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Magnus Carlsen

  1. Watch Round 6 of the 2014 Tromsø Chess Olympiad Live

    King me. What do you mean, "Wrong game"?

    Today is round 6 of the 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway. As we enter round 6, Azerbaijan, Serbia, and Kazakhstan are in the top 3 spots and will face off against Georgia, Bulgaria, and Cuba respectively. The match to watch for today, though, should be the one between Magnus Carlsen, ranked #1 in the world, and rival Fabiano Caruana, who is ranked #3. You don't see two people this skilled at something compete against each other every day.

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  2. [Update] Everything You Need to Know About the 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway

    Item 1: Chess is the best.

    Friday August 1st kicks off the Chess Olympiad 2014. What exactly is the Chess Olympiad? Teams from 174 countries compete for world chess dominance. It happens every two years, and it's the fourth-largest sporting event in the world. It's a big deal for chess nerds. Here's everything you need to know to get on board.

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  3. Magnus Carlsen is the First Man to Win the Chess Triple Crown, but Not the First Person

    Let's not forget about Susan Polgar!

    It's a big day for chess nerds! World Champion Magnus Carlsen just took the Chess Triple Crown by holding the World Blitz, Rapid, and Classic titles consecutively. I've seen some reports that Carlsen is the first player in history to ever pull this off, but he's not. Susan Polgar did it back in 1996.

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  4. Sochi Is Hosting The 2014 World Chess Championship Between Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand

    Nice to see the Olympic village will actually be used for something interesting.

    In 2013 Magnus Carlsen unseated Viswanathan Anand as the World Chess Champion in ten (well, nine really) truly compelling games hosted in Chennai, India. Today FIDE announced that this year's championships will be a rematch between the two competitors, and held in Sochi, Russia at the Olympic village.

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  5. Watch Magnus Carlsen Play With Himself

    I see he's using the "beating the bishop" defense.

    World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen played a quick game this morning against himself at age 20 with the power of time travel his chess app Play Magnus. He put the game up on his YouTube channel so we can all watch him trash talk his younger self. So how did current 23-year-old Magnus fair against Days of Magnus Past?

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  6. Magnus Carlsen Drew Against a Guy in a Red Bodysuit Because Sometimes Chess Is Real Weird

    You're never going to guess who's in the suit! (Unless you're really into Norwegian winter sports.)

    World chess champion Magnus Carlsen is currently challenging his entire home country of Norway, and one challenger was the guy on the right, who chose to wear a full, head-to-toe red bodysuit. The game came to a draw, but the real question here is, "Who's the guy in red?" The answer is surprising (especially if you're not Norwegian.)

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  7. Magnus Carlsen Is Doing a Reddit AMA! Get Your Chess Questions Ready!

    First question: Why'd you shoot this video with your phone vertical?

    Have a burning chess question for the World Champion Magnus Carlsen? You'll have your chance to ask it coming up on March 19th at 10:00AM ET, because Carlsen is doing an AMA! We'll start thinking of questions and bring you some of our favorites answers from Carlsen after the AMA.

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  8. World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Releases iOS App That Lets You Lose to Him at Any Age

    It's not worth losing if you can't lose big!

    If you're going to lose a game of chess, it might as well be against the greatest player in the world right now (and arguably ever.) World Champion Magnus Carlsen just released a free iOS app that lets you play simulated versions of himself from age five up to his current age of 23.

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  9. Carlsen Tops Zurich Chess Challenge Classical Rounds, Watch Live as The Competitors Face Off in Rapid Games

    Everyone bet on Carlsen, right?

    As if there were ever any doubt, World Champion Magnus Carlsen has won the Classical portion of the 2014 Zurich Chess Challenge. Today the competitors will square off for a series of rapid games, and of course you can watch it live right here.

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  10. Watch the World Championship Rematch Between Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand in Round 5 of the Zurich Chess Challenge

    Just imagine I made a really great sports analogy here to illustrate how exciting this match is.

    We've been super pumped all week for the Zurich Chess Challenge, but today's especially exciting, because we'll see a rematch between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and the man he beat the for the title just a few short months ago in Chennai, India's Viswanathan Anand. Anand has a chance for revenge, but does he have what it takes to beat Carlsen?

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  11. Happy Super Bowl Zurich Chess Challenge Sunday! Watch Round 4 Right Here

    Chess is still more interesting than footballs.

    Round 4 of the Zurich Chess Challenge is about to get underway. After Round 3, World Champion Magnus Carlsen has pulled into the lead with a brutal win over Hikaru Nakamura. The other two games -- Levon Aronian vs. Boris Gelfand and Fabiano Caruana vs. Vishy Anand -- ended in draws.

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  12. Get Pumped for Some Saturday Morning Chess With Round 3 of the Zurich Chess Challenge

    Chess Bump.

    We're heading into day three of the Zurich Chess Challenge. Carlsen vs. Aronian and Gelfand vs. Caruana both drew, and Anand vs. Nakamura ended with another disappointing loss for the former world champion Anand. You can watch all those games, and check out today's action live right here.

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  13. Don’t Miss Round 2 of the 2014 Zurich Chess Challenge

    Otherwise, you won't know what I'm talking about when I keep trying to change the subject at your Super Bowl party.

    Round 1 of the Zurich Chess Challenge kicked off yesterday. Not surprisingly, Boris Gelfand lost to World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Hikaru Nakamura drew against Fabiano Caruana to gain half a point each, and Viswanathan Anand lost his first match to Levon Aronian. There are new matchups today, and we're excited to see how things play out.

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  14. Carlsen and Aronian Tie in Blitz Competition, Watch Live as Round 1 of Zurich Chess Challenge 2014 Kicks Off

    Round 1... FIGHT!

    Yesterday's blitz games to decide who will play which color at the Zurich Chess Challenge came down to a tie between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian. That gives both men an advantage going into the first round, and you can watch it live right here.

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  15. Why You Need to Watch the 2014 Zurich Chess Challenge [Updated]

    We've got the live stream for you right here, friend.

    The Super Bowl is this Sunday, but whoooooo caaaaaaaaaaaaares!? There's an incredible chess tournament about to get underway in Zurich. You can watch footballmen smash into each other between soda commercials, or you can watch six of the best chess players in the world fight it out at the Hotel Savoy. Your move.

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  16. See Magnus Carlsen Crowned New World Chess Champion at FIDE 2013 Closing Ceremonies [Update]

    Carlsen gets bonus points if he shouts, "King me!" at some point.

    It's been an exciting ten-game series between Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand during the 2013 FIDE World Chess Championship, and at the end of it all Carlsen came out on top with a solid three-game lead. Watch him claim his new title as World Chess Champion during the event's closing ceremonies.

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  17. It’s Official: We Have a 2013 FIDE World Championship Chess Match Wnner

    If you saw Game 10, this shouldn't be surprising.

    Hooray! A winner has finally been declared for the 2013 FIDE World Championship, so now we can all stop getting up at 4:30 in the morning to watch chess! Or course, on the downside, we won't have as much awesome chess to watch anymore, but at least being able to get a full night's sleep will make up for that. So who's the winner?

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  18. Watch Game 10 of the FIDE World Chess Championship, Anand vs. Carlsen [Updated]

    You should really watch this one, because there's probably not going to be a Game 11.

    Game 10 of the FIDE World Championship kicks off Friday morning, but Game 9 all but assured a victory for challenger Magnus Carlsen. If Vishy Anand is going to hold on to his title, he will have to sweep the three remaining games, and win a tiebreaker round.

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  19. Watch Game 9 of the FIDE World Chess Championship, Anand vs. Carlsen [Updated]

    Seriously, Anand. If you're going to start winning, now's totally the time to do that.

    We're getting into the endgame of the 2013 FIDE World Chess Championship, and from the look of things, everything's coming up Magnus. Carlsen has a two game advantage over opponent Vishy Anand meaning Anand has to win at least three of these last four games to keep his title. It's a tough spot, but we'd like to see him fight his way out.

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  20. Watch Game 8 of the FIDE World Chess Championship, Anand vs. Carlsen [Updated]

    If Vishy is waiting to strike, now's probably the time to do that.

    Game 7 played out in a surprisingly quick draw compared to the last few games, and Magnus Carlsen defended his two-game lead over Vishy Anand. There are five games left, so we won't count Anand out, but he's really going to need to swing momentum back his way to defend his title. Can he do it in Game 8?

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