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  1. Fictional Character Crushes: Don’t Pretend You Don’t Have Them

    Sara's Top Fandom Crushes. Apparently, I kind of have a "type." Don't judge. ;-)

    Different characters can "speak" to different parts of our psyche at different times in our lives and heck, let's be honest - at different times of the same day. I have broken down my fictional crushes into some categories to help organize my thoughts on the matter. Feel free to share your own crushes and opinions in the comments!

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  2. Things We Saw Today: The Best Magneto Cosplay Ever



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  3. The Saga Of The X-Cats Continues With Professor X Cat

    Also known as Charles Meowxavier.

    From Kaipo Jones, the guy who brought you Wolverine Cat and also Cyclops cat, comes this life-changing new video: Professor X Cat. There might be bonus Catrebro and even some Catneto. You'll just have to check it out. So many tiny cat helmets.

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  4. These Boots Give You Magneto-Like Powers, Let You Walk On Any Metal Ceiling Like An X-Boss

    You can't defeat me now, Charles, not with my powers of walking upside-down!

    If you saw X-Men: Days of Future Past this weekend, you're probably in an X-Men frenzy. Awesome garage mechanic Colin Furze takes his excitement to the extreme by building a DIY pair of Magneto boots that let him walk upside-down on a metal ceiling. I'm going to need a pair of these, stat.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Karen Gillan’s New Oculus Poster

    Things We Saw Today

    Amy Pond, you get out of that mirror right now. (SciFiNow)

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  6. Marko Manev’s Takes On Lord of the Rings, Comic Book Villains Are The Prettiest Of The Pretty

    It Belongs in a Museum!

    These two projects by artist Marko Manev take epic and make it gorgeous. You can no longer buy the Lord of the Rings ones, but the Villain Noir prints will be on sale this weekend at the Bottleneck Gallery booth at NYCC. There will also be a special sale Saturday on their website.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: A Captain Picard Quilt

    Things We Saw Today

    As long as you have this quilt by Candy Coated Quilts you can say you're sleeping with Sir Patrick Stewart and it will only kind of be a lie. (Nerd Approved)

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  8. Introducing: Lego Agent Coulson

    Faster than a speeding bullet!

    DC isn't the only comic book company whose superheroes are getting the Lego treatment: Marvel is getting its own Lego superhero game come fall! Who will be in this new game, you ask? Sure, the basics like Wolverine, Spiderman, and Captain America. But who else? Well, here are some of the most recent images for your Lego edification. Your Legoficiation. If you want to see the rest of the new crew, check out the source post over at ComicBookMovie.

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  9. First Posters For X-Men: Days Of Future Past Feature Xavier and Magneto Young And Old


    The first posters just came out for Days of Future Past, and they are staying true to the general "time travel/different eras" theme. The way that they managed to match up Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellan's faces is pretty rad, and the same goes for the image of both Xaviers (Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy). Marvel really does know how to cast their actors! Go under the cut for the second poster.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: A Sherlock Bag To Help You Blend In

    Things We Saw Today

    Just think, you could wear this bag, sneak onto the set of BBC Sherlock and no one would be the wiser. For sale on Etsy by FeerieDoll, $30. (via Fashionably Geek)

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  11. Marvel Heroes and Villains Walk Their Kids to School

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    Andry Rajoelina is the artist who brought us the "parents" of the DC universe walking their sidekicks to school, and if you didn't think there could be anything sadder than Hal Jordan conjuring himself a child to walk with, well I have bad news for you, because Spider-Man.

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  12. Beast And Magneto Play In The Kiddie Pool On Set of X-Men: Days of Future Past

    What the Heck is Happening In This Set Photo?

    Nicholas Hoult and Michael Fassbender were recently spotted on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past acting like little children. Ok, technically they were filming what appears to be a fight scene but in between takes they splashed around like kids on a hot summer's day. A few more shots after the jump. 

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  13. The Best Answers To Come Out Of Ian McKellen Taking Over The Hobbit Twitter Feed Yesterday

    Questions! Questions That Need Answering

    We already love Sir Ian McKellen a great deal but a recent takeover of the official The Hobbit twitter feed reminds us why. The thespian was asked questions by fans via an #AskGandalf hashtag and answered so many, the account hit their maximum for the afternoon. But don't worry, plenty was said and we've documented it here for posterity. Hit the jump to see which were our favorites (the questions are on the right). We've ranked them by how many favorites they received from users.

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  14. Things We Saw Today: A Steampunk Portal Gun

    Things We Saw Today

    Duncan Shirah made a Steampunk Portal gun. Now I want a Steampunk Companion Cube. Make it happen, people. (via Nerd Approved) 

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  15. Cell Phone Baby Pictures Are Cool. So Are Geek Baby Showers.

    Do Try This At Home

    The advent of cell phones with cameras worried a lot of people who were all about classic family photo albums and well, crappy cell phone photo apps made things even worse but cute pictures are cute pictures and you can't deny that these will go down in family history. And while we're at it, let's show you how to have a sweet nerd baby shower too.

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  16. Sir Ian McKellen Originally Had To Choose Between Magneto And Gandalf

    The World May Never Know

    You've heard of "Sophie's Choice," right? Well I think we're going to have to start a new geek phrase - "McKellen's Choice." Sir Ian McKellen, actor with an impressive resume but best known to fans as Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings and Magneto from X-Men, recently revealed that at one point, it was one role or the other, not both.

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  17. Things We Saw Today: Baby Magneto

    Things We Saw Today

    Imagine how crazy The Incredibles would have been if Jack-Jack was really named Magnus ... By Victor Hugo Queiroz. (At /Film)

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  18. “Born This Way,” X-Men Style

    Mutatis Mutandis

    X-Men. Gaga. It was only a matter of time before the two collided. Why? Just look at that helmet! I'm surprised Lady Gaga hasn't already worn that for her morning coffee run. In any case, both franchises (and yes, I do count Gaga as a "franchise") spend a great deal of energy touting the worldview that you should accept who you were born as. Equal rights, and all that. And what better way is there to make that connection than with an acoustic guitar, a camera, and the Magneto costume you keep tucked in the back of your closet? (Blastr via Youtube)

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  19. Magneto and Green Lantern Duke It Out [Video]

    If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

    We wish we knew how to quit you, ItsJustSomeRandomGuy. Start making things that aren't funny. Yeah. That'll do it. Stop saying things like "I have a franchise, you have Van Wilder in space," and then we'll stop posting your videos. (YouTube)

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  20. Hilarious DIY Magneto Helmet

    For those who really wanted to be a supervillain, but only have a couple bucks, Flickr user Vo Maria shows us that anyone can manipulate metals so long as they have some paper, a bucket, a small saw, scissors and some tape. Maybe one day Magneto's origin story will get a reboot to reflect this hilarious helmet.

    (via Geeks are Sexy)

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