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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Martin Freeman

Just What You've Always Wanted

Martin Freeman Unleashes His Inner Minnesotan In the First Trailer for FX’s Fargo [VIDEO]

Martin Freeman. In FX’s Fargo miniseries. Minnesota accent. Golly gee, I have been waiting for this trailer for months.

(via: Pajiba)

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That Shocking Sherlock Finale And What Lies Ahead, According to Steven Moffat

The Season 3 finale of Sherlock aired last night in the U.S. and with it came another cliffhanger (although perhaps not as dramatic a cliffhanger as Season 2). So what can we expect going forward? The creators are working on it. Read on to find out what they’re thinking and for a chance to discuss the big moments of Season 3 now that we’re all on the same page. 


And All Was Right With the World

Sherlock S3 Premiere Gets Highest Ratings Ever From The Fans Who Waited

The BBC’s Sherlock finally returned to (UK) television screens last night, after a painful two-year-long hiatus. Despite essentially being the Amy Pond of fandoms, Sherlockians proved that they were still as dedicated as ever to the Cumberbatch/Freeman cause by giving the show its highest ratings of all time for The Empty Hearse.


The Mary Sue

The Mary Sue’s 10 Most Talked-About Stories of 2013

2013 has given us some good, some bad, and some ugly, same as every year. Also the same as every year: Some of the stories we’ve posted have struck a chord with our community of readers and gotten you talking to the tune of thousands of comments in the last 12 months. We love you guys, have we said? With the year drawing to a close, we present to you the stories that most got your metaphorical tongues metaphorically wagging.


thanks but no thanks

In Case You Haven’t Heard Yet, Martin Freeman Made a Rape Joke

Martin Freeman has a history of saying some pretty offensive stuff. The latest in the long line: Asked by an interviewer as part of a The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug press junket whether he’d prefer to date an elf, a hobbit, or a dwarf, he said elf. OK, OK. I’d go with hobbit, but seven meals a day isn’t for everyone. Different stokes for different folks.

And then came the rape joke.


Audience Participation

A New Sherlock Season 3 Trailer Emerges, China Will Be Thrilled

This latest trailer for Sherlock Season 3 gives a bit more away than, “John is moping and growing a mustache.” So beware. Meanwhile, if you thought you were a big Sherlock fan, some folks in China might have you beat. On a recent visit to the country, UK Prime Minister David Cameron set up a profile on a social media site in order to answer questions. And he was asked about Sherlock. Specifically, he was asked to tell the crew to hurry up because they take too long between seasons. Amazing. In case you were wondering, he answered.

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i'll just leave this here

Obsess Over John’s Mustache Again In This “Sherlock Lives” Teaser

I think Sherlock text-isms should now only be placed squarely over John Watson’s mustache.

Previously in Sherlock


Submitted For Your Approval

Cumberbatch Is Being Less Than Subtle In the First Pic From Sherlock Season Three

We’ve seen set pics, and even a promo pic, but this is the first actual image from season three of Sherlock, debuting in the US on January 19th and in the UK probably a few days/weeks before that, that our eyeballs have been able to feast upon.

You know that’s not a very good hiding place, right Sherlock? Chances are you’re even in John’s peripheral vision. A guy’s dead for  years and then you spy him creeping on you in a diner. Weird.

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Sir Ian McKellen Is Going To Play Sherlock. Oh, And He Used To Know Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dad.

Today in random awesomeness… 


There And Back Again

Bilbo and the Great Flipping Off Everything in Middle Earth Adventure

Bilbo’s known to be a pretty mild mannered guy. I mean, it takes several hours of uninvited dwarven partying for him to even attempt to express disapproval of what’s going on in his house. But we all know what happens when more than a dozen strangers agree to travel across Middle Earth together while being filmed, and find out what happens when hobbits stop being polite… and start getting a bit cross.