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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Mark Ruffalo

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Mark Ruffalo Knows What Science Bros Is, Ships It

I can’t imagine that many of our readers aren’t familiar with “Science Bros,” but just in case, let me recap: It’s the pairing, sometimes platonically but often decidedly not, of Bruce Banner and Tony Stark in The Avengers. It’s sunshine and rainbows and flowers and science.

And now Mark Ruffalo ships it.



So a Planet Hulk Movie Isn’t Happening, Then?

In a Battle of the Anonymous Sources, Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that Latino Review‘s report from earlier this month that Marvel would be taking a trip to Planet Hulk for their standalone Hulk movie is “1,000% inaccurate.”

1000%. No wiggle-room there. So tell us, AICN. Why can’t Marvel utilize the Planet Hulk storyline, where the Hulkinator ends up on another planet and takes over?


Good News Everyone!

(Most of) The Avengers Assembling to Present at the Oscars

If the show gets attacked by aliens, don’t worry, they’ll take care of it. It might take them a little longer than normal, though, because Black Widow and Thor won’t be there.

Wait, who are we kidding? Black Widow’s totally doing her incognito spy thing in the audience. And Thor will bust through the ceiling if Loki decides to put in an appearance.


I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion

Marvel President Kevin Feige Talks Standalone Hulk Movie

One of the biggest unknowns in the lead-up to The Avengers‘ release was whether or not Mark Ruffalo‘s performance as Bruce Banner would fall flat. Of course, now we know Ruffalo’s take on the Hulk was one of the best parts of the movie. OK, maybe I’m biased in favor of Mark Ruffalo (always), but the point still stands that most reviewers, fans, etc. would agree that casting him more than paid off. So that leaves us with a question: When are we going to get a Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie?!


Stupid Human Tricks

Catch It While It Lasts: The Avengers‘ Gag Reel

I’m not entirely certain that this gag reel has been placed online in any official capacity… so we’ll have to see how long this particular version remains viewable. But for now, all I can say is: Cobie Smulders for President. Mark Ruffalo and his dainty hops for vice president.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: DC Universe and Dark Knight Rises MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives

These adorable flash drives would be the perfect place to store character-specific comics. (via Comicbook Resources.)


Oh Really?

ABC Is Still Planning a Hulk TV Series, But Has The Avengers Raised the Bar? (Answer: Yes)

Now that Marvel has earned all of the world’s money with The Avengers — having already passed the billion-dollar mark — ABC is going to try to hop on this gravy train and continue to develop a TV series for the character with director Guillermo Del Toro. This is not an entirely bad idea, considering The Incredible Hulk enjoyed a four-season run on CBS from 1978 to 1982. So, we know this can work on TV. But after The Avengers, do we really want to see someone besides Mark Ruffalo play Bruce Banner and his rowdy green counterpart? And even if we did, can they even top the latest big-screen version of the Hulk?



Dear Everyone Who Was Angry When Mark Ruffalo Was Cast As the Hulk: Thanks! Love, Mark Ruffalo

Hey, remember 2010, before The Avengers was fully cast, when everyone was speculating about who could fill up such an illustrious ensemble … and then Mark Ruffalo was cast as Bruce Banner/Hulk and everyone was really upset about it? “He’s an indie actor!” “I still like Ed Norton!” “He’s gonna suck!” “Thanks a lot, Marvel Disney!” “I’m not even gonna see this movie!” Doesn’t this all seem hilarious now that everyone totally saw The Avengers (some of us multiple times in a matter of days) and Ruffalo was the breakout star who made the Hulk positively incredible? Well, Ruffalo has message for all those people who doubted him, and it is one of gratitude.



Avengers to Officially Reassemble, Surprising No One; Marvel Stuff in Disney Parks is Go

Look. We live in a day and age where sequels are greenlit before their preceding films have even hit theaters, and whether or not a movie is critically acclaimed doesn’t necessarily have anything to say about whether it gets a follow up (see persistant rumblings of a Tron 3). So, yeah, nobody should really be surprised that a movie that has made $702 million dollars globally by the end of its first opening weekend in America, a movie whose merchandise Disney itself is reportedly having difficulty keeping in stock, a movie that set up for its own sequel in its post credits sequence, a movie that studio executives were saying was getting a sequel last October… is getting a sequel.

It is.



No Really: The Avengers is Still Filming Even After Its World Premiere

The Avengers had its world premiere on Wednesday, to a select group of critics, etc. (we were not included, if you were wondering), and the assumption by most of the people in attendance was surely that they were watching the film in its finished form. After all, it’ll be generally released in just three weeks.

But Robert Downey, Jr. threw a giant wrench in those assumptions yesterday morning, when he punctuated the end of a post-premiere press conference by saying “We are shooting one more scene [for The Avengers]… tonight.” Reportedly, while the crowd erupted in laughter at the supposed joke, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige winced. Downey added: “I’m not kidding. No more questions!” and then followed the rest of the cast off the stage, as if he were still playing the part of Tony Stark.

Even then, nobody in the press was really certain of what was going on, until somebody talked to the, uh, less known-to-be-jocular Mark Ruffalo.