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  1. Betty White Is Not Enchanted With Facebook: The Internet Kinda Agrees

    Betty White's highly anticipated stint as the host of Saturday Night Live aired last night, and the lovely young lady had some thanks for the community that put here there: Facebook.
    But I really have to thank Facebook. When I first heard about the campaign to get me to host Saturday Night Live I didn't know what Facebook was. And now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time. I would never say the people on it are losers. But that's only because I'm polite.
    It's uh, much more funny and endearing when she says it. Video from the folks at Mediaite after the jump.

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  2. Viral Marketing Gone Wrong: Elliott Smith Memorial Vandalized for Commercial

    In the past few years, viral marketing has become a huge component of the advertising. As more and more people do anything they can to avoid traditional marketing, advertisers have been forced to come up with stranger and stranger ways to get potential buyers' attention. When 20th Century Fox is paying someone to draw a 180 ft drawing of Homer Simpson out in a British field, you know the rules have changed. However, if the new name of the game is trying to be progressively more and more outrageous, it was inevitable that someone would go to far.

    That's just what happened in Los Angeles this past week as a fan-made memorial dedicated to the late singer Elliott Smith was defaced all in the name of selling tickets to an upcoming concert. Unsurprisingly, some people aren't too thrilled.

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  3. That’s Not How it Works: CNN Thinks Google Earth “Blurred” Times Square After Bomb Scare

    Last night there was a bomb scare in Times Square, New York, that was less a scare than an actual, you know, bomb. The "amateurish" car bomb was an SUV carrying three canisters of propane, ten gallons of gasoline, and some fireworks. While it's a bit beyond our purview to cover the event itself (we'll leave it to Mediaite), we did notice something funky on CNN. Weekend CNN Newsroom anchor Don Lemon was alarmed that he was unable to get a clear picture of the Times Square area on Google Earth. After using blurred footage from Google Earth as an illustration of the tight security around the area, he asked his guest, Tom Fuentes, former FBI Assistant Director of International Relations, what this might mean. His guest's answer was not exactly... well. Informed.

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  4. Iceland Volcano Eruption: May Spark MORE Iceland Volcano Eruptions

    News surfaced yesterday that the Icelandic Volcano eruption is not only refusing to abate, but that it might also spark further volanic eruptions nearby.


    A volcano in southern Iceland has erupted for the first time in almost 200 years, raising concerns that it could trigger a larger and potentially more dangerous eruption at a volatile volcano nearby.

    Anderson Cooper reported on the potentially scary scenario last night.

    Video of the exchange after the jump:

    Mediaite's Colby Hall has also penned the mock script to an inspired, Jerry Bruckheimer-like trailer around the volcano events: All disaster movie geeks should head over and check it out.

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  5. Stupid Fight: New Twitter App Finds Out Which Celebrity’s Followers Are the “Stupidest”

    Mashable informs us that Stupid Fight, a new app for Twitter, will allow users to compare the fans of different celebrities and see which group is "stupider."

    Stupid Fight was created by Tom Scott, a designer who also created the equally mischievous Tweleted, and will probably cause anyone who uses it to become completely addicted...for at least a few hours.

    Of course, in a world where complex thoughts are broken down to fit into 140 characters, a few hours can be nearly a lifetime:

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  6. Attention, Comedy Nerds: Conan O’Brien Is Going On “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On TV Tour”

    The rumors were true - Conan O'Brien is going on tour, beginning April 12 in Eugene, Oregon. The news was announced via his Twitter feed this morning, a website has been set up (, of course) and more details about what to expect have been revealed. The web site is referring to the tour as "The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On TV Tour" and promises "a night of music, comedy, hugging and the occasional awkward silence." The tour will stop in 30 cities including Universal City, CA (close to his old studio) on April 24 and Radio City Music Hall June 1 (across the street from his older studio). He'll also make a stop at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. The tour is sponsored by American Express, and tickets are available at

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  7. Oscars Liveblog at Mediaite

    Our sister site Mediaite is hosting a liveblog for tonight's Oscars. We'll be watching, piping in, and hoping fervently for a District 9 Best Picture upset. Failing that: Inglourious Basterds.

    Stay tuned!

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  8. Hawaii Issues Tsunami Warning After Chile Earthquake

    It's been declared a state of emergency in Hawaii, where officials have started to plan for the possible tsunami caused by yesterday's earthquake in Chile. The first waves are expected to hit at 4:19 EST this afternoon. Sirens blare to alert residents in the coastal areas to instruct them to evacuate, even as Hilo International Airport has been shut down and the planes grounded. American officials are prepared to visit both Chile and Hawaii, according to a Washington Post report.

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  9. The 7 Most ‘Awkward’ Crowdsourced Websites

    “Awkward” has pretty much become a replacement for the word “uncomfortable,” single-handedly conveying all of the speechlessness, disturbance, annoyance, uneasiness, and embarrassment that young people endure each day. So it comes as no surprise that this mutually understood (and now welcomed) awkwardness has found its way onto web pages as a resource to connect people. Rather than emphasize the gripes of dealing with unanticipated situations, these contributors and readers highlight the entertainment value to their uncomfortable social circumstances. Here, the seven best sites that embrace the world’s awkwardness:

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  10. Power Grid FAQ

    As you may have noticed, Geekosystem has a nifty feature called the Power Grid, which ranks people, objects, and assorted eidolons from across the vast expanses of geekery. What is this Power Grid, and by what infernal machinations does it issue forth its categories, subjects, and rankings? A brief FAQ:

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