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  1. A Delicate Balance: Why You Should Read Ai Yazawa’s Nana

    Morgana reviews Nana!

    It's hard to write about Nana without feeling as though I'm not doing it justice; this is more than a mere two-best-girlfriends-embroiled-in-romance story. The Nanas really exemplify a beautiful duality, the difficulty between balancing real love and a passionate career. And beyond that, the story is very realistic, with little room for romantic tropes or expected outcomes.

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  2. Otaku Dictionary: Japanese Honorifics

    Allow us to explain.

    When you first watch Japanese animation in its native language it's only natural that you'd come across words that you don't understand.

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  3. Nerd Semantics Cross Language Barriers With Yaoi, Slash, & Otaku


    Words change, and words get used different ways in different places. Ask someone from the United States what word they use to refer to carbonated beverages, and you will hear at least two different answers. Sometimes three or more. English borrows words all the time from different languages, too. In anime and manga fandom, the words involved tend to be borrowed from Japanese. Words like otaku, words like yaoi.

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  4. Attack on Titan Creator, Publisher On Character’s Gender

    Today in Awesome

    Manga artist and writer Hajime Isamaya created Attack on Titan, a manga and anime that is beautiful, dark, and complex...and also extremely popular.  It also features a character named Zoë Hange who, despite their female first name, is consistently not gendered in the course of the manga or anime.  Isamaya has clearly done this deliberately, as he's repeatedly avoided giving Hange (or Hanji as the name is often written) a specific binary gender. Publisher Kodansha has now gotten in on the discussion via their Tumblr account and is attempting to keep the Attack on Titan manga as close to Isamaya's vision as possible.

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  5. “Throw Stones” Is A Stunningly-Beautiful Song Tribute To Sailor Moon

    In the name of the moon, she will make you cry.

    Singer-songwriter Mary Bichner is an incredibly-talented vocalist and composer - and also a huge fan of Sailor Moon. When you put her passions together, you get "Throw Stones," a haunting tribute to Sailor Galaxia (a character who appears towards the end of the Sailor Moon story-arc).

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Celebrate Christmas With the Hogfather

    Things We Saw Today

    Discworld's Mort Death as the Hogfather as a cake. By Jo Orr of Ciccio Cakes. (That's Nerdalicious)

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  7. Dramatic Manga Plates Will Make Your Meal Way More Exciting

    om nom nom

    You're never too old to play with your food, right? These plates are available on the Japanese site Comicalu, and they're guaranteed to bring the drama.

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  8. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Getting Manga Adaptation, Because Sure, Why Not

    The absurd of Abstergo.

    Move over, One Piece, there's a new pirate-themed manga in town. And a very unlikely one at that. Japanese magazine Jump is going to publish a manga series based on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, a game made by French developer Ubisoft. Manga based on video games aren't anything particularly new, but one based on a Western game is pretty unusual -- Western games are rarely popular with Japanese gamers, and only series like The Legend of Zelda and Strider have successfully made their way to the right-to-left format, so this is both extremely weird and cool.

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  9. Dragon Ball Creator Goes Galactic With New Manga

    Wish to Shenron that it'll be good

    It's been revealed that legendary manga, anime, and video game artist Akira Toriyama -- best known for the Dragon Ball series -- is writing a brand new manga for magazine Weekly Shonen Jump starting this July. The series was created in celebration of Jump's 45th anniversary, and is called Ginga Patrol Jako, or Galactic Patrol Jako. The new series is set to premiere in the July 13th issue.

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  10. Guillermo del Toro Is Working With A Doctor Who Writer to Adapt a Manga for HBO. So Much Geekiness In One Sentence.

    Bloody Good Fun

    I can't even joke about Guillermo del Toro picking up tons of projects anymore. It's too easy. The new addition to his slate is the manga Monster, which del Toro is TV show-ifying for HBO. (Game of Thrones. A Guillermo del Toro-helmed manga adaptation. Dang, HBO. So geeky. Keep it up.)

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