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March Madness

  1. Jimmy Kimmel Teaches You How To Fake An Interest in March Madness

      March is a tough month for me because college basketball falls pretty much at the bottom of the list of things I'm interested in, but for weeks every year it's all anyone talks about. Although I've given up pretending to care about the NCAA tournamnet, others still put on a brave front. That's why Jimmy Kimmel made a video teaching us how to fake an interest in college basketball. Look like Dick Vitale* around your pals with these helpful hints.

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  2. Fellow Geeks Explain March Madness Using Only Star Wars Analogies [Video]

    The annual mental health awareness event college basketball tournament that is March Madness has officially descended on us once more, leaving plenty of us out in the cold without a clue as to what, exactly, is happening. If you haven't watched a game all year but still want to be able to engage your colleagues in conversation for the rest of the week, we've got a helping hand for you in this short video that explains everything you need to know about the NCAA's biggest event of the year in a language we can all understand: Star Wars analogies.

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  3. This NPR Bracket Might Be Nerdiest Alternative to NCAA Tournament

    Today starts the NCAA March Madness tournament. Yawn. I don't want to perpetuate the stereotype that geeks can't also like sports, but man, do I hate March Madness.* The real action is in public radio feuds, and that's why I'm pumped to see that 89.3 KPCC has 32 NPR shows going head-to-head in an NCAA style tournament bracket. The smart money (mine) is on Bullseye to take the whole thing against Car Talk in the finals.

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  4. The Odds of Filling Out a Perfect NCAA Bracket Are Amazingly Bad [Updated]

    Plus you'd have to watch a bunch of basketball.

    It's that time of year again, when chances are that some of you have been finagled into filling out a bracket for the NCAA March Madness Tournament. While this probably made sense to our readers who enjoy college hoops, for many of you, it was probably just an exercise in being cornered by a co-worker who talked very quickly, handed you a sheet of paper and took five of your dollars, an experience much like being mugged but with less bruising. If you're intimidated, don't be. In the interest of taking the pressure off, it helps to recall that it is statistically impossible to fill out a perfect bracket, so you're just as well off having fun with it. Isn't that a load off?

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  5. A New Way To Geek Out Over March Madness

    The NCAA men's basketball tournament is already kind of geeky. In much the same way that fantasy football affords football fans the ability to pour over quarterback ratings and yards after catch, March Madness is a joyous time for college basketball fans to nerd out over a team's quality wins and RPI.

    In preparation for this year's tournament, the NCAA, in collaboration with Thought Equity Motion, has unleashed NCAA Vault on an unsuspecting population of procrastinating office workers and college students. According to Playbook, the service "contains full, commercial-free footage of 150 tournament games from the past decade — every Sweet 16 game on to the championship from 2000 through last year."

    But that's not the coolest part:

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