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  1. What Did The Doctor Say? Medical Instagram App Helps With Diagnoses

    It's just a flesh wound.

    What if you could get a professional opinion about that case of the chicken pox via Instagram or Snapchat? Well, some doctors in Texas are doing just that.

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  2. Nanorobots Could Deliver Medicine to Specific Body Parts Through Your Blood

    Unrelated: Can we please bring back pronouncing it as "ro-bit"?

    Are there tiny robots in your blood right now? Probably not. But there could be soon thanks to science. Thanks, science! The tiny robots in question are actually DNA nanocages that can be programmed to release medication to specific areas of the body.

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  3. A Plastic Bag Could Help Deliver Babies More Easily, by Pulling Them Out Like a Cork From a Bottle

    Human babies are surprisingly similar to corks in a wine bottle.

    Keeping plastic bags away from infants is day-one parenting stuff, but it turns out a special type of bag could help deliver babies more easily than some other methods. Surprisingly, the whole thing was inspired by a video of a wine bottle.

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  4. Visual Anatomy’s Collection of Assorted Body Part-Shaped Chocolates Are Fun For the Whole Family

    You know, if your family is comprised of serial killers.

    Most everybody loves chocolate. Most everybody also has a similar set of functioning human organs. "Why not combine these two common interests into one delectable treat?" the team at Visual Anatomy thought. "There's no way that will creep anybody out or anything!"

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  5. Don’t Break Your Arm, But If You Break Your Arm Get This Sweet 3D Printed Cast

    Getting hurt isn't awesome, but this cast is almost awesome enough to make it worth getting hurt.

    I'm fortunate enough to never have broken a bone, and part of the reason I'm so glad about that is traditional plaster casts seem torturous. The idea of having my arm or leg encased in heavy plaster is almost as unappealing as the idea of snapping a bone in the first place. Designer Jake Evill has a better solution -- The Cortex. It's a 3D-printed cast, and it's awesome. I'm not saying I want to break a bone now, but I kind of want to break a bone now.

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  6. Watson Supercomputer Surprisingly “Affordable”

    You've seen it on Jeopardy!, defeating the brainiest trivia freaks humanity could muster, but will IBM's Watson be relegated to the scrap-heap after winning big on a game show? After all, who could afford such a pinnacle of engineering? According to Computerworld, lots of people could since the price tag for a Watson-class computer comes in at around a reasonable-sounding $3 million.
    According to Tony Pearson, master inventor and senior consultant at IBM, a Power 750 server retails for $34,500. Thus the 90 that make up Watson would cost about $3 million.
    That's only slightly more than a CT scan machine. And that's for an exact duplicate of Watson. By using fewer servers, the price drops dramatically. This is music to the ears of the medical industry, who has expressed interest in incorporating Watson-type machines into their operations. IBM hopes to work with Nuance, a company specializing in image and speech recognition, to aid doctors in diagnosing their patients.
    For example, a doctor treating a patient could use Watson's analytics technology, in conjunction with Nuance's voice and clinical language understanding software, to rapidly consider all the related texts, reference materials, prior cases, and latest knowledge in journals and medical literature. This could help medical professionals confidently determine the best options for diagnosis and treatment.
    Forget Dr. House, Watson could soon be reminding health care providers that it's never lupus. (via Computerworld)

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