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  1. The Mary Sue Interview: Daredevil‘s Deborah Ann Woll Speaks For Us, Says We Need More Strong Ladies Repping Marvel & DC

    Karen Page-ing more great female characters!

    It’s been quite the week for women in the superhero realm. Not only did we lose Michelle MacLaren, our original director for Wonder Woman (sigh), but we also gained a new one in Patty Jenkins (yay!). But just because we got our way in the end (props to DC for keeping with a promising lady director and not going with some less-than-wonderful male name!) doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop campaigning for more gender equality within the genre. Just ask Karen Page.

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  2. Marvel Working With Oscar-Winning 12 Years a Slave Writer John Ridley on Supah-Secret New TV Series

    After reporting last week that Marvel is developing an Agents of SHIELD spinoff for ABC, Entertainment Weekly has also revealed that Marvel is collaborating with writer-producer John Ridley on "a mysterious new TV series."

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  3. Scarlett Johansson Says There’s Been Black Widow Solo Film Discussions & That Her Marvel Contract is “Mutating”

    The Avengers: Age of Ultron press tour has been producing some pretty great stuff for fans. The latest? Literally anything said about a Black Widow solo film.

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  4. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Melinda”

    The Cavalry!

    In this week's episode of SHIELD, we finally learn about May's past and the whole "Cavalry" thing! And some other stuff happened too, I guess, but realistically the May business is all that I really cared about.

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  5. First Look at Mike Colter as Netflix’s Luke Cage is Predictably Bad-Ass

    Even Power Man needs to helmet up.

    Yesterday we got our first look at David Tennant's purple(ish) man, and now we're finally getting a glimpse of Mike Colter as Marvel's Hero for Hire Luke Cage.

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  6. First Glimpse of David Tennant As Purple Man in Netflix’s AKA Jessica Jones

    God bless random people on the internet. Sometimes, they end up pointing their cameras at the right stuff. Instagram user Koray Ersin recently posted this photo of fan-favorite, David Tennant, in his new role as Marvel villain Zebediah Kilgrave, aka the mind-controlling Purple Man, on Netflix's AKA Jessica Jones, which is currently filming in New York City.

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  7. Netflix Announces Audio Description for the Blind Starting With Daredevil TODAY

    Yesterday, we wrote about how Marvel's Daredevil was an uncomfortably ironic display of Netflix's lack of accessibility for the blind, and like one of life's little gifts, today we get to happily report that they're rolling out an audio description option—starting with Daredevil!

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  8. Guardians‘ Nicole Perlman and Inside Out‘s Meg LeFauve in Talks to Write the Captain Marvel Movie

    So Amy Poehler as Captain Marvel, then?

    We interrupt our weeping over Michelle MacLaren's departure from Wonder Woman for some good news! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel's first-ever female-led superhero movie is lining up some incredible talent.

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  9. Watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron Red Carpet Live Stream Right Here

    Or don't; there are no strings on you.

    Yeah, we're all bummed we can't be at the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere at the Dolby Theater - but thank Thor, Marvel is streaming it live! You can even catch a new clip from the film (if you're not actively avoiding all new footage, like me). The livestream will be hosted by's Lorraine Cink and Tamara Krinsky, and they're expected to chat with RDJ, ScarJo, the Chrises, Ruffalo, Renner, and more. Check it out right here at 9:30pmE/6:30pmP.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: The World’s Most Adorable Scarlet Witch

    Collector Corps, assemble!

    So cute! So badass!

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  11. Daredevil Recaps: “Into the Ring” and “Cut Man”

    Marvel: The Studio Without Fear.

    Prepare yourself for Marvel's inevitable takeover of television.

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  12. The Avengers: Age of Ultron Press Tour Is A Treasure Trove Of Adorbs Photos Of Your Faves


    The Avengers: Age of Ultron press tour has begun, and our favorite super-crew have already gotten up to their fair share of hijinks. We could basically just film them all hanging out and make a movie out of it and it would be amazing.

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  13. Marvel’s Daredevil Painfully Highlights Netflix’s Lack of Accessibility for the Blind

    Much like closed captions exist to allow the deaf to enjoy TV and movies alongside the hearing, the blind have descriptive narration—sometimes. As great as an audio track that describes on-screen action for those who can't see it is, it's not nearly as widespread as captions, and it's completely missing from Netflix streaming. While this problem didn't just suddenly appear, Netflix and Marvel's new show starring a blind superhero made it too uncomfortably ironic to continue.

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  14. Marvel’s New Ant-Man Trailer Is as Tonally Confused as the Last One

    But Evangeline Lilly looks kick-ass, so there's that.

    I really want to like Ant-Man, but I admit I've been apprehensive since Edgar Wright's departure. Not helping is the fact that each ad for the film seems like a serious superhero trailer that some exec watched and said "It's good, but can we make it funny like Guardians?" Frankly, I hope it's largely a comedy, because I just can't take Paul Rudd running around with an ant colony seriously.

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  15. Sorry, Miles Morales Fans! Marvel’s Kevin Feige Confirms MCU’s Spider-Man Is Peter Parker

    There were those of us who hoped that once Marvel Studios and Sony made their deal to share Spider-Man, allowing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to bring the character into their films, that perhaps Marvel would take this opportunity to do something with the character that five Sony Spider-Man films had yet to do by bringing their already existing character, Miles Morales, into the MCU as Spidey, making him film's first Spider-Man of color. Sadly, this is not to be.

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  16. Things We Saw Today: A Neopets Cosplay That Will Take You Way Back

    This Neopets cosplay from AF is bringing me way back. From left to right: the Tooth Faerie, Taelia, the Air Faerie, the Soup Faerie, Illusen, and the Grey Faerie.

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  17. Avengers: Age of Ultron Branding Train Has Gone off the Rails With Ultron Yahtzee, Avengers Razors, and More

    Super brands gonna brand.

    "I'm gonna show you something beautiful: Everyone screaming... 'Yahtzee!'"

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  18. Agents of SHIELD Is Reportedly Getting A Spin-Off On ABC


    Entertainment Weekly is reporting that ABC is "quietly" developing an Agents of SHIELD spin-off for ABC. Which is great, because we love SHIELD, and more Marvel on TV is always a good thing. But on the other hand, this tweet sums up our feelings pretty well:

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  19. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Afterlife”

    Feat. creepy frat electricity bro!

    "Afterlife" certainly wasn't the fastest-paced of SHIELD episodes, but it provided us with some necessary exposition and story motion, so I'll forgive it. Plus, Afterlife (the place) was really pretty. So it's all good.

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  20. Invisible Women: Why Marvel’s Gamora & Black Widow Were Missing From Merchandise, And What We Can Do About It

    Disney does not care about Marvel’s female market, which makes us virtually invisible. I could probably populate Pluto with the amount of Princess items Disney makes. But where are Gamora and Black Widow? This exclusion of women from Marvel movie merchandise is completely purposeful. I know; I was there.

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