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  1. Females Are Strong as Hell in This Mad Max/Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Mashup

    That's gonna be a... a fascinating transition. *Flame-throwing guitar riff*

    *Mild Mad Max: Fury Road spoilers in this video*

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  2. Game of Thrones Has Too Many Cooks

    Get ready to have this song stuck in your head again.

    If anything is right for a mash-up with the Adult Swim viral juggernaut, Too Many Cooks, it's Game of Thrones - which is probably the only thing more insanely violent and with more cast members.

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  3. All Hail this NSFW, Ridiculously Gory Princess Bride/Game of Thrones Mashup

    Based on books by George Rob Reiner Martin.

    All men must as you wish. Spoilers for Game of Thrones, obviously.

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  4. This Fifty Shades of Buscemi Mashup Is Restoring Some of My Faith in Humanity

    You bet your keister I'm gonna get a piece of that pie.

    Thoughtful critical analysis of Fifty Shades' problematic aspects can only accomplish so much—at a certain point, the only way to effectively highlight the preposterousness of the movie's central relationship might be Steve Buscemi in an aviator hat.

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  5. We Mashed Up Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Trailer With Interstellar’s Audio, and It’s Uncomfortably Similar

    I think I've seen this movie before...

    The Fantastic Four reboot trailer reminded us of a lot of things, but none more strongly than the trailers for Interstellar. So, we gave it a run through the Nolan-ifier for you, and it's so perfect you can barely tell the difference. Be sure to watch all the way to through. Enjoy.

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  6. There’s No Reason Why a Guardians/The Land Before Time Mashup Should Work, But It Does

    I give you Tree Star-Lord, the vegetarian outlaw.


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  7. What If Michael Bay Directed Up? Hint: Explosions.

    You had me at Linkin Park.

    I hate to be one of those people, but I do think something's missing from YouTuber MrStratman7's epic reimagining of Pixar's Up in the style of the Bayinator: a shit-ton of American flags. Seriously—how else will we know Up is a paean to Amurrican ingenuity? That said, this video is absolutely brilliant. Be sure and watch to the very end.

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  8. The Boyhood Trailer Done Harry Potter-Style Is Surprisingly Emotional

    The Harry Potter feels we have never really leave us.

    I hear the word "parody" and I expect funny. I don't expect gut-wrenching pain. But that's what Potterhood—a trailer for the Harry Potter movies done in the style of Richard Linklater's Boyhood, which followed its young star for 12 years—gave me. He doesn't wanna be a hero-OO-OO-WAAAAAAAHHHHHH.

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  9. Twin Peaks/Muppets Mashup Art, Because You’re Not Freaked Out Enough Right Now


    Maybe it's just that it's late Friday afternoon and I'm in something of a San Diego Comic-Con-induced fugue state, but these Twin Peaks/Muppet illustrations by Justin DeVine are doing really messed-up things to my head. Though the felt of future past. The puppeteer longs to see. One sings out between two worlds. Fire flail with me.

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  10. The Wil Wheaton Project Reimagines True Blood As Cheers, Which Never Did Have Enough Weird Sex

    “Sometimes you wanna bang where all the sex is really strange.”

    The Wil Wheaton Project needs to follow up this True Blood/Cheers credits mashup by kidnapping grammar enthusiast Kelsey Grammer for a webseries where Dr. Frasier Crane retires to Bon Temps and has all sorts of weird sex with werepanthers. Or maybe they can leave out that last part. But someone has to write the fanfic.

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  11. These Attack on Titan Pokémon Are No No No No No No Absolutely Not

    There goes my sense of wellbeing.

    I'm humbly sorry for the part I've played in what are sure to be your weekend nightmares. To be fair, deviantARTist Beth Emery gets most of the blame. What has she done?!

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  12. Frozen Is The New Black In This Dead-On Animation By Leigh Lahav

    99.99% "Let It Go" free. I swear.

    No one's a prison warden like Gaston!

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  13. This Doctor WhoAdventure Time Mashup Is Positively Mathematical

    Wibbly wobbly, cutesy wutesy.

    A rollicking good, kid-friendly time, but actually pretty disturbing when you start to think about it: Doctor Who? Or Adventure Time? Alex Dempsey brings the two together in his Adventure Time and Space! and The Doctor Dances series. So is everyone from the Land of Oood?

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  14. Somebody Mashed Up Frozen and the Game of Thrones Trailer

    Winter is--oh, wait. It's here. Hah.

    The Internet likes three things: mash-ups, Game of Thrones, and Frozen. Oh, and kittens. Okay, The Internet likes four things. There are no kittens in this video by CutPrintFilm, but everything else is there, in all it's genre-smashing glory! Except for angry comments. Damn it, the Internet likes five things.

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  15. Wil Wheaton Makes Game of Thrones Even More Wholesome With a Brady Bunch Intro

    “He had hair of gold like his uncle, because of incest”

    If you haven’t been watching The Wil Wheaton Project on Syfy, you missed this Brady Bunch-style Game of Thrones opener from the most recent episode. Except you didn't, because the Internet exists! No one needs to watch TV ever again!

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  16. Fan-Made “Ultimate Alliance” Trailer Has More Marvel Heroes Than You Can Shake Daredevil’s Sensei At

    Get it?? Because he's Stick?.... Okay, I'll let myself out.

    Youtube user SouperboyX really loves taking all the different films of a comic book franchise and mashing them up into an unholy alliance of pure awesomeness. He's certainly outdone himself with this extended version of a Marvel-wide hero and villain round-up. Movie rights be damned! I want Wolverine to fight the Hulk already!

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  17. The 10th Doctor and Companions Sing “The Time Warp”

    What!? What? What?

    If you thought we'd already run through all of time and space in the search for things to make into Doctor Who mashups, the Internet has proof that we've got an awful lot more running to do. Enjoy a pretty solid David Tennant impression and his companions singing "The Time Warp" and wonder how it took this long for this parody to get made.

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  18. Yeah, I Would Absolutely Watch a Law & Order Version of Game of Thrones [VIDEO]

    Hear Me Roar

    "Ser Pounce, how does the defendant plead?" "Meow." CHU-CHUNG. Warning: Major spoilers for what's aired so far of season four. (via: The Daily Dot) Previously in Game of Thrones

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  19. Game of Thrones Intro Done in the Style of Super Mario Is the Bob-Omb [VIDEO]

    Winter Is Coming

    This Game of Thrones/Super Mario World mashup by YouTuber NicksplosionFX is, to quote my close personal friend Darth Vader, most impressive. To fully understand exactly how impressive impressive is, hit the jump and watch the side-by-side comparison of NicksplosionFX’s version of the Game of Thrones intro to the real one.

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  20. Here Are The Sailor Scouts If They Were The Avengers, Please Make This Into A Film

    In the name of the Moon AND ALSO AMERICA, I will punish you!

    With the Sailor Moon reboot out soon, and the original series' 20th anniversary, our favorite senshi are having a good year. Meanwhile, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is box office gold, and Avengers: Age of Ultron is already shooting. What happens when you combine the franchises? This amazing "We Are (Not) Soldiers" mash-up by Jei Shepard.

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