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  1. To Ham and to Hold: Burger King to Pay for (And Cater?) Wedding of a Mr. Burger and Ms. King

    Well companies are just LINING UP to pay for Cox weddings, let me tell you

    As per custom, The Burger King will also be entitled to Mr. Burger and Ms. King's firstborn male.

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  2. High School Cancels Performance of Spamalot For “Inappropriate Content” (aka A Wedding Of Two Men)

    But what about the curtains???

    No doubt the theater nerds at South Williamsport Junior Senior High School in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania were excited to learn that they'd be performing the hit musical Spamalot next spring, because if there's one thing I remember from being a high school theater nerd, it's that there's a lot of Monty Python overlap there. Well, too bad, nerds! You're not allowed. No more singing from the diaphragm-a-lot for you.

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  3. People Who Pray for Their Romantic Partners Are Way More Committed to Keeping Them Around

    In a related story, the sky is blue and the Pope is Catholic.

    Today in "news that's actually kind of obvious," a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology claims that people who pray for their significant others are usually more committed to them. Unless you're a female mantis, of course. Then, you're probably about to kill yours.

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  4. Captain Picard Married by Gandalf, No Wedding Will Ever Compare

    Sir Patrick Stew Makes it So, Announces it in the Ballsiest Way Ever

    Sir Patrick Stewart is one of our favorite people – how can you not love an anti-domestic violence advocate who once piloted the Starship Enterprise? That being said, we’re incredibly happy that the actor has boldly gone where so many have gone before: down the aisle!

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  5. DiDio Attempts to Explain DC’s Marriage Ban; Will Scrap Last Williams/Blackman Batwoman Issues?

    Today in things that make us scream incoherently

    DC Comics' PR has taken multiple hits this week, and this weekend is a major convention, so you know what that means: DC higher ups giving unsatisfying responses to fan outcry at Baltimore Comic Con. Specifically, we're talking about Dan DiDio saying that superheroes should never have happy personal lives, Aquaman and Mera aren't married, and that a new writer will be taking over Batwoman with issue #25.

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  6. Benedict Cumberbatch Has Made It Possible For Him To Marry You

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Imagine it. You walk down the aisle on your special day and lock eyes with Benedict Cumberbatch. Then you turn to the side and go, "Oh, right. You." Such is how I imagine any wedding the newly ordained actor officiates. Yes, that's right, Cumberbatch can legally marry you. But not to himself, to your significant other. He explains, "Two friends of mine are getting married and they really wanted a friend to perform the ceremony. So I went on the Internet and got ordained. I really know how to do weddings now! And I'm available!" As much as I love this story, it still doesn't beat Sir Ian McKellen marrying Sir Patrick Stewart. (via The Hollywood Reporter) Previously in Benedict Cumberbatch

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  7. Woman Marries 600-Year-Old Bridge in Southern France, Jilted Troll Presumably Very Upset

    I'm just assuming that every bridge in Europe has a resident troll.

    Australian artist Jodi Rose is really into bridges -- so much so that she's spent the past decade travelling all over the world recording the vibrations in bridge cables and incorporating the sounds into her "Singing Bridges" music project. Apparently she enjoyed Le Pont du Diable's song most of all because on the 17th of June, she held an intimate marriage ceremony where she and the 600-year-old French bridge became, well, bridge and wife. Let's hope it's an open marriage, because judging from her CV she's probably not going to stop seeing other bridges.

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  8. Doctor Who’s John Barrowman Gets Married To Scott Gill In California


    Congratulations are in order for Doctor Who/Torchwood/Arrow star John Barrowman and his partner of 20 years, Scott Gill! The couple got married in California yesterday, making this adorable video on the way to the courthouse to officially announce the news.

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  9. Man Tries to Win Back Ex-Wife by Blowing Her Up, Perfects Art of Doing It Wrong

    There's an old rule of journalism that states, and I'm paraphrasing, "if a dog bites a man it's not a story, but if a man bites a dog, it is." This proverb may have found it's perfect expression (well, short of a man biting a dog, I guess) in a story coming out of Russia this week: While it is not necessarily a story if a man tries to blow up his ex-wife with a bomb, it's pretty newsworthy if he tries to blow her up with a bomb to win her back. Rarely has an idea on how to do a thing been so perfectly, woefully incorrect.

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  10. Unfinished Scottish Law Might Let You Get Married by a Jedi in Scotland

    May The Force Be With You

    Scotland legislature is currently considering a Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill with an interesting stipulation for a "third type of ceremony." Designed to give secular yet philosophical organizations or movements that set themselves apart from organized religion or even religion in the first place the ability to hold legal marriage ceremonies, it allows "groups promoting a belief" to marry people. Now, before you go "Oh, come on, nerds, just because they put some vague wording in you've connected it to Star Wars, stop seeing stuff that isn't there," you should know that it's not us that's saying this opens the door for actual Jedi weddings. It's the Free Church of Scotland.

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  11. Things We Saw Today: Daenerys Targaryen as a My Little Pony

    Things We Saw Today

    The internet was killing me for content today so you get a Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen My Little Pony I created by using this flash program DeviantArt user GeneralZoi made. I also made one of myself as Dany because I'm that girl. (via The Bird and the Bat) 

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  12. Man Invites Virtual Girlfriend to Wedding, Which Goes Over Poorly With Real-Life Bride

    When a Japanese couple decided to tie the knot recently, they wanted everyone who was important in their life to be on hand to share in their joyous day. One catch -- for the groom, those important people included NeNe Anegasaki, his virtual girlfriend in the Nintendo DS dating sim Love Plus. The perfectly charming piece of software even had a place set for her at the wedding, so that everyone on hand could meet her. If that seems like an idea that can pretty much only end badly, congratulations, because you are a person with common sense.

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  13. Television Is Destroying Our Romantic Relationships, As If We Need The Help

    We can add television to the list of things that are destroying marriages across the world. According to a recent study from Albion University, watching television can be a significant cause of marital strife, right up there with "no longer caring what you look like" and "deciding to be the person you actually are in front of your spouse." It's not just because watching TV comes to be the easiest alternative to speaking with someone you once cared for but have slowly, almost glacially, grown to despise after years of crushing familiarity has transformed once adorable quirks into banal tics that set your teeth to grinding. No, it's because seeing happy, devoted couples on television makes us wish that we were happy and devoted to someone, instead of just being married to them.

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  14. Facebook Introduces Same-Sex Marriage Icons


    Just under a year and a half since announcing the option to proclaim a same-sex relationship on Facebook, the social network has now introduced new icons for those same-sex couples who get married! The new icons -- two brides and two grooms (obviously) -- will be featured on the Facebook Timeline when a user changes their status to "Married" and specifies that they are now in a same-sex marriage. Just in time for Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes to announce his own marriage to Sean Eldridge! Congratulations, gentlemen! Next: waiting to see an icon pop up on Anderson Cooper's Facebook page. We'll go ahead and hold our collective breaths for that. But you guys, this is so great! It's like making up for Pride Month being only 30 days long! Better than a bonus second!

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  15. Anti-Cheating Ring Imprints “Married” Onto Finger, Reminds Us Not to Marry a Cheater

    Most likely some kind of hilarious joke, this ring is not only made of titanium, but hides a dastardly secret: It imprints the word "married" onto your skin. You know, to stop you from cheating in that very small scenario that someone who knows you're a cheater would buy you a ring because of it instead of leave you, and also for when the person you're going to cheat with actually cares that you're married.

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  16. Things We Saw Today: Two Guys, A Marriage, & A Comic Shop

    Things We Saw Today

    Congratulations are in order for Ohio couple Scott Everhart and Jason Welker who tied the knot yesterday at Midtown Comics in New York City. The two had their first date at a comic-related event so it only made sense to get married in front of a wall of comics. All Astonishing X-Men #51 to be exact. (via The Advocate) 

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  17. Marvel Gives The View Exclusive Announcement On Big Marriage News For Gay Character Northstar! [VIDEO]


    Marvel Comics has decided to take their characters in a new direction, one that hasn't been explored in their pages before. Today, the publisher announced that their character Northstar would be proposing to his long-time boyfriend Kyle in the pages of Astonishing X-Men #50. And ABC's The View had the exclusive. Hit the jump to watch video of the big reveal! 

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  18. Things We Saw Today: The Official Wonder Woman Mrs. Potato Head

    Things We Saw Today

    Sprung fully formed fromt the potato head of Zeus. (Comics Alliance)

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  19. One Million Moms Asking Toys R Us To Pull Archie’s Gay Marriage Comic [UPDATED]

    And That's Terrible

    Remember when the group One Million Moms decided to go up against JC Penny and Ellen DeGeneres and failed miserably? Well this time they're going after Toys R Us and Archie Comics. Shall we start placing bets? 

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  20. Win-a-Divorce Radio Contest Foiled by Lesbians

    Wait For It...

    If there's anything that supporters of marriage equality hate more (than the bigots, of course), it's the constant reminder that people can actually get married and divorced on a whim, like it's nothing, really. People can get married in Las Vegas while drinking themselves into oblivion. Politicians decry same-sex marriage while married to their third wife. And radio shows can offer an on-air divorce as a prize in a contest. That's precisely what was being offered by a couple of disc jockeys at the New Zealand radio station The Rock, who announced a contest with the winner getting the chance to go on the air and tell his wife that he wants a divorce. On Valentine's Day. Darling. Well, the winner of that contest, who did, in fact, make it on to the air, was not exactly the type of winner the DJs were expecting, but they played along anyway. She was going to break up with her husband on the air. But when her "husband" made it on to the air, it turned out she was playing a prank on them -- with her wife. Bababooey!

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