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McGill University

  1. Science Invented Glass That Bends Instead Of Breaking Because We Live In The Future

    Britney's classic single "Shattered Glass" has never been more irrelevant.

    If you are as klutzy as I am (hopefully not, because I would feel terrible for you), you know the tragedy of shattering drinking glasses all over your house. Fortunately, scientists at Montreal's McGill University want to save us this pain, developing a new type of glass that actually bends when it hits the floor instead of breaking. Finally!

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  2. Lottery Tickets for Christmas Could Turn Kids Into Degenerate Gamblers for Life

    The lottery -- or as you may know it, "taxes for people who don't think they pay enough taxes yet" -- is a fun game, and an only slightly less effective means of losing money than, say, setting it ablaze in a large pile or just flushing it directly down the toilet. It's also easier on your ventilation and sewage systems than those options, which concludes our thorough summary of all of the virtues of playing the lottery. Oh, wait, there's one more -- lottery tickets make fun holiday gifts for children that you have forgotten to buy holiday gifts for, and only might doom them to a lifetime of shattered dreams, broken promises, and horses who just couldn't quite keep it going down the stretch. According to a report issued today by the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University, getting lottery tickets as holiday gifts can be a gateway into problem gambling for children. Even if it doesn't, though, best case scenario, it's teaching that kid to do a staggeringly stupid thing, as in play the lottery, so maybe don't do that, just on principle.

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  3. Scientific Papers That Get Rejected First Time End Up Being Cited Most Often

    Everybody needs a good editer editor. The latest proof? Getting rejected by the first journal they're submitted to makes scientific papers stronger and more frequently cited, leading them to have more impact in their field, according to a recent study published in the journal Science. Since we don't know if it was rejected before publishing, though, we don't really know how trustworthy the study is.

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  4. Scientists Induce Ant “Supersoldiers,” Discover Clues to Their Evolutionary History

    Of the some 1,100 species inside the Pheidole ant genus, most have colonies consisting of two castes: Workers and soldiers. However, about eight species have a third caste called supermajors or supersoldier ants. Unlike their sisters, these ants have enormous heads and mandibles many times larger than the average soldier. When scientists found supersoldier ants amongst Pheidole collected in New York -- where supersoldier ants had never been seen before -- it was obvious that something strange was at work.

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  5. Study: Laughter and Sighs of Relief are Instinct, Other Emotional Displays Learned

    If you've ever thought the physical act of displaying your emotions was natural, according to an experiment, laughter and sighs of relief are the only instinctually occurring physical reactions, whereas crying or screams of terror are actually learned from other people. Read on for details.

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  6. The World’s First Successful “All-Robot” Surgery (Sorta)

    The da Vinci robot surgeon, a robot anesthesiologist hilariously named McSleepy, and a team of surgeons at McGill University performed an all-robot surgery, which happened to be a prostate surgery. The procedure is being billed as the "first successful all-robot surgery," except the robots doing the dosing and slicing were actually being controlled by humans.

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