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  1. Heroic Woman Inhales 144 Oz. of Steak In Under Twenty Minutes, Ron Swanson Hangs Head In Shame

    The people's chompion.

    Behold the beauty and wonder that is Nebraska native Molly Schuyler shredding two 72 oz. steaks and their accompanying sides in under twenty minutes.

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  2. Slathering Your Meat In Beer May Help Prevent Cancer

    Oh, the sacrifices we must make for our health!

    Backyard cookouts are to die for, but fortunately now you don't have to. A new study says that beer marinades may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer potentially posed by eating grilled meat, so summer 2014 is going to be next-level delicious.

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  3. The Raw Meat Puppet From the New They Might Be Giants Music Video can See Into My Soul [Video]

    Is this what all us humans look like to Bender?

    It's no secret that we love They Might Be Giants and their flair for the unusual. Their latest music video for "You're On Fire" was just released today, though, and... wow. That sure is a puppet made of raw beef. With blank, unfeeling eye sockets. It's looking at me, you guys. I can't turn my gaze. Someone help.

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  4. The World’s First Lab-Grown Burger Got Eaten Today, Apparently Wasn’t That Bad

    So far no one who tasted it has died or grown any chin-tentacles yet, either.

    Remember that lab-grown stem cell burger we told you about last week? Well, a few food critics actually got the chance to taste the "burger" in central London today, and they said it's actually pretty good. It's still not meat, but hey, it's better than a veggie burger. Those things are the worst.

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  5. World’s First Lab-Grown Hamburger Gets a Taste Test This Week

    Grey, slimy, and cultured in a series of test tubes -- in other words, just like Mom used to make.

    The world's first hamburger grown entirely in a laboratory will be served in London this week, apparently to the anonymous donor who las largely funded its creation. Here's hoping the meat, which is reportedly grey in color with a slippery, squid-like consistency before cooking, proves worth the almost $400,000 that's already gone into creating it.

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  6. Cows Engineered to Be Born Without Horns, Will Soon Just Emerge From Womb as Burgers

    How safe is it in the United Kingdom? Like, very. It's so safe, in fact, that dairy cattle have apparently been deemed too dangerous. In the interest of making it safer to be around the animals, a team of scientists at Scotland's Rural College has succeeded in removing cows' last defense, genetically engineering a line of holsteins with extra DNA that has been shown to stunt horn growth in other cattle breeds. 

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  7. Scientists Propose Mealworms As Protein Source of the Future, Soylent Green Suddenly Not Sounding So Bad

    Be it a slice or ten of bacon in the morning or a good steak for dinner, most meat shares a common bond -- it is pretty awesome to eat. While this is clearly the best thing about meat, it is also one of the biggest knocks against it. Since meat is awesome, everyone wants to eat it. Taken alongside the fact that meat takes a significant amount of time, energy, and resources to get as awesome as it is, that means that while meat is  awesome, it is actually a pretty inefficient and unsustainable way to feed a lot of people. A pair of researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands has proposed a new way to get cheap, nutritious, lean protein into the diets of people worldwide -- by turning mealworms into the mainstream meat of tomorrow.

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  8. Last Chance to Make Meat Shot Glasses Before You Run Out of Nice Weather

    Summer came to an end, fall is here, and a cold winter is on its way. If you live anywhere that gets cold, these next couple of weeks might be your last chance to have a good old-fashioned barbecue. Rather than just throw some burgers and hot dogs onto the portable grill you keep on your patio or balcony, why not fancy up the meal and provide edible meat shot glasses for the Game of Thrones themed Winter is Coming Barbecue that you've been dreaming of throwing?

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  9. 3D-Printed Meat In Progress: Paltry Prospect Or Future Food?

    Modern Meadow, a biotech startup, is working on 3D-printing meat for the masses, and with a big grant incoming, they seem to be well on their way. But will people want this? Our science fiction-conditioned brains are okay with synthetic meat, and our digestive systems can probably handle artificial substances, so nothing's stopping this, right? All that's left is the actual research and then ????, followed by profit.

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  10. Beef Roses Are Red (Meat)

    Flowers may be a good last-minute Valentine's gift, an easy fallback, or the one thing you can think of that you know she wants, but sometimes your average bouquet might seem a little tired, cliché, and entirely inedible. That is, unless your dear is a deer. If she's a omnivorous human female on the other hand, and you want to switch things up a bit, you might appreciate a little work of art called “Steak Bouquet” by butcher Antony Bowness of the Quality Standard Beef and Lamb in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

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  11. Dessert Made Of Meat Is Sweet, But Mostly Just Strange

    Artist Jasmine Schuller has created a line of "Sweet Meats" photographs of meat styled to look like common dessert selections. While these desserts might look delectable from far away, get up close and you might lose your lunch. Even for those of us who do eat meat on a regular basis, something about the raw meat popsicle just induces a little bit of that queasy feeling. Check out more of Schuller's Sweet Meats after the jump.

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  12. Ron Swanson Turkey Burger: Fried Turkey Leg Inside Grilled Hamburger

    Last week on Parks and Recreation, polar opposites Rob Lowe's Chris Traeger and Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson held a contest to see if a turkey or beef burger would taste better. Ron initially asked if by turkey burger, Chris meant a friend turkey leg stuffed inside a grilled hamburger. Chris didn't mean that. Suffice it to say, Chris bought a bunch of fancy ingredients from an organic food store and whipped up some fancy turkey burgers, plated them beautifully and described them in detail to the panel of judges (their coworkers). Ron Swanson bought generic beef from his favorite grocery store, Food and Stuff, where he gets most of his food and stuff, and handily won the contest with plain beef hamburgers.

    Of course, someone made Ron's idea of what a turkey burger is, and posted the recipe so everyone could give it a whirl. It is supposedly fairly delicious even though it contains the bone, though one could easily modify the recipe to fry boneless turkey leg meat and put that into separate beef patties. Check out the recipe over on Eater.

    (via Eater National)

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  13. Study: Staph Bacteria Widespread in U.S. Meat, Many Resistant to Antibiotics

    Most people probably don't think twice about the safety of the meat they pick up from the grocery store or are presented with in a restuarant, but a new study just published in Clinical Infectious Diseases could change that and turn your stomach in the process. The study, lead by Lance B. Price, Ph.D. from the Translational Genomics Research Institute, found that most meat in the American food supply is infected with staph bacteria. Moreover, many of these bacterial strains were found to be resistant to one or more antibiotic treatments. A quick note: since most of the bacteria were not entirely resistant to beta-lactams (oxacillin, for instance) they don't qualify for the monicker of MRSA. They also don't seem to causes food poisoning. Instead, these bacteria tend to live in human skin, and generally don't immediately cause illness. That doesn't mean they aren't scary, though. The study, which covered 26 supermarkets in five cities across the country, looked at various cuts of pork, turkey, chicken, and beef. The researchers then did multiple rounds of testing to determine the presence of Staph, the strain, and the bacteria's drug resistance. They found that 47% of the meat sampled contained Staphylococcus aureus, that 96% of that was resistant to antibiotics, and that 52% of the infected samples were resistant to three or more treatments. Wired has the full break down of the drug resistance, with a shocker at the end:
    The antibiotics to which the staph was resistant included: penicillin and ampicillin; erythromycin; tetracycline; oxacillin, the more modern form of the drug methicillin; the drug combination quinupristin/dalfopristin, known as Synercid; the fluoroquinolones levofloxacin (Levaquin) and ciprofloxacin (Cipro); and the last-resort drugs for very serious staph infections vancomycin and daptomycin. One staph isolate was resistant to nine different antibiotics.
    Emphasis theirs.

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  14. Study: Looking at Meat Calms People Down

    Well now, here is some science to start off your day: According to a study at McGill University, looking at meat calms people down. This surprised researcher Frank Kachanoff, who went into the experiment thinking that meat would make people more aggressive, seeing as it is made of dead animals. Good for Kachanoff for publishing results that contradicted his hypothesis. We're not totally in love with the study's methodology, though:

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