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  1. These 1-Up Stuffed Mushroom Pizza Rolls Will Give You All The Energy You Need To Rescue The Princess

    And you've settling for Totino's pizza rolls for all these years. For shame!

    Chris-Rachael Oseland, aka Kitchen Overlord, is pretty amazing at taking your favorite geek icons and making them into adorable, delicious treats, particularly breads and stuffed rolls. These 1-Up mushrooms might be her cutest creation yet, and seem surprisingly easy to make considering that they look exactly like the ones that you find in the Mario franchise. I suddenly feel overcome with the desire to host a Nintendo themed party just so I have a valid excuse to try my hand at these.

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  2. Thank You, Mario, But You Can’t Afford the Down Payment on the Princess’s Castle

    Suddenly this puts a lot of Bowser's kidnapping attempts into sharp perspective.

    You know, Princess Peach really should be a more active character in the Mario series. After all, according to your favorite fictional castle cost calculators over at Movoto, the lady is ridiculous kinds of loaded. Exactly how loaded is that, you ask? Natalie Griegson estimated just how expensive the castle from Super Mario 64 would actually be in real currency, and yeah, it's a lot. What else would you expect from somebody who seemingly runs an entire kingdom?

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  3. Jed Henry Shows Us What Our Favorite Heroes Would Look Like as Japanese Woodblock Prints

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Jed Henry had a Ukiyo-e Heroes exhibit last fall at Gallery Nucleus, but now he has a new show,Ukiyo-e Heroes 2, with even more woodblock print versions of the heroes that grace our gaming consoles and television screens.  Check out some of the new prints above, along with a selection of older, but equally stunning versions of some favorite characters.  If you are so inclined, you can see even more, and even purchase the prints, at the Gallery Nucleus Website. The show runs until June 23 in Gallery Nucleus at 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA. (via Gallery Nucleus)

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  4. We Transcribed the Lyrics to The Root’s Mario Rap on Late Night So You Don’t Have To

    You're welcome, Internet.

    It's Game Week over at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and since Fallon has basically the best back-up band ever in The Roots, he used their unique talents to answer an audience request for lyrics to the Super Mario Brothers theme song. As you can see, it was a great success -- Tariq had some surprisingly poetical things to say about the Mushroom Kingdom. Check out the video and transcript right here.

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  5. Nintendo to Release Free-to-Play Game That’s Somehow Not Mario or Pokémon

    Warioware: Mega Microtransactions?

    A day after they spilled new information on many upcoming titles with their E3 Direct presentation, Nintendo still had something new up their sleeve. CEO Satoru Iwata mentioned in a Q&A with press yesterday that Nintendo have another project in the works -- a free-to-play game. Free-to-play games are all the rage these days, with titles like Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends finding massive success. While Nintendo is not a company that is always keen on capitalizing on current industry trends, this is one it turns out they apparently want to get in on. And really, who wouldn't want a Nintendo game you can play for free?

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  6. Playable Princess Peach Pleases Players

    Good News Everyone!

    Good news, everyone!* Princess Peach is playable in the new Super Mario, Super Mario 3D World, coming out for the Wii U. Aside from the introduction of the new cat-suit powerup, this game is also exciting because it is the first time Peach has been a playable character in a main-series Mario game (ie, the platformer staples that have been the core of the Mario series since the series began) since 1988 in Super Mario Bros. 2. She has appeared as a playable character in many Mario titles since then, but none within the primary line of platformers.

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  7. Cake or Nerdy Cake?

    om nom nom

    The Black Cherry Cake Company is all out of cake. They didn't realize there'd be such a rush. All they have left are these adorable geeky cakes. Okay, the Walker ears definitely don't count as adorable, but Daryl sure does.

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  8. Mario and Luigi Finally Get the Professional Help They So Clearly Need [Video]

    Brothers fight, sure, but some brothers have more to fight about than others. As far as family issues, go, Mario and Luigi probably have their fair share. They're always trying to grab the same power-ups, battle the same villains, and, of course, save the same Princess. Sometimes, it's bound to feel like the Mushroom Kingdom just isn't big enough for two Mario Brothers. In the latest episode of their new webseries Shrinkage, SCTV takes a look at the emotional toll their decades long rivalry has taken on these two noble plumbers, and it's pretty entertaining.

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  9. A Cat, Tricked by Holes in Cardboard, Becomes Fictional Characters for the Internet’s Amusement

    Elsewhere on the internet

    Chicosley says they left their cat in the care of their roommate for a week, and this was the result.

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  10. These Mario Easter Eggs Are No Secret

    om nom nom

    Because they're actual eggs! Not hidden parts of a video game! And the only thing that could make them better is if they were edible. Imnopeas crafted them for their son with acrylic paints, and warns that they are not for human consumption. Here are some in progress shots!

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  11. Princess Peach Does Some Rescuing Of Her Own

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    This is Gary Bedell's "He Just Might Be in Another Castle," and it is glorious. Stop getting kidnapped, Mario, the Princess has better things to do than rescue you all the time, God. Available as a shirt here, if you're so inclined. (via: Fashionably Geek) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  12. That Time of Year: Cartoon Cookie Cutters

    om nom nom

    Idly, this weekend, I did a search on Etsy for "cookie cutters," thinking that there must be some crazy stuff out there... and I was rewarded with WarpZone, a shop that not only has My Little Pony, Pokémon, and other video game themed cookie cutters on hand, but will also 3D print you a washing machine-safe cookie cutter of any design you like. But what you really want to see is what they have on hand, I know, and what the cookies actually look like. Come take a look!

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  13. Halloween Costumes for a Droid to Wear

    What It Says On the Tin

    Rest your diodes: your quest for a Halloween costume is at an end. It's just too bad the only one who'll do couples costumes with you is that overweight glob of grease you can't seem to ditch. And you're still peeved over the last time he told you you were acting like a "mindless philosopher." Maybe this year you can get that near-sighted scrap heap to dress up as an actual scrap heap.

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  14. Shigeru Miyamoto Explains Mario was Never Really a Doctor, and More

    Though Nintendo is basically omnipresent at this point (regardless of how much or little money their devices are printing), there are still some unsolved mysteries in the Nintendo universe, and a few mysteries left to create. For instance, have you ever wondered how Bowser has all of those children that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3, even though there's never a mention of a wife or mother? Have you happened to wonder why Mario has held a lot of blue collar jobs over the years, but somehow wrangled his way into becoming a doctor once upon a time? The esteemed and kind of insane Shigeru Miyamoto elucidates.

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  15. How Wreck-It Ralph Gets To Use All Those Famous Video Game Characters & Why Mario Was Left Out

    It's Technical

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph is a veritable who's-who of video game history. We saw several classic characters in the first trailer and a few more (heroes and villains) in the second trailer but one is conspicuously missing - Mario! You may be thinking it has something to do with property rights (and you're not alone) but then why is Mario's nemesis Bowser in the film and our favorite plumber is not? Producer Clark Spencer explains while revealing just how crazy video game companies are.

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  16. Super Smash Bros. in Real Life Is Surprisingly Gritty

    The folks over at De-Pixelated have brought live action to perhaps the world's most cutesy fighting game, re-imagining Super Smash Bros. as a no-holds-barred brawl between Mario and Luigi, which really captures some of the bad blood that has to exist in that relationship. Because, hey, sometimes brothers fight. And as anyone with a brother will tell you, it's not all Pokeballs and cartoon hammers. Mostly it's just thumbs to the eye and cheap shots you'll hear about at every holiday dinner for the rest of your life.

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  17. A Super Mario Bros. Level Created With Post-It Notes Because, Why Not?

    Fans Do Cool Things

    There comes a point in your gaming life when Super Mario Bros. levels become so engrained in your head you could play them with your eyes closed and still get six fireworks. Perhaps the solution is to then create your own level. Out of Post-It notes. Yeah, why not? That's what the Final Cut King group (previously of Lightsaber Kitties and Kitten Pikachu fame) set out to do with 7,000 of the sticky reminders. Take a look, you might see some other classic game character cameos as well.

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  18. Watch in Rapt Amazement as a Beautiful Chalk Mario Takes Shape [Video]

    You've no doubt seen amazing chalk drawings that are so exacting in their geometric precision that they actually appear to pop (or plummet) from the pavement. While these are obviously labors of love, this time-lapse video of artist Chris Carlson creating a 3D Mario piece is stunning. Especially how much time he spends on the D-pad alone. Marvelous.

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  19. Super Modern Mario Bros Brings Gibs to Goomba-Stompin’ [Video]

    Sure, it's not a real trailer, and the gore is totally uncalled for, but something about Super Modern Mario Bros. still seems ever-so-slightly more intruging than the new New Super Mario Brothers games. If nothing else, it has a much better name.

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  20. A 250 Square Foot Glowing Mario Night Kite

    If you were looking for a cool do-it-yourself project that involved showing off whatever you made to everyone in the local area by sending the project 1,000 feet up into the night sky, Mark Rober has you covered with this sweet Mario night kite.

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