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Mega man 2

  1. Canadian Mad Scientist Inventor Creating Mini Tornadoes for Clean Energy

    Dr. Wily?

    Inventor Louis Michaud wants us all to get equipped with air shooter clean energy by using wind power. That's a pretty standard idea until you get to the part where he wants to do it by creating and harnessing the energy of mini tornadoes. Don't worry; the leaf shield will presumably keep him safe.

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  2. Coder Cracks Mega Man 2’s Password System, Makes 1988 Less Difficult

    In the olden times of video game history, consoles didn't have built in storage. Some games had to be beaten in one sitting or not at all. A primitive method of saving one's progress was for games to offer passwords to players. Some game passwords just brought the player back to a point in the game's time line, but the Mega Man games were more complicated. There wasn't one set order of levels, so passwords had to mark which levels were or were not beaten. Now, almost 25 years later, someone has cracked the code used to generate Mega Man 2 passwords. My five-year-old self just got very excited.

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  3. Watch Bit Bridgade Play Mega Man 2 Soundtrack During Live, On Stage Speedrun

    I'll bet you never thought gaming could be a part of performance art. I never would have thought it could be either, and if it somehow was, I would have expected it to be sort of lame, not mind-bendingly awesome. See, what the band Bit Brigade likes to do is play full video game soundtracks, but not just play them, they like to play them while someone plays a speedrun, live, on stage. That's right, Bit Brigade has a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and a gamer.  Recently, a video of them playing Mega Man 2 surfaced, and it is a joy to behold. These heroes also perform Castlevania, Contra, and Ninja Gaiden. I've got to see them live.

    Check out a 44 minute video of the Mega Man 2 performance after the jump.

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