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Mega Man

  1. Get Yer Warm & Fuzzies From Andry Rajoelina’s Super Families Art

    The family that plays together, stays together.

    A while back we posted Andry Rajoelina's set of superhero parents/kids but there's been developments! Now we get to see a slew of these delightful scenarios played out with some of our favorite characters from video games, movies, and television.

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  2. Watch Today’s Youth Understand Our Pain as They Get Mercilessly Wrecked by NES Mega Man

    No one even taught them the pause trick? Harsh.

    Depending on your age, you may remember a time when video games were hard. I'm talking controller throwing, unapologetically emotionally damaging, brutally hard. To heal those wounds in a totally healthy, schadenfreude-driven way, watch kids of today play the original Mega Man and get equipped with nothing but lasting psychological torment.

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  3. Whoa, Guys, The Mega Man Comic Got Dark

    The Mega Man comic has been chugging along comfortably for the last three years under the Archie Comics label, which has been undergoing a slow evolution with some genuinely new and surprising ideas and storylines.

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  4. Please Buy This Mega Man Hoodie So We Can All Have One, Thanks So Much

    If you don't want to wear this you're wrong.

    Remember that amazing Assassin's Creed III hoodie? Well, the same folks from Volante Design are teaming up with Capcom to bring you the best Mega Man merch we've ever seen - this super-stylish hoodie/jacket! Sadly, they're pricey to make, and Capcom needs pre-orders before they begin manufacturing. So what are you waiting for? Get buying!

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  5. The 30th Anniversary Capcom Character Encyclopedia Is Here

    It's the most fun history book you'll ever read.

    The 30th Anniversary Capcom Character Encyclopedia will remind you that Nintendo is not the only juggernaut of memorable video game characters. The handy book sports over 200 full page Capcom character profiles complete with character art, stats, and bios. It's the perfect coffee table book for any gamer, and it's available now.

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  6. Pumped That Mega Man is on the Smash Bros. Wii U Roster? Not as Pumped as These Guys

    We love Mega Man too, but these guys seem to really love Mega Man.

    Mega Man's inclusion in the Smash Bros. franchise is long overdue. He's a classic character that I'm sure most gamers would love to see punch Pikachu right in his little Pikachu face. The overall reaction to the news seems positive, but this specific reaction to the news seems completely bananas.

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  7. An Iron Man/Mega Man Video Game Parody? Yes, Please [Video]

    You know what would go well with this? A Captain America/Contra mashup.

    Gosh, 2008 was so long ago. How can anyone even remember stuff from back then -- like the plot of the original Iron Man movie? Luckily, popular YouTube channel CineFix has your answer for this very specific problem. Their 8-bit Cinema pilot, which dropped last night, retells Iron Man in the style of the classic video game Mega Man, so now you'll always have a source to reference when you forget what Tony Stark was up to before the Mandarin showed up. (Never mind that Mega Man the game is older than Iron Man the movie. Nostalgia is forever. Just go with it.)

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  8. Round 1, Fight! Mega Man vs Street Fighter Crossover Game Arrives Next Week

    Street Fighter celebrated its 25th anniversary back in August of this year, and the SF crew are going to help Mega Man ring in the big two-five the only way they know how, by kicking the snot out of him. On December 17th, the 25th anniversary of Mega Man, Capcom will be releasing Street Fighter X Mega Man, a crossover title that pits Mega Man against classic Street Fighter characters standing in as robot bosses. Before you can shout, "Shut up and take my money!" We have great news. It's free.

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  9. Epic-Scents To Develop Mega Man Scent, Doing It Wrong

    In all fairness, my knowledge on perfumery comes from this movie, while Epic-Scents has the Bedoukian Research Inc behind it, all 40 years of fragrance development. But the way I see it, they really are going about it the wrong way. If you want to know what Mega Man smells like, you don't ask other people; you play Mega Man.

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  10. UK Safe Sex Campaign Parodies Mario and Mega Man, is Crazy [Video]

    The Leicester branch of the UK's Teenage Pregnancy Strategy (which sounds an awful lot like group with a strategy to make teenagers pregnant, rather than help prevent it) has developed a YouTube campaign in order to help remind teenagers to wear condoms. Entitled "Game On!," the video seems to rip assets and ideas from Mario (warp pipes, bricks), Mega Man (the boy's sprite and animations), and Sonic (the title screen) in order to convey the safety involved with using a condom by having the boy fight off evil STIs.

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  11. 8-Bit Woodworking

    The Internet loves its homages to retro gaming; however, only a select few of said homages ascend to a higher level where craftsmanship and art evoke just as much of a response as nostalgia and referentialism. Jeff Swenty's 8BITWOOD creations manage to do just that. He writes,

    I work in the videogame industry and I thought what better way to pay homage to my favorite games than to cut out thousands of little blocks of wood, stain them, glue them together, seal them and then hang the result on the wall? I work at a videogame developer that is kind enough to let me create murals of pixel art and put them up on the wall for display.
    More pics below:

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  12. Bumper Stickers for Geek Parents to Show They’re Proud of What Really Matters

    Zero Lives blogger Das Chupa has a son who's going to be "out of beta" in a little over 3 months, but he's not a fan of parents with "crap bumper stickers about their six year olds making the honor list." We think that you'll agree that his old-school gaming-inspired sticker designs are far more original:

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  13. 54 Marvel Characters, Mega Man-Style

    Words cannot describe how very excellent this is: DeviantARTist Suzuran drew 54 Marvel characters in the sprite-tastic style of classic Mega Man. If you wish to weep tears of joy, click to see the full panorama.

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  14. How To Fake Being A Classic Video Gamer

    Ever want to act like you played through all the old school classics, even though the truth was that you just bought a NES console just last week? Well, now plot spoilers The Fine Brothers, who brought us such video gems as "100 Reality Spoilers in 2 Minutes," are back with "50 Classic Nintendo Spoilers." Now you, too, can casually bring up how Mega Man 3 ends in a conversation with your superior geek associates. As for the rest of us, we'll smile as we fondly recall the games of 8-bit happiness. Need I warn you of the spoilerfest that lies in wait ahead?

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  15. 90 Minute Fan-Made Mega Man Movie is Mega Amazing!

    Wow. If you don't have enough pocket change to see Iron Man 2 this weekend but still want to get a good dose of metal on metal battling action, you are in luck. A few years ago, filmmaker Eddie Lebron announced his plans to make a feature length Mega Man version and, today, his finished product was unleashed on the world. The completed movie is a whopping 90 minutes long and does the little blue wonder more than proud. You can watch the whole thing after the jump.

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  16. Amazing: Play Super Mario Bros. as Mega Man, Samus, and More, Right Here!

    While it may not pass Roger Ebert's muster, anyone who has played a video game since the dawn of Pong will be hard-pressed not to call Exploding Rabbit's Jay Pavlina's flash game Super Mario Bros. Crossover a work of art. The game allows the player to play the entirety of the classic Super Mario Bros., but do so using some of the greatest characters in video game history as well as the mustachioed plumber. The ridiculous thrill one gets when using a warp pipe while playing as Mega Man, Samus, Link, [Contra's] Bill R., or [Castlevania's] Simon has to be felt to be believed. Pardon the hyperbole, but it's true. Fortunately, Pavlina has been nice enough to allow us to embed an updated version of his baby so you can play it right here. Take a turn at it after the jump!

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