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Lucy Liu

  1. Things We Saw Today: The Greatest Monopoly in the ‘Verse

    The longest game for the shortest show.

    $39.99? Curse my sudden but inevitable brokeness.

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  2. The Mary Sue Exclusive: Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast Concept Art!

    What film stars Rosario Dawson, Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin, Mae Whitman, The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira, and Agents of SHIELD's Chloe Bennet? Disney's Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, out today, and The Mary Sue has some awesome exclusive art for you to take a gander at!

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  3. In Praise of the Women of Elementary

    Elementary is unique among the many recent retellings of A.C. Doyle’s famous detective, for better or worse depending on your tastes, because it takes familiar characters and story elements and places them in a completely new or reimagined context. While playing it fast and loose with what’s familiar might alienate some, one thing this freedom does allow Elementary to do—and do well—is give us more interesting, fun, and complex female characters to revel in.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Art Nouveau Katniss Everdeen

    Things We Saw Today

    By Megan Lara, available in shirt or poster form at RedBubble.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Doctor Who Cake, Complete With Weeping Angel

    Things We Saw Today

    We see a lot of geeky cakes here at The Mary Sue, but this Doctor Who confection by CakeCentral member Yumei (don't say "takes the cake," don't say "takes the cake")... is really a step above the rest. I think it's to do with the LED light they put on the top. (via That's Nerdalicious)

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  6. Elementary Creator Defends Decision to Make Watson a Woman

    Consider the Following

    Since the show was first announced, Elementary--the upcoming CBS take on the Sherlock Holmes stories--has been under the watchful glare of the already-rabid (but often lovable) Sherlock Holmes fandom. Already drawing suspicion upon the initial announcement of the series on the grounds that it could be taken as yet another Americanized take on something already popular in Britain, the show drew even more passionate reactions when it announced that it would be casting Lucy Liu, a woman, in the role of John Watson, a traditionally male character. The creators and writers of the show are addressing the gender-swap at Comic-Con in San Diego, filling us in on the thinking that went into the decision, and letting us know the Sherlock-Watson relationship is all about friendship.

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  7. Here’s the Red Band Trailer for RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fists

    Originally announced back in 2008, the directorial debut of popular rapper, producer, CEO, multi-instrumentalist, RZA has been a long time coming. Called The Man With the Iron Fists, the kung-fu film boasts a strong ensemble cast, pretty kick-ass looking visuals, Eli Roth with a writing and producing credit, and Quentin Tarantino is attached somehow. Anyway, a dude gets his eye punched out. See the video, after the break.

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  8. According To Guinness, Sherlock Holmes Is The Most Portrayed Literary Human Character

    Today In Obvious

    To be more specific, as Sherlock Holmes would expect us to be, he's now the most portrayed literary human character in film and television according to the Guinness Book of World Records, beating William Shakespeare's Hamlet for the title. Hmm...I wonder how that happened...

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Disney’s Ariel As The 4th Doctor

    Things We Saw Today

    The Doctor finally gets to be a ginger in this Little Mermaid/Doctor Who mash-up. Artist Lar deSouza even made Flounder into K-9 but made sure to put a stipulation on his tumblr post, "Don’t get excited for a series though. I’m exhausted just by the thought of doing a dozen more Princess Who’s!" Pretty please! With sugar on top! I've already done one FemmeDoctor cosplay group, I would totally do another in this vein. (via Ashley Hay)

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  10. First Look at CBS’ Elementary With Lucy Liu as Joan Watson

    Pros and Cons

    Look, at this point I just feel sorry for Elementary. This Youtube preview has been up for about a day and has already garnered a 70% dislike rating, much of it, I suspect, from the weird parts of the BBC Sherlock fandom that have a sort of perceived need to defend... the world? their show? from another show that... almost certainly will have zero effect on it? Well, that said, it could also be from people who feel just on general principles that the show doesn't measure up to Conan Doyle's original "vision," or even those who feel that a female Watson desecrates the characters of both Watson and Holmes, but if the Youtube comments comparing it to the original show and saying that Lucy Liu is a terrible Watson and that they're just going to make her bang Holmes and then the show will be terrible (as if much of the Sherlock Holmes fandom wasn't already about imagining a romance between the central characters) are any indication, Elementary's biggest problem so far is not that its first sneak peek (a tenuous basis to judge the full worth of a show to begin with) is middling, but that's it's being compared to one of the most tightly written shows on television right now.

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  11. Things We Saw Today: Hanie’s Last Sweater Superlady (For Now)

    Things We Saw Today

    You adored her Wonder Woman gown but it was her DC Ladies in Sweaters that originally got everyone talking. Well here's my Womanthology artist Hanie Mohd's last Sweater Superlady, Medusa from Marvel Comics. But don't worry! She writes she's only done, "At least till autumn comes around again." Read on for all the other fabulous things we saw today. 

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  12. Things We Saw Today: The Hungry Hungry Games

    Things We Saw Today

    May the tiny white plastic marbles be ever in your favor. (Fashionably Geek)

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  13. American Sherlock Holmes Show Figures Out How to Get Us to Pay Attention To It: Lucy Liu as Watson

    Cautiously Optimistic

    Okay, we admit it. We haven't been following Elementary, the upcoming American television adaptation of the life of Sherlock Holmes, that may or may not be ripped directly from the BBC's smash hit Sherlock. Look, it's just that, treatment of its female characters notwithstanding (and for most anything but a Sherlock Holmes story, that wouldn't be a 'notwithstanding' I'd readily accept), Sherlock is very good television. And while there are lots of good stories out there that use the Holmes/Watson/mysteries dynamic for great story telling (House is one long running one), we weren't sure the world needed two shows that directly reference the original source material. Market saturation, and all that. But then Elementary had to go and reveal that it's plans for the traditional Smart bro! Loyal bro! They solve crime! Sherlockian dynamic would, in fact, not be about two bros at all.

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