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  1. Mac App Store Already Cracked

    One day after the launch of the Mac App Store, the above graphic--which can be seen on Apple's website--takes on a whole new meaning: The Mac App Store has been cracked, allowing users to pirate any app found in the store after installing a crack called "Kickback." Read on past the jump for details.

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  2. The Best Games in the Mac App Store at Launch

    The Mac App Store launched earlier today, bringing the relative ease and slight addictiveness of obtaining programs the iOS way to Apple's computers, finally allowing OS X users to nickel-and-dime our e-wallets to death the way all those iPhone and iPad users get to. Upon browsing the store, in the midst of the obligatory litany of throw-away games and limited demos masquerading as free games lies a decent amount of extremely worthwhile and critically acclaimed games -- something most platforms don't generally accomplish at launch.

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  3. Was Apple’s Finder Icon Inspired by a Picasso Painting?

    From the start, Apple has been a company focused on design to a greater extent than most tech companies: While Steve Wozniak's groundbreaking architecture for the Apple II gave it an advantage over the other personal computers of the day, industrial designer Jerry Mannock's iconic beige case designs helped it and subsequent early Apple computers bridge the gap from hacker favorite to mass-market hit. And so it wouldn't be surprising, as Cattani Simone proposes, if Apple's Finder icon was influenced by Picasso's 1934 painting "Two Characters":

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  4. New MacBook Pros: Solid-State Drives, No Optical Drive, Next April [Rumor]

    If Three Guys and a Podcast's report holds true, the next iteration of the MacBook Pro will release in April 2011, featuring solid-state drives, and will dispense with optical drives, like the recent version of the MacBook Air. It is also speculated that the new MacBooks may feature Intel's Light Peak optical cabling, which is supposed to be a universal bus to replace various buses, such as SATA, USB, HDMI, PCI Express and FireWire.

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  5. FaceTime for Mac Has a Nasty Security Hole (Update)

    Yesterday, Apple rolled out the previously iPhone- and iPod Touch-only FaceTime videochat software to Mac computer users; however, as the German blog MacNotes has discovered, the current beta version of FaceTime for Mac has a security hole that could leave some users' Apple ID accounts compromised. Given that this could be used by an interloper to change the FaceTime user's password, locking them out of their own Apple account, as well as make purchases from the iTunes store, this is cause for concern.

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  6. Apple’s “Back to the Mac” Announcement Kicks Off at 1pm EDT: How to Follow

    Apple's Back to the Mac announcement is scheduled to begin at 1pm EDT: While some details of the announcement appear to have leaked via Apple's forums, including a new MacBook Air, iLife '11, and a possible mystery product, no one yet knows for certain what's in store. It seems pretty likely that the announcement will tease a new version of Mac OS X, tentatively known as "Lion" to the blogosphere thanks to the promotional picture Apple sent out last week (left); however, it's unclear whether that'd be ready to go on people's computers anytime soon or would merely be a sneak peek, consistent with Apple's schedule of releasing the past three updates two years apart each; then again, the rules may be different now. Update: We've written a comprehensive roundup of all the big announcements this afternoon.

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  7. “Back to the Mac” Apple Event on October 20th; New OS X on the Way?

    Apple has just sent out the above picture to journalists along with an invite to a Mac-centric event, to be held on October 20th. Lest you think that all they focus on nowadays is iPads, iPhones, iPods, and what have you, the event, titled "Back to the Mac," seems to tease a new version of Apple's OS X operating system. (Lion?) Tech reporter Omar Gallaga tweets that the invitation mentions "a sneak peek of the next major version of Mac OS X." The last update, Snow Leopard (OS X version 10.6) was released on August 28th, 2009; the previous version, Leopard (OS X version 10.5) was released on October 26, 2007. The first four versions of OS X (including the clunky, incomplete 10.0, Cheetah) were released a year or less than a year apart, but the past three have been released two years apart each, so we aren't exactly 'due' for a new OS X. That "sneak peek" could just be that; then again, more could be in store. We'll find out soon enough. (h/t Techland)

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  8. Best Buy CEO: iPad Cutting into Laptop Sales by 50%

    According to Best Buy Chief Executive Brian Dunn, Apple's iPad is eating up to 50% of PC laptop sales.

    Consumers aren't just buying up iPads left and right as an alternative to Mac laptops, as the iPads are equally cutting into Windows laptop sales as well. Due to this, Best Buy plans to expand its iPad distribution to every one of its stores that does not yet carry the Apple tablet, clearly displaying the sales prominence of the gadget. Chief electronics analyst for NPD Group Inc., Stephen Baker, says the market is trending differently now with mobile devices on the rise.

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  9. Mac Sleep Indicator Mimics Human Respiratory Cycle

    On most models of modern Apple laptops, the little light that indicates when the computer is in sleep mode is actually tuned to the rate at which the average adult breathes.

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  10. Seriously? Massachusetts School Forces Students to Buy Mac Laptops with Own Money

    Imagine an alternate reality wherein Oprah, like in our world, told her entire studio audience that they were each getting a car. Now imagine that in the other world, she added a little footnote at the end: "But you have to pay for it yourselves." A Massachusetts school, Beverly High, is committed to modernizing its education system. This apparently means students having laptops for use in class every day and for homework at night. But the school certainly isn't going to provide them itself, you need to buy them, unsuspecting students and your families.

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  11. UPDATED: Steam for Mac Is Finally Here! Where to Download It

    All morning, we've been watching The Twitter, desperately waiting for any sign that Steam for Mac was finally live. A lot of Mac-owning folks in Europe were understandably miffed that despite that announced release date of May 12th, Steam hadn't yet landed by their afternoons. Even in the U.S., people have been getting mighty impatient.

    Rejoice: As of 12:45 EST, Steam for Mac is officially available for download. It isn't yet live, though.

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  12. Mapping Apple Addicts Nationwide

    The analysts at Experian Simmons have turned their attentions to everyone's favorite group of inscrutable consumers: MacHeads. In a sweeping analysis of 206 designated market areas across the U.S., they've found and ranked the urban areas in which people are most likely to own Apple products like iPods, iPads, or Mac laptops or desktop computers.

    Not surprisingly, the Bay Area comes in at #1 -- but New York City is #4. The top five, after the jump:

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  13. Twitter Buys Tweetie: Developers Nervous

    In a move that has alarmed app makers, Twitter has acquired Atebits, the makers of Tweetie, the critically acclaimed Twitter app for iPhone and Mac. The $2.99 app has been reviewed in TIME and Wired, and won a 2009 Apple Design award. Loren Brichter, Atebits founder, weighed in on the Tweetie blog:
    It’s been a wild ride since 1.0, and over the last year and a half Tweetie has gone from a no-name app from a little known software company to an app hailed as one of the best mobile experiences around... and I’ve had the privilege of working with the folks at Twitter from the outside as their service evolved. Now I’ll be working with them on the inside. I’m happy to say that as of today Twitter is the proud owner of Tweetie - and I’m joining their mobile team and starting work on turning into, for iPhone and iPad.
    This marks Twitter's first foray into providing an official client for its microblogging service.

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  14. Apple’s “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” Ads: No More?

    Apple's "I'm a Mac / I'm a PC" commercials, which since 2006 have either been contrasting cool Apple kids with stuffy PC users or pitting intolerably smug MacHeads against charming John Hodgman, depending on your point of view, may be finished. In a recent interview with The Onion's delightful pop culture appendage The AV Club, Justin Long -- the "Mac" half of the commercials  -- said that while he couldn't speak definitively, he thinks the ads are kaput:

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  15. Mac OS X 10.6.3 Is Here: Third Update to Snow Leopard

    Windows users, UbuntuHeads -- feel free to skip this post. But our internal stats suggest that a fair number of our readers are Mac users, and you all may be interested to know that Apple has just released Mac OS X 10.6.3, the third update to their Snow Leopard operating system.

    Installation info and upgrade details after the jump:

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  16. Tourism Fail: New York City’s Apple Store Its 5th Most Photographed Landmark

    Move over, Statue of Liberty: You've been beaten by the 5th Ave. Apple Store on the list of New York City's most photographed landmarks.  While not quite as popular as the Empire State Building (#1), Times Square (#2), Rockefeller Center (#3), or Grand Central (#4), Apple's subterranean glass cube with its transporter-like cylindrical elevator is apparently a must-see stop on every tourist's itinerary.

    In global rankings, the Apple Store is the 28th most photographed landmark ON EARTH.

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  17. Kindle for Mac App Is Here

    Mac OS X users who have felt left out of the Kindle-syncing lovefest since Amazon rolled out Kindle for PC in November and Kindle for iPhone a little over a year ago have cause for rejoicing: as of last night, you can download Kindle for Mac for free, if you have OS X 10.5 or 10.6.

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  18. Rumor: New, Six-Core Mac Pro Coming Tuesday

    Apple loves making its buzzy tech announcements on Tuesday, and the latest round of rumors has it that this coming Tuesday is going to be a biggie for the desktop computing set: a new, revamped Mac Pro "hexacore" with six cores and a 3.33 GHz processor that can TurboBoost to 3.6 GHz.

    The current Mac Pro is a beastly powerful computer, and the rumored specs for the rumored new Mac Pro, which may or may not be announced on Tuesday, March 16, are more of the same.

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  19. Valve Becomes Mac-Friendly: Portal, Team Fortress 2 Will Run on Macs

    After beating around the bush with a mysterious ad campaign, gamemaker Valve has made a very exciting announcement for anyone who owns a Mac and plays games: Steam is coming to the Mac. Mac versions of the Steam service and Valve's entire library of games will become available in April.  Customers who have already bought games on Steam for the PC will be able to download the Mac version at no charge.  The first Valve game to have a simultaneous release in both operating systems will be Portal 2.

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  20. Is Steam Coming to Mac?

    For some time now, Mac users -- while secure in the knowledge that they clearly have the best OS -- have looked on jealously as their PC-running counterparts took advantage of Valve Software's Steam, a content delivery system best known for games that has a huge library and regularly posts jaw-dropping deals. And Steam is no niche thing: Gamasutra reports that it had 25 million active members in 2009.

    But based on new, though not entirely bulletproof evidence -- some hidden icons on Steam downloads with "osx" in their name -- Steam just may be coming to Mac.

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