"; another said that it had a "light blue front and [the] back had left an orange flame and some smoke." The explosion was supposedly so powerful, it caused glass windows to shatter in nearby houses. News report below:

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