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  1. There Was An Awesome Peach & Mario Dance To The Classic Theme On Dancing With The Stars Last Night

    Do the Mario!

    Last night was the first part of the Dancing with the Stars season finale, and Sadie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) and Mark Ballas made the most of their free style with this adorable homage to Mario. Peach, Mario, Luigi, and Toad all show up to groove to the game's classic themes. It's actually kind of the best.

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  2. Mario Can’t Withstand Luigi’s Sick Dance Moves in Weird Live Action Mario Kart Commercials

    Do the Luigi! Swing your arms from side to side, now pop and lock.

    It's weird to see a real car company like Mercedes-Benz get put into Mario Kart with DLC, but it's even weirder to see Mario characters get put into real Mercedes—mostly because of Luigi's apparent double life as a member of NSYNC. Meanwhile, it looks like Mario's been studying the death stare.

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  3. Kids Reacting to Luigi’s Death Stare Bring All the Adorable Impressions You’d Expect

    Fact: mustaches make you look 100% more sinister.

    Remember a few weeks ago when you couldn't stop laughing at the endless videos of Luigi hilariously eyeballing his Mario Kart 8 competition set to music that suddenly feels relevant again? That's great and all, but what do all of the innocent children in the game's target audience think of Luigi's new signature move?

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  4. TV News Tries to Make Sense out of Luigi’s Death Stare and His Senseless Violence

    Better watch your backs for anything spiky and blue, news anchors.

    We had a whole lot of fun with Luigi's death stare yesterday, which completely flipped my opinion on Mario Kart 8 and gave me a strong desire to own it. So, the evening news on a FOX New York affiliate tried to pull the same trick and make the news entertaining with Luigi to... mixed results.

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  5. Luigi’s Death Stare Is the Best Reason to Buy Mario Kart 8

    In case you needed additional reasons.

    Luigi is a one-man kart-racing meme machine in Mario Kart 8. In several slow motion videos and a handful of facial expressions, Mario Kart 8 has taught us more about Luigi's inner badass than any game he's been in so far. As his "death stare" expression very clearly states, the year of Luigi's not over, motherf@$&ers.

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  6. Realistic Mario Warns You That Dinosaurs Will Eat Your Friends

    Yoshi is not your dinosaur friend, sorry Mario.

    This episode of Realistic Mario pretty much sums up what would happen if you encountered a dinosaur. Yoshi viciously consumes everything because that's what carnivores do. As expected, it's highly doubtful that a dinosaur could be tame enough to let us ride on its back anyway. These episodes are turning out to be a very painful journey for Mario.

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  7. Luigi Actor Danny Wells Passed Away, “Year of Luigi” Gets Depressing

    We'll be doing a sad version of "The Mario" in memory of him.

    Danny Wells, the actor who played Luigi on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, passed away last week, which is a real downer for the 30th anniversary of Luigi's introduction in Mario Bros. this year. The actor portrayed Luigi in the show's live action segments, voiced him for the animated segments, and was generally a huge part of our childhoods.

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  8. Mario and Luigi Star in the First Two Episodes of The Four Players with Money, Drugs, and Mushrooms [Video]

    Yes, it's another gritty remake of something not-gritty. No, that's not necessarily a problem.

    The Four Players is a video series from Polaris and professional screenwriter Evan Daugherty featuring the characters from Mario Bros. like you’ve never seen them before. Two episodes exploring Mario and Luigi's personalities were released today, and two more featuring Princess Peach and Toad are coming soon.

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  9. Super Mario Bros. Parkour Video is as Amazing as You Want it to Be

    Now if they can just learn to keep the hats on...

    Parkour is pretty interesting to watch. I can't run around and do flips and stuff, so seeing other people who can is a nice way to kill a few minutes on the Internet, but oh man I love this Super Mario Bros. parkour video so much. It has guys dressed as Mario and Luigi, and the graphics are as impressive as the parkour. Enjoy.

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  10. Luigi Rides The Chicago “L” Train For Nintendo Promotional Event

    "They pull a mushroom, you pull a Fire Flower! That's the Chicago way!"

    Mario might have pioneered the platformer game genre, but today his brother Luigi's on a different platform: he's riding a special train on Chicago's Brown Line. Nintendo is promoting New Super Luigi U and the "Year of Luigi" with a specially decorated green train, a decked-out station, and appearances from the character himself.

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  11. Mario and Luigi Finally Get the Professional Help They So Clearly Need [Video]

    Brothers fight, sure, but some brothers have more to fight about than others. As far as family issues, go, Mario and Luigi probably have their fair share. They're always trying to grab the same power-ups, battle the same villains, and, of course, save the same Princess. Sometimes, it's bound to feel like the Mushroom Kingdom just isn't big enough for two Mario Brothers. In the latest episode of their new webseries Shrinkage, SCTV takes a look at the emotional toll their decades long rivalry has taken on these two noble plumbers, and it's pretty entertaining.

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  12. Luigi’s Love Song Serenades Peach, Laments Lameness [Video]

    Luigi never can catch a break. Being second player, and least accomplished of the two brothers, he never seems to get the girl or, well, do anything spectacular. Luigi's purpose in life seems to be making Mario look good. What if Luigi's actually secretly pined for Princess Peach all these years? That's what HuskyStarcraft's latest Nerd Alert video, "Dear Peach," explores. Unrequited love is the worst kind in reality, but it's the best kind for music videos inspired by video games.

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  13. Super Smash Bros. in Real Life Is Surprisingly Gritty

    The folks over at De-Pixelated have brought live action to perhaps the world's most cutesy fighting game, re-imagining Super Smash Bros. as a no-holds-barred brawl between Mario and Luigi, which really captures some of the bad blood that has to exist in that relationship. Because, hey, sometimes brothers fight. And as anyone with a brother will tell you, it's not all Pokeballs and cartoon hammers. Mostly it's just thumbs to the eye and cheap shots you'll hear about at every holiday dinner for the rest of your life.

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  14. Guy Creates Luigi Within a Game of Tetris [Video]

    YouTube user Shuey187 is too good at Tetris. It's not enough to beat the games and record better high scores, but Shuey187 makes pretty pictures with the tetrominoes, not by hacking them together in some editor, but by actually playing Tetris and aligning and clearing the pieces accordingly until they form the desired outcome. Shuey187's channel showcases various pictures and patterns, from hearts to a space invader to a double helix, but Shuey187's newest creation, the green-clad Mario brother Luigi, is a pretty impressive sight, as it comes fairly close to the top of the container, and Shuey187 had to continually deal with blocks that were otherwise inappropriate for the build.

    (via Joystiq)

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  15. Low-Resolution Video Game Characters

    Inspired by Ashley Browning's "Minimalist Street Fighter," Alexander S. Shen has designed a series of low-resolution video game characters, restricting himself to 5x5 pixel grids. More here. (Low-Resolution Video Game Characters via Rampaged Reality | Artist's page)

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  16. Video Game Characters, Gender-Swapped


    Palette swaps are a common enough occurrence in the world of gaming (here's looking at you, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Ermac, Rain, and Noob Saibot), but gender swaps? Not so much. Nevertheless, one artist has taken it upon himself to examine the age-old question: What if Luigi and Link were women, and Lara Croft and Samus were men?

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