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  1. Lacking Time Machine, Scientists Study Heart Disease in the 24th Century Through Star Trek

    Welcome, to the World of Tomorrow!

    Can we study all future science through fiction about the future? Because I hear that we mastered eugenics in the '90s, maybe we could use that genetics knowledge to eradicate some cancers, etc.

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  2. U.S. Finally Gets Its Clammy Hands on Hangover “Cure” Berocca With Bonkers Joel McHale Commercial


    The U.S. is finally catching up with the rest of the world! Everyone rejoice! What? No, I don't mean in education or healthcare—this is far more important. I'm talking about hangover cures. Yes, we're finally getting a full-scale launch of the rest of the world's favorite* hangover cure*: Berocca. *Actual favorite-ness and cure-ness not guaranteed.

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  3. New Study Says Cancer Could Be Detected by a Simple Blood Test

    Let's hope this study holds up to scrutiny.

    Screening for non-specific cancer is difficult because cancer is really just a catch-all term for very different diseases with a range of causes, symptoms, and treatments. A new study says researchers have found a common factor and a simple blood test can be used to screen patients for hundreds of types of cancer at once, but there is a drawback.

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  4. New Organ “Supercooling” Technique Could Save Lives of Those on Transplant Lists

    Not be confused with "Super Cool."

    Too many people die each year waiting on organ transplant lists, but a new technique could increase the number of available, viable organs. The technique, developed at Harvard, "supercools" the organ while pumping it full of nutrients and oxygen, making it last up to three times longer. That can save a lot of lives.

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  5. First “Suspended Animation” Trials Aren’t Actually Suspended Animation—They’re Kinda Better

    After all, who needs interstellar space travel when you're currently bleeding out all over your carpet?

    Have you been stabbed recently? If so, you should probably go get some medical assistance and possibly also some counseling for Internet addiction, because you really should not be online right now. Also, in the future, doctors might be able to chill your body to keep all that blood from coming out of you so quickly. So look forward to that.

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  6. Digital Mirror Allows People To See Their Organs

    No! Now even my spleen will be scrutinized?

    Most of us are probably curious of what our insides look like beneath our skin. Initially, the notion of being able to see what lies underneath our flesh sounds amazing, but imagine actually standing in front of a mirror that revealed everything. We're pretty much seeing what TSA agents at the airport see when we walk through those body scans.

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  7. Doctors Have Regenerated a Living Organ for the First Time, Soon We’ll All Be Time Lords (Probably Not)

    Yeah, but can they do it more than 12 times?

    Score one for science! A team from the University of Edinburgh has regenerated living thymus organs in mice -- that's the first time a living organ has been regenerated. Ever. It's an exciting development that could have huge potential for medical science in the future. Allons-y!

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  8. FDA Recalls Homeopathic Products For Containing Actual Medicine

    Possible side effects: irony, cynicism, disillusionment with natural remedies.

    Bad news for consumers who choose the natural route to avoid side effects typically associated with over-the-counter or prescription drugs---the FDA is recalling products from a homeopathic company for containing accidental and unregulated amounts of penicillin and penicillin derivatives.

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  9. Survey Shows American People Are Super Gullible and Believe Silly Things

    I think I've seen this survey before. It's called "Facebook Newsfeed," maybe?

    If you're a rational adult who Googles and debunks every conspiracy theory your weird uncle shares in your Facebook feed (for real, why haven't you just blocked him yet?), prepare to develop a drinking habit. A recent survey has explored just what kind of dumb conspiracy stuff people believe with some disheartening results.

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  10. Screws Made From Silk Could Be The Future of Broken Bones

    Sorry, vegans, guess we'll have to keep drilling this metal into you like it's the 1800s.

    Good news for skeletons: researchers have developed biodegradable screws that strengthen bones, prevent infection, and minimize many of the risks in orthopedic surgery. Also they're made from silk, so get ready to become a race of super-fancy worm people.

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