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  1. Vlog Brother Hank Green Shows Off 42 Amazing Maps of the World

    42 maps may be the answer, but what's the question?

    Maps are incredibly useful and information dense little bits of imagery, and that's why Hank Green of the YouTube channel VlogBrothers loves them. In this video he excitedly explains (as he does with most things) what is so great about maps, and shows off 42 maps he thinks are amazing. It could change how you see the world. Literally.

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  2. Fans Piece Together Grand Theft Auto V Map, Try to Wait Patiently for Release

    Is it September yet?

    Rockstar has already promised that Grand Theft Auto V will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, and San Andreas combined, but it's not just about the size: It's how they use it, and right now, it looks like players will have plenty of space should they want to get away from the rush of the city. Fans of the upcoming game have constructed a full map of the game's world well before its September release.

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  3. Fully Embrace Pop Culture With These Sweet Map Art Prints

    If you tell your parents or significant other that you "finally cleared out all the quests in the Gap of Rohan in the Rise of Isengard expansion" in The Lord of the Rings Online or that you "achieved 100% map completion on Tyria" in Guild Wars 2, chances are, they're not going to appreciate your hard-won endeavor. But what if the places you explored and conquered in those digital realms were matted and framed on your wall in the real world, rendered as maps of fine art? That's what City Prints does. If it's framed on a wall, it's legit, right?

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  4. Counter-Strike Map Maker Getting Sued Over Montreal Subway Map

    Counter-Strike maps of real places are nothing new, but getting sued over making one is a new one on us. That's exactly what seems to be happening to map builder Diego Liatis, whose recreation of Montreal's Berri-UQAM subway station is so good, the Société de transport de Montreal, which operates the city's subways, is threatening to sue him if he doesn't shut the project down, citing the fact that the map could cause panic among subway riders. That's right, Montreal subway riders -- the Société de transport de Montreal (STM) doesn't think you can tell the difference between real life and Counter-Strike.

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  5. [Updated] Apple Maps Added to List of Things That Want to Kill You in Australia

    I've never been to Australia, but I have seen the Australian anthropological documentary Beyond Thunderdome, so I think I have a pretty good handle on what things are like down under. It's basically one big Rube Goldberg device set into motion to kill you, right? Poisonous spiders, poisonous snakes, poisonous marauders hunting for gas. It can be a dangerous place, and if you have an iPhone it's even more dangerous. Police in Mildura, Victoria are warning travelers that if they use Apple Maps to get there, they could die.

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  6. Nokia Does the Impossible, Makes an iOS Maps App Worse than Apple Maps

    We thought Apple Maps was the bottom of the barrel in terms of iOS navigation, but Nokia just proved how low the bar can go with the release of Here Maps for Apple iOS. The new software manages to be more buggy and less reliable than Apple's own Maps app, which is really saying something. For anyone hoping a better solution to the whole maps debacle would come along, Nokia's Here Maps is not that knight in shining armor.

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  7. Apple’s Maps Aren’t Functional Because They’re Actually a Depressing Art Project [Video]

    The internet loves to complain about Apple fans. There are plenty of reasons why people find Apple fanboys (and girls) annoying, but the central problem generally revolves around their tendency to explain away every problem with Apple's products with some sort of non-technical excuse, shrugging off the company's missteps as strokes of artistic genius. With that in mind, even true members of the cult of Mac have been at a loss recently looking for a reason why Apple's new Maps app, which even Apple admitted isn't the best service available, is actually amazing.

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  8. Guess What? Apple’s Maps Aren’t “The Most Powerful” Anymore

    Hot off the heels of Apple CEO Tim Cook's sheepish apology to consumers over their lackluster new Maps app, Apple has retracted one of its boldest statements about the highly-criticized service. Until yesterday, Apple's description of Maps on their website called it "the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever." That sentence, which would now seem especially foolish in light of Mr. Cook's statement, has since been retracted and replaced.

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  9. Google Continues to Let Apple Hang Itself, Has No Maps App Waiting

    With the update to iOS 6, Apple finally rolled out their own mobile Maps app that would supposedly compete with what was previously offered by Google Maps. As most are well aware, the information that Apple managed to cobble together into one semi-cohesive lump has proven to be less than accurate. Some railway stations are designated as parks, parks as ponds, and ponds as unobstructed thoroughfares. In short, they border on dangerous. Google, while still maintaining something of a neutral stance, has now said that they have no app of their own on the way.

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  10. Map of “Beer” and “Church” Tweets Shows a Nation Divided

    Maybe "a nation divided" is a little overdramatic, but there certainly are some regional differences between U.S. counties with the most Tweets with the word "beer" and those with the word "church" as shown by Floating-Sheep's new map. Does your hometown take the path to salvation or to inebriation?

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