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Magic: The Gathering

  1. Magic: The Gathering Smiles at Trans Representation with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death

    Wizards of the Coast has revealed one of the characters in the new Magic: the Gathering - Fate Reforged set is a trans woman. Alesha, Who Smiles at Death is the very first trans woman in the game’s lore. In a story titled, “The Truth of Names,” Alesha leads her warriors into battle. Weaved into the tale between gory descriptions of death and combat is a subtle story about identity and finding who you are.

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  2. Ever Wonder What It Feels Like To Be A Geek? This Magic: The Gathering Collector Gives You A Taste

    I often get asked what makes me a geek. My usual response? Intense passion for something. So yes, "being a geek" to me isn't necessarily relegated to the genre medium of comic books, video games, etc. People who get really excited over sports are no different than people who get really excited about a collectable statue. And collectors, well they're tangentially connected. Not all collectors do it for the money but when a huge score falls on your lap, it's hard not to get really excited.

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  3. Hasbro Launches New Site To Let Fans 3D Print And Sell Designs

    Friendship3D printing is magic.

    Hasbro has launched a new site to give fans unprecedented freedom to create, produce, and sell art based off popular content such as My Little Pony, Transformers, and Magic: The Gathering.

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  4. Game of Thrones Writer to Bring Death and Pain to Magic: The Gathering Movie

    Someone's gonna die.

    Back when the Magic: The Gathering movie was first announced, Geekosystem's Victoria (now The Mary Sue's Victoria, because all your Geeko writers are belong to us) worried that it might turn out like Dungeons & Dragons or Battleship, other tabletop games that got the film treatment. Now we know that won't be the case, because neither Dungeons & Dragons nor Battleship have nearly enough incest.

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  5. Fox Developing Magic: The Gathering Movie, Because That Went So Well For Dungeons & Dragons?

    If they really wanted to pull something ballsy, it would just be 90 minutes of people playing cards.

    We're sorry, Magic: The Gathering fans (alternately, congratulations! But we're guessing "sorry" is more apt). Your beloved tabletop card game is being made into a feature-length film by Fox. We fear no good can come from this.

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  6. Money: The Gathering: Fox Acquires Film Rights to Magic: The Gathering, Planning Franchise

    This is just like magic!

    Daring the curse of all movies about fantasy-based games to strike them with lightning, 20th Century Fox has announced that they are founding a movie franchise "on the scale of Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings" on Magic: The Gathering, that game you wanted to learn because every middle school boy who would sometimes talk to you was playing it but didn't because people already made fun of you for talking to them about Animorphs all the time. Okay, maybe that was just me.

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  7. Rumored Elspeth Ascended Card From Upcoming Magic: The Gathering Set Theros Spoiled

    Mother of Runes plus Oblation plus Iridescent Angel equals the new Elspeth?

    Hot on the heels of the release of Magic 2014 and the SDCC info dump for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering expansion, Theros, comes the first possible complete card spoiler for the set. The above image appears to originate from the forums, posted by the user Wizard. If this pans out, things could get interesting.

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  8. Fan Gives Game of Thrones Characters Their Own Magic: The Gathering Cards

    It is known

    Tumblr user JermTube has added one geeky thing to another and created Magic: The Gathering cards for Game of Thrones characters. A few favorites are behind the jump (though I'll admit it was hard to narrow it down); the entire set can be found here, here, and here.

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  9. Exclusive: Say Hello to Magic 2014′s Vastwood Hydra

    Only a few months 'til Magic 2014 hits the shelves on July 19th, and you know what that means: Spoiler season is officially under way, and have we got a hydra for you!

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  10. First Spoilers for Magic 2014: Slivers are Back!

    Earlier this morning Wizards of the Coast started dropping hints about clicking, cracks and snaps, a Moggling game, and a mysterious pulse. Punching these each into Gatherer reveals, you guessed it, some classic slivers. It wasn't soon after the slivers were out of the bag that the first official Magic 2014 spoilers were released: We've got six new slivers coming, but with two huge changes.

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